BREAKING NEWS: The Los Angeles Times just reported that the Lakers are in talks to “Get Garnett” in a possible four-team trade. Buss and Taylor spoke on the phone for 20 minutes on Friday regarding getting KG in Los Angeles. This is HUGE news for Lakers fans:

L.A. Times: The owners of the Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves have begun talks for a trade that would involve sending Kevin Garnett to the Lakers, league sources said Monday.

A multi-team trade discussion is underway involving the Lakers, Indiana, Minnesota and possibly a fourth team, with the Lakers getting Garnett and the Pacers getting Lamar Odom and teenage center Andrew Bynum from the Lakers. Another minor player will likely be added to make the deal work financially.

Jerry Buss and Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor spoke by phone for 20 minutes Friday. Buss reportedly ended the conversation by suggesting that Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak and Timberwolves vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale would continue the discussion Monday.

Could our passionate pursuit in “Getting Garnett” come true?

  • louiskim

    omg , just go ahead and do it. im on my way to foot locker to get a white home jersey of Big Ticket. go go go

  • Abel

    This is great news if it is true, though. I have said that the lakers are cooking something. I hope that KG finally finds what hes been looking for all those years.

    p.s Kobe should learn a thing or two from KG’s loyalty.

  • lakerfan81

    The best news I have heard in a very long time. :) GET IT DONE!!!!

  • louiskim

    abel , KB has been loyal , untill insiders spilled the beans about shaq again and kb reached his boiling point…yes he shouldnt have blown up as much as he did but look where it got us….from a summer that looked dull to talks about KG…great stuff. Lakers4lyfe

  • LD2k

    And two years ago people said I was nuts…

  • Abel

    I have to agree with what you said Louiskim. However, Kobe had a lot of issues in the past, while KG had nothing to speak of even when his team was 10 times worse than the Lakers.
    The deal has not been finalized yet. Let us wait and see.

  • juan


    although i HATE to see Lamar leave (classy guy, stand up guy….always gives 100%)..i would do it for Kg.

    lets do this!

    again, lets not waste time.

    I am sad to see LAMAR go..and i wish him the best ..i will continue to support HIM wherever he goes.

  • lakerfan81

    [quote post=”334″]abel , KB has been loyal , untill insiders spilled the beans about shaq again and kb reached his boiling pointyes he shouldnt have blown up as much as he did[/quote]

    I agree but that does not give Kobe the right to tear his teammates down. He over reacted to something really stupid, because he is selfish and egotistical. But so was MJ, shaq has as big an ego as anybody. In fact besides Duncan, almost every superstar is selfish and egotistical

  • Lakerboy248

    Do it Mitch!!

  • Lakes on 3!

    Hey lets all be optomistic…Lakers will pull this off. I have a great feeling.

    GO LAKE SHOW!!!!!

  • Sako

    do it, when i come back from my run, i want to see “KG in LA” in the headlines

  • lakerfan81

    Its just talk but if you look in the past the lakers always get the best big men in the game, Wilt the stilt, Kareem, Shaq. So what big man wouldn’t want to be remembered with those players. So IF (thats a big if) KG gets trades I think LA has as much a chance as anyone else at getting him. So i expect big news by thursday evening, before the draft.

  • tim

    OH SHIT!

  • louiskim

    right , so what gives on the whole world bashing on kb…
    if i am not mistaken , the most talented player in the world ( coaches and premiere players agree to that ) expresses his true feelings and he get’s bashed..ok , i’ll go deeper..the most talented guy who is the 9th highest paid player this year is expressing his feelings about basketball , there is no contract financial issue , this is about him wanting to win , you can’t help it , your the best and confirmed by other respected colleagues in your profession and your at home watching the playoffs at home when your better than everyone else out there minute timmy Dunc.. oh and plus.. KG expressed his feelings way before kobe , KG quoted ” thank god for opt-outs”. and , ” we made no moves , typical.” … i mean c’mon , you call that loyal?
    at least kb was his true self , yes it was harsh but i’ve been harsher on the lakers over the course of the 2nd half of last season and dont get me started on the playoff’s.
    i love kg but i dont think he’s a perfect saint loyal player unlike kobe , in any case ..what matters most is the Lakers and basketball , i really dont care about the drama,sportwriters and haters do so i feel i gotta justify kobe.

  • http://thrrhtrh joge

    do it and do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!WE Want KG

  • Mr.47

    HOLY SH*T I seriously got goosebumps and my eyes were tearing from excitement. DONT MESS THIS UP MITCH!!!! Hey the dude up there that said he was goin to foot locker for his big ticket jersey, PICK MY A** UP!!!!

    C’mon KG!!! LA will support and love you for the rest of your damn career! You deserve to go out with a bleeping BANG!

  • gcdeen

    For that I will spend $250 a ticket to see KB and KG play! I’ll be first in line to get his jersey too. Do it Mitch! If you work this deal, I promise I’ll take every bad thing I ever said about you back! (Until then you still suck!) Lakers NBA champs 2008 baby!

  • lakersforlife77

    For the first time in a while a headline about the lakers has brought a smile to my face :)

    Mitch you dog, “good times are ahead” indeed

  • louiskim

    dont forget , kg want’s an extension , and penny pinching buss already confirmed he doesnt mind signing him an extension with that nast 15% kicker , roughly 3 more million dollars but who cares , we suffered the ticket prices for 3 years of terrible basketball minus kb24 and glimpses of L.O. ( still love you L.O.) we’ve been held down for too long…3 damn years we had to watch spurs , suns , dallas reign over us and now houston , utah , warriors will be ranked higher in the west…c’mon , the lakers i grew up with were never this bad with a talen this good. lol at cedric ceballos…omg..ok guys last comment here… over and out… laker dynasty 4 life

  • wes22

    if this materialize,hopefully they will land gasol also to complement kb & kg in the’nt this a good combination, KB, KG & PG?

  • kb24

    mitch if you can pull this off, you wont be laughed at as the worst gm in the league. you would be gm of the year if you can pull this off.

    so excited. i want to c kg in la tomoro!!!!:]

  • Joel Baty

    Soo get back to work.

  • shittyman

    what exactly is minny getting? lakers getting kg, pacers getting lamar, bynum?!!!

  • Newtdog

    I think that minnesota will most likely be getting Jermaine O’neil and some fillers from the lakers and pacers. But who cares, as long as Laker Land gets KG. I just hope they keep Turiaf and Farmar, b/c theres alot of potential with the two of them. I think they will make 1 more solid trade, as well as this one. Possibly to land a center, and sign a solid pg. Go Lakers!

  • Jeremy

    I Think Minnesota Is Getting JO

  • kb24

    minny is gettin joneal and murphy

  • Jeremy

    Anybody Think Minnesota Will Get JO In This? And Who Is The Fourth Team In This?

  • LD2k picked up on the Times story – it’s basically reiterating everything mentioned in the Times article, but here is the link:

  • Lakes on 3!

    I think Minny get J.O plus a bunch of draft picks. They need draft picks!! WE NEED GARNETT!!!!!

  • curryxburrito

    The trade doesn’t work. I tried it on both ESPN’s Trade Machine, and RealGM’s trade checker

  • kobeguru

    that is why there would be a fourth team
    check out this scenario

    You would have to add draft picks

  • http://thrrhtrh joge

    when KG says he is tierd of clod winters I knw what he is talking about i live in canad.And i hate steve nash!!!he suks Kg is coming to la to play with kobe oh yeah

    Lakers 4 ever i lov the lakers

  • cyrus

    Everybody, Please, lets don’t jinx it.

    Let us all send positive energy to this deal to come true.


  • shittyman
  • lakers

    fuck yeah now this is what I was waiting for kobe Garnett Phil = champions kind of sad that lamar in the trade I love that guy and I wish the best for him but its a tough Business good luck Lamar

    Lakers (maybe if kg comes) 2007 – 2008 Champs

  • nate

    well, if the trade does go down, the Lakers have to deliver big time. i think with 2 future HOF in their grasp, anything short of a championship would be a disapointment. the only thing i really have no idea about is whether or not kobe will coexist and capitalize with garnett on the roster. lamar…good luck wherever you end up

  • Jeremy

    Boston Is The Fourth Team.

  • GC

    who will be backup for C and PF for lakers?
    where is the depth in our bench?
    we need more Jason Kaponos,Chauncey Billups
    do u realize how horrible our point guards are?
    address that issue now mitch!
    even if we get KG, the roster is depleted with a D-league,
    AND i have doubts of this mega trade. kobe , kg, then what?
    what if kg gets injured? it’ll be like last few seasons again.
    the only good players on this team is kobe and quite possibly ronny turiaf and luke walton. worst=smush.
    real life is not a video game. lakers are a team , not a two man team. do u think the spurs,with an awesome,consistent starting lineup with an exceptionally great BENCH, can beat us with kg on our team?
    i still think so.

  • pLzDoNtLeAvEkObE

    heard the fourth team is Boston!

  • louiskim

    GC , you are insulting mo evans who gave us alot of effort, also , luke walton , vladman , cook. all have salaries that we can trade ONCE KG comes.let’s first address KG and him coming here first before we worry about depth , and what makes you think Grant hill wont come here for a MLE , which kupcake said he’ll use all of it. on top , therye are still free agents when july 1st hits , and if kg comes then buss will “HAVE” to sign a C, either chris mihm , or jamal magloire….there are plenty of players out there…they just dont know if KB will be here , but if they find out KB and KG , then we’ll see which team players want to come to… hell with phoenix , lakers for glory!!!

  • Cruz

    if this happens iam going to cry and scream of joy because KG is going to make the lakers a contender in the west. Hopefully this happens and if this happens then that means Chauncey Billups would be interseted in joining the lakers because he is going to see that Kobe and Garnett are together and migth want to join them to win a championship and that will be great so this trade better happen and happen now. So Garnett and Kobe = Chauncey Billups = Championship FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  • kenshi1023

    sad to see odom go, but for kg anything goes, even kobe for kg!!! hopefully they can find better role players to fill the bench and not have to rely on players like sasha, cook, kwame, ronny,

  • curryxburrito

    Do this and then trade Cook and Vujacic for Wells and Head and try to sign Mo Williams for MLE.

    Depth Chart:

    C – Chris Mihm/Kwame Brown/Ronny Turiaf
    PF – Kevin Garnett/Kwame Brown/Ronny Turiaf/Vladimir Radmanovic
    SF – Bonzi Wells/Vladimir Radmanovic/Kevin Garnett
    SG – Kobe Bryant/Maurice Evans/Luther Head/Rudy Fernandez*
    PG – Mo Williams/Luther Head/Jordan Farmar

    * = with 19th pick in NBA draft.

  • 2k8kb24

    all i got to say is odom…….. damn… if we lose odom… we are still gonna need help in the pg and sf areas so they better do somethings… like get luther head and maybe like ron ron… they are the only ones that could void the importance of odom… but ill miss him..

  • nate

    GC is GOD. that’s what i’ve been trying to tell people on this site. if garnett gets injured for half the season or more, i know for a FACT that we would end with a losing record and kobe/garnett would both end up looking like fools while lamar and AB are out maybe winning championships like shaq did after he left. risk in trades is good, but trade smart, not big. my first gut reaction was ‘whoa. kobe kg=championship. and kobe will finally shut up.’ no one player can save a franchise. the smart reaction that quickly followed was ‘trade kobe now for lots of young team players.’ yeah, yeah, kobe might drop 81, 62 points on us whenever he plays us, but if kobe drops 60, we’ll drop 120. i luv kobe, but it’s about what’s best for the team, not about what would cheer kobe up

  • GC

    everyone has to understand kobe bryant is the best player right now.
    he is in his prime. the man is a beast and cannot be controlled. u have to understand he wants to win. by bringing kg in,it may work. but like i said before, lakers need to improve their overall bench players.
    i also don’t understand why everyone loves bynum. the kid is not great at all. i’ve seen him play a lot and he never showed any signs of dominance. if he does get traded, good for him, cuz now he’ll have to rely on himself. remember he was only improving because of kareem.