I noticed Bresnahan updated the article. A 4-team trade is highly unlikely as if all four GM’s don’t agree, nothing happens. However, I don’t see this happening – L.A. overpays for KG and Minny gets a nice little package – but is it better than the #5 in the draft and fillers? Hmmmm… Don’t like this one too much:

L.A. Times: The Times first reported the talks as a multi-player negotiation involving the Lakers, Minnesota, Indiana and possibly a fourth team. Sources now say the Lakers are dealing directly with Minnesota and disagree about the involvement of the Pacers and a fourth team.

The Lakers are reportedly offering the Timberwolves Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom and Kwame Brown for Garnett.

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    Awww, hell nah! Screw that.

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18
  • Cory

    I highly doubt that Minny does that trade.

  • kenshi1023

    throw luke in there and see if they bite. if need to kobe for kg!!!

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Throw in Kwame, make the deal happen. I’m fine with that. Kwame is not a big factor on this team. Anyone who we will bring in to replace the bust won’t be a huge downgrade.

  • Matthew

    Horrible deal for the Wolves.

  • lakersforlife77

    are you kidding ppl this trade is awesome.
    ur seriously bummed at losing kwame brown, wow ppl

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    In my opinion, Kwame is dead weight on this team most of the time.

  • curryxburrito

    the only reason minnesota was willing to do the 4 team deal was because of that 5th pick along with al jefferson. mitch don’t fuck this up for us.

  • Matthew

    I have a hard time believing the Wolves will do this when they don’t get any picks and only get Bynum as a long-term part of their team. I mean, McHale is a horrible GM but is he this horrible? He had an offer on the table for Jefferson and #5, but only Garnett didn’t want to go to Boston. Will McHale be willing to take so much less, this quickly?

  • gcdeen

    how can any laker fan be unhappy with this deal? probably the same ones that want kobe gone or that are happy with a 42-40 season. c’mon, kwame brown. Let’s talk about him. small hands, missin’ dunks, 0 outside shot, showed up for what, 5 games this season. Bynum, is there a slower center in the nba? flashes of what? he had 1 good game against minnesota last year. 1 out of 87 games! and lamar…well, he’s a hell of a guy, sorry about his injuries and his child, that was truly sad. but a good, almost all star talent for KG, a 10 time all star. we got to get this deal done! If we don’t, Kobe’s gone, Lakers eat crap for at least 7 more years while Kobe’s still playing at this level or higher w/ some other team winning championships left and right rubbing it in on the lakers every single time we play him. ouch. I see KG with us for at least 7 more years. At least 3 more championships, probably back to back to back and maybe kobe and him to do sprite commercials together again.

  • RoWyN

    Are they out of their mind? Why add kwame when it already makes sense just giving out lamar and bynum?!?!?!

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    i hate Petros

  • nate

    hell to the fuckin no. LO and AB is a big blow as it is, but with kwame gone we’d be a sitting duck cause we won’t be able to trade for anyone else. who’d we have as a starting center? ron turiaf? ha. i could already imagine melo and james doing backflips over him and dwight howard knocking him down on a dunk. and, no, KG can’t play center. we won’t have a small forward cause radman would probably drown with his hands stuck in his pockets while he’s on a cruise, or better yet, he might snap his neck snowboarding. garnett, kobe, evans, and farmar would be the only consistent players, and for some strange reason the coach always starts radman over evans. check out this lineup:

    C: ronny, ???
    PF: garnett, cook
    SF: radman, sasha
    SG: kobe, sasha
    PG: farmar, ???

    walton won’t re-sign if he has the smarts that matches his basketball IQ. even chris mihm wouldn’t wanna be on this sinkin boat. GET GARNETT! GET GARNETT! that’s bullshit. the only thing we’d get is 2 HOF and … that’s about it. no one player is worth all 3 of those players. if this deal happens, the lakers FO would look even more retarted than it does now when garnett gets injured and the lakers start with a 7-26 record.

  • nate

    i want kobe to stay. hell, he’s my fuckin hero and my favorite player ever, but i’d rather have him leave and get us 3-6 young, talented players than have this deal happen. this would destroy the team and would make the lakers a laughing stock when they have 2 HOF on the same team and end the season with less wins than the 06-07 knicks

  • RoWyN


    —– Thats not bad at all. Who would want to drive inside?

  • LAPride

    Kwaaaaaaameeee Brown SUCKS people we are getting away with robbery, they should ship his ass out there damn cake thrower. Then we get Ron Artest for another sorry ass by name of Brian Cook. These two were cancers to our team, especially cook throwing a towel at Phil come on… We need High IQ players Kwame and Cook don’t fit in this category. I hope we can get KG, because Bynum is maybe and 5 year project on him is still a maybe. I love Lamar but nothing personal it just business and I think he knows that. At the end buss wins because people will pay to watch Kobe And KG DUO. Expect ticket prices to rise because KG will want extension. Please dont feel sorry for KG in Minny he was well compensated 200 mill include the last extension he signed. In LA uniform he will definitely be compensated so I hope us fans can see results.

  • http://nba.com Christopher

    you should throw in the 19 pick.

  • nate

    on 2nd thought, this could change us into an automatic contender. this is a big trade with lots of risks, so why not take more risks and go all out? sure, we lose AB, LO, and kwame and probably have to include an extra player or pick as a filler, but we should re-sign luke and add him with our #19 pick to trade for ron artest. we could try to trade for luther head 1st round pick with cook and sasha. if we don’t, our lineup would then be:

    C: Mihm, Ronnie
    PF: Garnett, Radman, cook
    SF: Artest, pick
    SG: Kobe, Evans
    PG: Farmar, Sasha

    our only real weakness is still in the PG position. if we don’t re-sign mihm, we could have lots of free cap space and could try to land a veteran PG. i hate Radman and Sasha and never got why PJ always started them or gave them more playing time than evans who has proved on several occasions that he could score if he gets the right amount of playing time. i like mo, but a Sasha Evans Radman Cook trade for Billups and maybe a pick would help the Lakers become a legit and solid contender for the NBA championship.

  • nate

    imagine (if we don’t lose our #19 draft pick in Garnett trade and Kings accept Walton for Artest straight up and we land a pick if we trade Evans/Cook/Sasha/Radman for Billups)…

    C: Mihm, Ronnie
    PF: Garnett, pick
    SF: Artest, pick
    SG: Kobe, pick
    PG: Billups, Farmar

    …still need depth. maybe land veterans using MLE

  • rmeazy82

    why are you guys cryin about kwame? what can kwame do that Turiaf can’t do bettet? Turiaf has him on scoring, rebounding, hustling, staying healthy, heart, free throws, potential. ok kwame is stronger i’ll give him that. But for real if we gotta do that to get KG lets do it. We can sign another center to do what kwame did for us.