Well from the sound of it – not good. He is doubtful for return this post-season…

L.A. Times: It sounds like remote just turned into extremely remote.

“I doubt there’s going to be a comeback this year,” Andrew Bynum said Friday. “I’ve got to get my knee straight. At this point, I’d have to train for a good month just to be able to go out there and play.”

There are no plans for the injured Lakers center to begin practicing any time soon. If the Lakers eventually advance to the NBA Finals, the earliest start date would be June 3.

Bynum has been out since Jan. 13 because of a bone bruise in his left knee and a subluxation of his left kneecap — a brief dislocation that popped back into place.

Bynum said there was no swelling in the knee, but acknowledged it was painful.

“It’s frustrating because I can do everything but what pertains to basketball — running and jumping, defensive slides,” he said.

Early in the first round against Denver, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said, there was only a “remote” chance of Bynum returning for the playoffs.

Bynum, 20, is under contract for one more season, but he could sign an additional five-year extension after this season worth up to an estimated $80 million.

Bynum’s play kept improving before he was injured. He averaged 17.3 points and 12.2 rebounds in six games in January before he was sidelined.

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  • theLakeshow122

    Wow, well I can’t say I am not dissapointed, but Bynum needs to do whatever it takes to get back to 100%, even if that means missing the rest of the season. We do have the talent to go all the way without him, but we really need to bring our A game each night out like we have been. Get well Big Bynum…and Go Lakers!


    Im guessing he should have had surgery in January. If he is having problems 5 MONTHS later than that is a really bad sign.

  • lakerz


  • playdefense

    not shocking at all. dissapointed tho.. now in the future when he eventually plays we are all going to be all worried because if he gets hurt we know hes a slow healer and could be out for the season with any type of injury. get well tho.. see u next season

  • lakerschamps08

    yes this is disaapointing… we can still win the championship but its gonna be WAYYYYYY harder now…. but we all still believe that we can and if we believe than we gonna do it. go lakers

  • lakerschamps08

    ohh yea also means LO will have to be consistent every night… go lakers

  • http://lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    keep bynum in our prayers

  • Lakers 24 7

    This sucks, but I guess if he could come back now it is only going to mess up the rotation and we don’t want that in the middle of the playoffs, so I guess it’s better he waits over the off season to get back to 100% and plus he’ll practice with Gasol….although Ariza will be back soon, so I guess thats some good news


    All they need is Ariza back and we’ll AIGHT! Plus don’t forget Pau.

    Bynum should come next season that he’ll be fully healed and we can get 3 in a row(or 4) then Kobe can go out on top,by then Bynum will be THEE DOMINATE CENTER IN THE LEAGUE(and he’ll only be 24 or 25)!

  • http://laker.com laker560


  • http://89.com MambaKB24

    i think were all missing somthing big here…

    5 years worth 80 mil???

    i know, i know “Bynums the future”

    but hes soft and an injury prone-slow healer

    he hasent proven anything yet to the laker orginization, so i KNOW that you can get this guy signed for MUCH less

    right now its at 16 mil per year

    the most i say we sign him for is 50 or so, not 80

    the lakers have to use this injury to their advantage

    they have the upper hand a leverage

    and why is this important???

    cap space.

    im not saying dont resign him- not at all

    im saying its a buisness, and you need to get the price right

    bob barker would be proud

  • west213

    what a fuckin pu ssy, its been almost 4 months!!!! get ur a ssss back.
    play troguht pain, ur younger and not better than kobe……


    i am so tired of all the retards on this talking about Bynum being a slow healer. People, look up the injury on line and see what the typical healing time is for a DISLOCATED KNEE CAP. Much of the research i did said 6 months is not out of the ordinary. I am not worried about him being a slow healer, im worried about the specific injury that he sustained and its potential long term damages. STOP BLAMING BYNUM IDIOTS.

  • vida8

    Well …should i saw i say that comin … ! :(

  • ab4sure

    Very disappointing. I don’t know what to think. Only hope he feels strong enough to play much later in the PO’s. For those who are having a hissy fit take a mild sedative to calm you down. We don’t have knowledge of the situation so we shouldn’t react out of STUPIDITY.

  • lakers4life


  • domz

    Lakers is fooling everybody. Making everyone believe that Bynum will be out. But look for a surprise when we got into the WCF and the Finals..Bynum will be back!!!

    BEAT UTAH!!!


    Ariza,people,are we overlookin’ the fact that they’ve been beating the crap out of teams without Bynum,think about it.If he comes back it could be another Arenas situation where he comes back and is not really 100%,don’t need that the way the team’s chemistry is,JUST ASK THE WIZARDS HOW THEY FEEL NOW!

    Next Season Lakers will be even more dominant when Bynum comes back,plus if SUN YUE plays and whoever Mitch signs(Mickael Pietrus,Ron Artest,Luol Deng,etc.).

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Lakers2410

    My cousin said “The Lakers should really trade him (Bynum) because what if he gets another injury and he takes a long time again, I don’t think that they should deal with this much longer!” I didn’t say anything, but I knew I really wanted to say “There’s going to be chances of things like this happening again, but soon he’ll have a will to play around as big as Kobe’s and soon he’ll be able to play with injuries lingering on him, but it’d be pretty hard to play with an injury for him because he’s going to be banging alot and pushing and getting pushed alot in the paint and he might get injured again if that happens to him, physical toughness always picks up in the playoffs. But I think he needs to get more fit but I don’t think he’ll need to improve his fitness by that much, but you never know!

  • mike071189

    u guys keep saying hes weak, but u guys know how serious his injury was i mean he dislocated his kneecap, he cant just come back after a few months at least not back to 100 percent! so please lets give the kid a break

  • sean

    wtf y would we trade a allstar dominate center rember he didnt injure himself odom injured him by putting his feet under his during the game