Stern will make the official presentation to Lakers star next week.

L.A. Times: It took 12 seasons, but Kobe Bryant has finally been selected the NBA’s most valuable player, The Times has learned.

Sources familiar with the outcome who were not authorized to speak publicly about the award until the official announcement from the league said Commissioner David Stern will be in Los Angeles next week to present the trophy to Bryant.

The award, selected by NBA writers and broadcasters, figured to go to either Bryant or New Orleans guard Chris Paul, who guided the Hornets to second place in the Western Conference in the regular season.

Bryant’s season capped a massive turnaround from a tumultuous off-season in which he asked to be traded.

The Lakers went from shaky preseason forecasts to winning the top spot in the West, finishing 57-25 in one of the most grueling regular-season races in league history. The Lakers then swept Denver in the first round of the playoffs, with Bryant averaging 33.5 points a game in the series, although the votes had already been cast by then.

Bryant, 29, lost a little in the scoring column during the regular season, falling from 31.6 points a game last season to 28.3 during the 2007-08 season, but his defense was notably better and he averaged 6.3 rebounds and 5.4 assists, numbers that were tied for the second- and fourth-best outputs of his career.

He also deferred to teammates much more than in the last few seasons and rarely forced his will on games, a trait that saddled him in the past.

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  • vida8

    SWEET…. COgrats KObe….

  • Phant0M

    Never a question.


    about time, he should have at least 3 right now


    oh btw congrats mamba, you’ve worked so hard your whole career. You put up with Kwame/Smush/Cook/ lineup and led them to the playoffs. Kobe should have at least 2 other MVP awards

  • bc18

    FINALLY! i just hope we dont get the MVP jinx lol jk….GO LAKERS!

  • lakerschamps08

    finally. great job kobe.. its ur 1st of many to come hopefully… and he should have at least 2.. for the 02-03 or 05-06 shoulda been the first and now ur second if not third but no matter.. we all know u want finals mvp…. becaz that means we win the championship BABY..hell yea… go lakers

  • myriam

    FINALLY!!!! I can’t put into words whati’m feeling for KOBE right now for bagging the most prestigious award in NBA. Hurray!!!! Congratulations KOBE our MVP>

  • ninja

    MVP MVP MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George


  • miguel

    ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • isaac24

    It’s about time Kobe!
    Congrats! 2008 NBA MVP and Final MVP! :)

  • kb24 4life

    yea baby, he has 3 years deserving it… hahaa first lakers 1st in the west, then kob as MVP, and finally we will end up being champs…

  • JD

    hey will KCAL show the presentation on TV live?


    What an amazing season for Kobe and the Lakers! This has been one of the most satisfying years of watching the Lakers considering all the crap us laker fans had to endure this summer. CONGRATS KOBE!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!

  • Lakerboi

    The best player in the league/ world finally gets credit!!! Go LAKERS!!

  • willow

    Yeah boy! Finally the GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER ON THE PLANET…PERIOD! gets his respect. Now all he needs now is the O’Brien trophy and then the Finals MVP for the Triple Crown. Way to go Mamba!

  • True Lakers Fan

    Kobeeeee my dawg fucc all the haters but now we have to focus on the bigger picture 08 champs!

  • isaac24

    I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life! :)
    Kobe for MVP
    Lakers 2008 NBA Champion

  • Brett

    Now it’s time to go MVP the damn jazz beotches

  • LAKing

    CONGRATS KOBE!!!! Nobody deserves it more than him. Kobe getting the MVP has given back the MVP award the credibility that was once lost.

  • e

    well deserved…now bring home a title kobe..if anyone can, its him =)

  • ab4sure

    Goes to show you when you become a complete TEAM player you can win the award. You may have been the best individual player but your value for mvp must be measured by your team’s success like when Nash helped his team go from 28 wins to 61 wins.

  • ab17

    the next thing he needs is a statue in front of staples center
    and a star on the hollywood walk of fame!=]

  • Sako

    :doing Conan O’Brien’s string dance:

  • Mitch4Pres

    well if this is legit then all i can say is ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME

  • gugy

    Congrats Kobe, you deserve it for long time.
    Enjoy it and let’s close this season with a ring.

  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #34642 Will Be Quoted Here]

    stfu hater

  • lakers4life


    KOBE 07-08 MVP and soon to be finals mvp

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #34642 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I find it funny how you try to be objective about Kobe in your comment, im sure you think you are too, but you’re actually kind of hating on Kobe. Instead of pointing out what he failed to do back then or what another player did, just give the man some props, like everyone else did.

    CONGRATS KOBE!!!!!!!!!! WELL DESERVED!!!!!!!!

  • kb24philippines

    Lakers-Utah: Who has the edge?



    Is it possible the Lakers will actually miss Kwame Brown? Coach Phil Jackson liked having Brown’s post defense against Jazz power forward Carlos Boozer; Jackson would then have his power forward chase Mehmet Okur, Utah’s perimeter-oriented center. Okur took a team-high 294 3-point attempts for Utah, and his 38.8 percent success rate was better than Kobe Bryant’s (36.1). The Lakers are 26-5 with Pau Gasol, who delivered big in the first round: 22.3 points (per game), nine rebounds, five assists, 2.8 blocks. Okur is physical but limited defensively.

    Edge: LAKERS


    The Lakers’ defense will benefit from Gasol, frail but a shot-blocking presence, inside on Boozer at times. (Houston center Dikembe Mutombo guarded Boozer last round.) Lamar Odom isn’t altogether comfortable pounding inside, and Boozer (21.1 ppg, 18th in the NBA) is an outstanding post scorer who can hook with both hands. Odom (10.6 rpg) and Boozer (10.4) were among the NBA’s top eight rebounders. Odom shot 41.9 percent from the field and 55 percent from the foul line last round.

    Edge: JAZZ


    Andrei Kirilenko has declined since his 2004 All-Star appearance, and he asked for a trade before the season. A skilled defender, he stayed and led Utah with 1.5 blocks per game; he can contest Bryant’s jumper well. Vladimir Radmanovic shot just 31.6 percent last round and is always prone to fouls and errors, but he’s a potent 3-point threat who will get chances when “AK-47″ roams. Radmanovic often gets fired up for head-to-head matchups with top foreign players.

    Edge: JAZZ


    Ronnie Brewer’s defense was one reason Bryant shot 4 for 16 in an October exhibition at Honda Center; Bryant’s interest in being traded was another reason. Brewer, 23, led the NBA in steals-to-turnover ratio (1.85) and fares well with mostly in-paint shooting (55.8 field-goal percentage). His approach against Bryant is to bring early intensity and stay close. Bryant was compared to Michael Jordan earlier this season by Utah coach Jerry Sloan, who has been most impressed by Bryant’s recommitment to defense.

    Edge: LAKERS


    Deron Williams and Derek Fisher became good friends in Utah last season, with Fisher playing ahead of Brewer as the top Jazz perimeter defender. Fisher is an acclaimed postseason performer but has a torn tendon in his right foot and will be challenged by Williams and his potent crossover dribble. Williams’ 212 assists in March were the most in an NBA month since John Stockton’s 215 in January 1992. Watch how patient Williams is with Utah’s countless ball-screens.

    Edge: JAZZ


    Ronny Turiaf, who filled in for Gasol when the Lakers won in Utah in March, will guard Boozer plenty but hardly played last round because of tonsillitis. Luke Walton is healthy, on fire and another capable post defender for Boozer. Trevor Ariza (foot) might return soon and bother Kyle Korver, who can fire as well as Sasha Vujacic. Jordan Farmar is far more potent than Ronnie Price. Matt Harpring will try to use his guile, force and fouls against Bryant. Paul Millsap offers Utah good interior energy.

    Edge: LAKERS


    Jackson and Jerry Sloan run precise offenses that are basically the same as when Jackson’s Bulls beat Sloan’s Jazz in the 1997 and ’98 NBA Finals. Sloan went 8-1 those years against the Lakers in the West playoffs. Sloan is a disciplinarian with a fiery temper and is still hunting a championship in his 20th head-coaching season. Jackson has the highest playoff winning percentage in NBA history and is tied with Red Auerbach with nine NBA coaching titles.

    Edge: LAKERS


    From a point-differential-per-game standpoint, the NBA’s top four regular-season teams were Boston, Detroit, the Lakers and Utah. The Jazz, however, did little of that damage on the road, where they went 17-24. To win this series, Utah has to win at Staples Center, which is unlikely. If Utah can get hot from 3-point range and dominate the boards, the series could go the distance. If not, the Lakers will get more defensive stops and have Bryant to bring them home.

  • kb24b3stever



  • Michael_23

    Congratz! MVP Kobe!

  • kobe_24

    This is not the only MVP he is going to get….he is getting the NBA FINALS MVP AS WELL…GO LAKERS

    LAKER 4 lYFE!!!

  • Brittnay

    About time, geese. Congrats Kobe! You deserve it and have deserved it for the past two seasons.

  • Ignard

    Congratulations Kobe

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #34653 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It is not what kobe failed to do that yr. It is what Nash did that yr. Objectivity requires you view mvp solely as a basketball and nba fan, not a kobe fan. I have given alot of reasons why he didn’t get it the last few yrs. you either forget or ignore. If you are an objective observer how could u not give it to Nash? BTW, I predicted if kobe played the same way throughout the yr he would win mvp. in fact the last 2 months i was saying he deserved it. You have selective hearing. And equate criticism with hatin which is an overused word by others here who can’t give reasons for their own point of view.

    Is PJ a kobe hater? He said Nash deserved it back then too.

    Dingleberry, wow great comeback. Your brain can’t give facts just alot of dingleberries.

  • playdefense

    congrats kobe.. now bring home the ring!!!

  • kPoAbUe

    it’s about time. remember when last year he said he wanted to be traded and the first game he got booed. well guess what, who would of known they will finish 1st in west 3rd in the NBA and kobe winning the MVP and we getting Gasol.

  • mars

    yeahhhhHH!!!! this will totally make my week, month, season!! congratulations kobe!

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #34677 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Where in my comment did you come up with the conclusion that I think nash didnt deserve it? Read it for what it is. Im not the one with selective hearing. Let me explain it again, look at every other comment on this thread? Find something in common? A little praise for Kobe. Thats all I was trying to say and somehow you come up with the idea about nash not deserving mvp. When you say “You may have been the best individual player but your value for mvp must be measured by your team’s success like when Nash helped his team go from 28 wins to 61 wins.”, you imply kobe wasnt the best team player and what he failed to do when he didnt win, whether you see that or not, which i agree with btw, and you also bring up nash’s success. But this is a Kobe thread about him being mvp, just leave something positive.

  • LakersAllDay

    Not Surprised at all. The man is just too great not to win it! but i still can’t believe its only his first one.

  • MILO

    It’s about dam time they showed the best player in the league some respect!!!

  • ab4sure

    BEC, that comment was for others who said Nash didn’t deserve it earlier in the thread. So giving him credit the last 2 months is not enough? Actually, i gave him credit since the beginning of the season. I heap praise on my 8 year old nephew after his game, I don’t have that type of attachment to kobe.

    I have complemented kobe this season, you just have ignored it or don’t remember, so noting that it is not on this thread is a bit weak.

  • lakerschamps08

    av4sure me and u disagree on almost everything but on this.. so yea nash “deserved” the first in 04-05 yes.. the 2nd year noooooooo fuking way it was kobe… but HOW DID NASH GET 2 MVPS WHEN HE NEVER I REPEAT NEVER PLAYS D.. ITS GREAT THAT KOBE FINNALY GOT IT.. BUT FUK NASH YALL REALLY SHOULD TALK BOUT THAT BITCH ON THIS SITE EVER AGAIN.. IM JUST SAYING TALK BOUT WATEVER U WANT BUT KOBE GOT IT SOO NO NEED TO TALK BOUT NASH.. GO LAKERS NOW ITS JAZZ TIME TO GET SWEPT

  • kobe-drew-pau-l.o.-fish

    where is trevor at rght now in hi injury timetable

  • derrick

    congrats kobe, long time coming

  • laker-nate

    just get used 2 ab4sure’s kobe hating comments…deep down i think that chump is a suns fan lol…ab4sure, quit posing as a laker fan

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    nash was not playin with kwame and smush
    with that lakers team, i swear, nash would have not carried it to playoff like kobe did!
    that is a team achievement
    plus, nash play 1 side of the court, as we know every player who plays against him gets the best stats of the year or even of his career… that is not an mvp!
    all BS…this make teammates better!
    mj was not making anyone better, he was just dominant
    fucc that shyt
    kobe should have won it last 2 years!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    u are such a kobe hater, that tries to be objective but you are not…u r just a hater

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #34741 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Your love for kobe is well documented. Throwing out the hater card is typical for those who lose the argument. Someone implied early LC08 that nash didn’t deserve it. I just responded that he did. Makes me a “hater”. Only to those who can’t accept another viewpoint and who take kobe not getting it as personal like lakernate. Nash won and deserved it, only laker fans objected for the most part.

    Even kobe admits that this is the yr. he has had his best yr. Getting teammates involve not just going for stats. And this is the first yr. that PJ said Kobe deserved it. So if you want to call me a hater you will have to call Phil Jackson a hater also. So who knows better than Phil jackson. I am glad to be in agreement with him.

    Kenobi… u happen to be on Vanessa’s side… and doing what she does for kobe… on your knees and using your mouth.

  • Kobefan24


  • kobe-wan kenobi

    no, the fact is that mvp does not mean make teammates better!
    that is just some bullcrap came out lately!
    and no kobe deserved it, because nash would not have brought smush kwame luke lo and a non existing bench to the playoffs, which was much more an accomplishment than having that record with the suns…
    now stop swallowing nash cum

  • ab4sure

    kenobi we no what your swallowing. wow never been accused of that as i think for myself.

  • JC

    It’s LAKERS FEVER Baby!… MVP -> + NBA FINALS MVP!!!!

  • tradekwame11


  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    wait isnt this overrated now andrew?”
    LOL haha