BYNOMITE!New York Post: ROD Thorn’s “bold” admission last week that he tried to trade Jason Kidd to the Lakers right up until the deadline is a dead giveaway the Nets’ guard was intimately involved in New Jersey’s game plan.

In fact, Kidd was fully in favor of joining the Lakers, sources said at the time and reiterated within the last few days. At the same time, he understood completely L.A.’s reluctance to surrender Andrew Bynum as the principal player in the package.

“If I were the Lakers I wouldn’t have given him up for me, either,” Kidd told confidants.

For whatever reason, management throughout the NBA is coming clean. Lakers VP Jim Buss went on L.A. radio a few days ago and all but guaranteed major roster revisions after the draft lottery positions are set May 22. (Here’s hoping Adam Silver inherited Russ Granik’s ad-lib writer).

If a major trade isn’t done by the end of June, Jerry’s son said, fans should be upset, “because as a fan, I would be upset.” Evidently, no one – including Bynum, contrary to widespread reports – is untouchable exempting Kobe Bryant. The idea is to build a title contender now, not three or four years from now. I could’ve have sworn he said the Lakers aren’t afraid to exceed the luxury cap.

Buss also acknowledged he doesn’t like it when Phil Jackson puts down his players in the press (he plans to talk to him about it) and claimed the Zen Hen had a say with the team’s makeup in the last few years. Last summer in an organizational meeting, Buss revealed Jackson signed off on the team and said he could go far with that roster.

“For Phil to make comments about being frustrated about the personnel is a copout,” Buss said.

  • kevin olivas

    lakers plase!!!!! realese kwame brown,smush parker,aron mckie,shamond williams etc all the fucking team!!! just keep kobe bryant,lamar odom, jordan farmar,luke walton(he is not a good player but hes a good friend o kobe) rony turiaf (he plays with a lot of heart) and bri0an cook and get jermaine oneal jamal tinsley or jason kidd

  • gstoneballer

    Jason Kidd still might become a Laker…. i mean you never knowing what’s going to happen… Of course we all hope Garnett demands a trade.. but the only way he becomes a laker is if he demands to be a Laker.. I dont think that is going to happen anytime soon.. but the lakers need to fix this roster and do it now, or kobe wont be around after next season.

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    if we’re not gonna make 2 big deals this summer than after this season we will see kobe te the 76ers… or east
    stupid mitch trade bynum for kidd, and talk to smush to retire. WE WANT KG