Intresting note made here. Mitch Lawrence claims that Kobe has told Mitch that he is committed to the Lakers this season. Personally, I believe it. But its only this season. Media Day is tomorrow, let it begin…

kobeceltics.jpgNY Daily News: It’s just like old times in the NBA. Heading into training camp, the biggest stories are the Lakers and Celtics. It’s just too bad this isn’t 1984, where we could actually have a Boston-L.A. showdown in June featuring Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Those days are long gone, but there is plenty of intrigue centering on Kevin Garnett’s new team and Kobe Bryant’s old club. After his summer of discontent, Bryant is expected to report tomorrow to media day in El Segundo, Calif., and then head with the team to training camp in Hawaii. He gave his word this past week to GM Mitch Kupchak and Phil Jackson that he is ready and willing to go. For now, anyway. It doesn’t mean that Kobe has re-committed long-term or is thrilled to be back after demanding a trade and spending most of the offseason privately smoldering over the Lakers’ lack of moves. He was hoping for Garnett or Jermaine O’Neal, at least, but their only key offseason addition was ex-Laker guard Derek Fisher. You think Tim Duncan and the Spurs are shaking in their sneakers over that one?

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  • kyler_hay

    thats right nba finals right here LA and Boston even with KG there the fans at the garden will still chant Kobe u best believe that

  • foxxy


  • Lakers2410

    That’s right! I just hope we can get Marion for Odom so that way we may be able to go to the 2nd round or West Finals or even…the Finals to maybe meet up with the Celtics! OK, I’m just exaggerating, but I do belive that we’ll be able to get into the 2nd round at least! But hey, maybe it’s fait for these two teams who’ve both tasted rings! Maybe, but it’s very unlikely!!!!!!!!

  • fatty


    You can do it!

    Go Lakers!!!

    Let’s get this party started.

  • foxxy

    even though this has been a stomach turning summer…i am so excited about this coming season!!!! for some reason i feel this will be a year for the ages!!!!!

  • two0one7

    Never a doubt in mind Kobe would be there. Lets get it on now!

  • nyla

    I can’t wait!!! =)