The 2011 NBA All-Star Game returns to Los Angeles after only 7 years. The festivities begin in 368 days, too soon to start thinking about the game, weekend, parties, and all else that comes? Arash Markazi writes…

ESPN: The adage in Los Angeles is that everyone needs a car and anything worth seeing is 30 minutes from downtown. But next year, when the city hosts NBA All-Star weekend, the longest trip anyone might have to make from hotels to events and parties is across the street.

The 60th NBA All-Star Game will be played next year at Staples Center, with the NBA All-Star Jam at the adjacent Los Angeles Convention Center. The recently built L.A. Live, a 4 million-square-foot, $2.5 billion complex across the street, includes a Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott and more than a dozen restaurants, bars, clubs and theaters.

The only reason to leave downtown Los Angeles during next year’s All-Star Weekend might be to soak in the sun-kissed twists and turns of the Pacific Coast Highway or visit Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland. It will be a far cry from Dallas, where American Airlines Arena was a 10-minute drive from the media hotel, the Dallas Convention Center was a 15-minute ride and Cowboys Stadium was a 30-minute trip without traffic. That was, of course, for those who actually made it to Dallas after a snowstorm delayed and canceled hundreds of flights into the city.

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  • lakers2000

    This is fantastic. I hope we are hosting as two time defending champions! Go Lakers!!!!

  • lakers0828

    I hope so As well this going to Be Fun cant wait for it to happen gotta buy me some tickets before they get sold out lol

  • Marwan Marzina

    I’ve been planning since last year. I found out that All Star 2011 would be in LA so I started thinking whether I should buy tickets to LA and buy All Star tickets. This is a once in a life time opportunity for me, so far, I’m leaning towards doing that. Besides, I might be able to meet some of the TLN crew and some Laker fans.

    • Green Flannel

      I live in Colorado so that might be an opportunity for. I went to the denver game on the 13th. (!) so hopefully this will be a better experience for me.

  • brilliantn

    its going to be great. LA live will be so alive during the weekend. cant wait!

  • Pac Div

    Yo I say they have 2 on 2 next year, Magic & Kobe vs. Jordan & Lebron! How many people you think would tune in to watch that sh!t! Yo did anyone else see Air Up There in that Sprite Slam Dunk contest, that dude tore sh!t up!

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  • deemac1

    Next years allstar game should be at the LA Coliseum! That would be straight sick if they held the game there outdoors just like the Laker parade. The players would be so hyped! It would take them back to their roots of playing outdoors in the open air like they used to on the play ground or park! They can hold allstar friday and saturday at the staples center but the actual game should be held in the Coliseum. Just build the court in the middle and maybe start the game a little earlier in the day so it wont be extra cold out!