Say it ain’t so!

nooooooooL.A. Times: If the Lakers win the NBA championship this coming week, it’s a good bet Angelenos will want a parade.

But with cash-strapped Los Angeles looking at the possibility of laying off municipal workers or forcing them to take unpaid days off to counter a budget deficit, some at City Hall are uncomfortable with the parade’s price tag, which could exceed $1 million.

“We can’t afford to cover the costs,” Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry, whose district includes Staples Center, said Friday afternoon. “How could we make a decision about people’s jobs and then sponsor the parade?”

Shouldn’t the Lakers and the NBA pay for that, she asked?

Council members have been wrestling for years with a proposal for reducing the size of subsidies the city gives for special events, such as street fairs and 10-kilometer runs. A new proposal to do that is pending and could receive a final vote next week. But it would not go into effect until after the best-of-seven series between the Lakers and the Orlando Magic.

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  • as1084

    oh that sucks! just have jerry buss pay for it…$1 million is nothing to him!

  • lakaluva

    Buss should reply with…”maybe we should move to a city that can afford to throw its team a parade.” With all the jobs and revenue the Lakers generate for this city, those council members should STFU!!!

  • ilikebasketball

    have the players chip in and pay for it.
    1 millino dollars between 4 or 5 of them is nothing.

  • californiagrown

    SMH..I understand we’re in a recession, but come on. This is something that parents can take their kids to for free ! Maybe the NBA, Lakers and LA County can go half !

  • lakers2000

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    We can’t even get the NBA to officiate correctly and you think they will contribute to our parade. Haa Haa. I’ve been to 2 of the last 3 parades and all I see the city contributing to is the security (police) and I didn’t see that many of them. I would not worry about it. It will happen. Go Lakers!!!!

  • LakerHater – NOT!

    I think the City and County should ask the Laker Organization. It’s true the City generate a lot of money from games – however, the NBA and Laker Org. make a lot as well.

    1.1 mil – between the NBA, LAker Org, and the team — whatever they can donate. I’m sure the team wouldn’t be so selfish – as they love their fans and would love to give them props for all the support. No?

  • K-Mart

    Haha. They dont deserve a parade. The Lakers are paper champs. They’re lucky that they didnt run into the Celtics in the finals.


    Mr.Jackson keeps being fined for saying just about anything on the refs…it seems to me that David Stern should cover that damn thing!



  • desecrator09

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    we woulda smashed the old a$$ celdiks this year too. Besides it doesnt matter what team you beat in the finals, its still hard as f*ck to win a championship and EVERY team that has won a championship in any sport fully deserves it without some stupid f*cking asterisk. Your’re prolly still butt hurt that your chicken mcthuggets got chewed, swallowed and sh*t out by kobe and the rest of the Lake Show!!

  • jc

    i seriously hope a parade still happens. ive been planning on going to this thing since october!

  • JR Salazar

    Whatever drivel the council members are saying is hearsay. The party and parade will happen, and anyone who dares threaten a tradition like this must be excommunicated from the Laker Nation immediately.

  • Michael_23

    How bout whoever loses the series has to pay for the parade?!

    But last year would’ve sucked wouldn’t it?!

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #75941 Will Be Quoted Here]

    how are the nuggets doing???

  • Isaiah

    $1M is like nothing to the jerry buss! cmon! anything to make the parade push through..