Here’s a blurb from yesterdays L.A. Times.

The Nuggets are reportedly trying to lower their payroll, which would make Lakers center Kwame Brown a possibility in trade talks, a league source said.

Brown has only one year left on his contract, for $9.1 million; Camby has three years and about $26 million left on his contract. The Lakers might have to add another low-salaried player or a draft pick to make such a deal more equitable for the Nuggets.

Camby and Brown have missed their share of games because of injuries. Camby has played more than 65 games in a season only three times in his 11-year career. Brown has averaged only 61 games a season in his first six years in the league.

  • Kim

    i would rather try to get JO and artets because their ages is simular t Kobe’s and that means you could build a dynasty. Camby will be good for 1-3 years and then after that lakers wont have anything s if they trade kwarme for camby then PLEASE dont trade Bynum to..
    instead get Artest for Walton and sascha plus picks and then dont trade Odom and then sign a runtine PG.
    rutine PG/farmar

    i dont think they are getting JO to then….

    Best thing for the Lakers would be:
    Bynum Kwarme and fill and picks for JO
    Walton Sascha and picks for Artest and then sign a PG
    that would be a dynasty
    Artest, Odom, JO and Bryant are all at the same age, so they could play together for many more years to come infact they will all be all-stars in 5 more years, so if they win all 5 years then that is what i would call a dynasty and then afterwards Lakerscan start on a new..

  • arnel,chicago,IL

    yea im all for that but in the pacer laker trade we cant give up odom and if no odom in that trade thats mean that brown must go to indi but i dont know…. but yea camby and jo on and maybe even odom ahhh man thats great… LAKERS IN 08 FINALS

  • erwin

    trade kwame and 19th pick for camby
    trade andrew and ,parker,walton,cook, first round pick and cash for jermaine oneal, mayb tinsley. get a good point guard in the offseason
    sign grant hill for cheap

    pf-jermaine oneal
    sf-lamar odom
    sg-kobe bryant
    pg-tinley????or some one else

    39th pick from charlotte
    48th pick
    sign a veteran who could score.

  • kb2481

    yea its good kwame goes to denver for camby and a for shasha and then lakers get jo for lo and they try to get kg for bymun and 1st round draft pick plus cook

    lakers linup

    mo will

    offthe bench
    2nd round pick
    aand sign veterns players

  • Steve

    The Denver Post just wrote this about the Camby-Kwame deal. Supposedly Denver laughed off Laker management at the offer.

  • lakerfan81

    I like this trade if it goes through. I like it even if you have to trade odom and bynum for oneal (which seems it might be happening). Here a trade scenoario

    Odom/Bynum radmonovich for Oneal/orien greene
    Kwame 2nd rnd (maybe 2008 1st round pick) for Camby
    Resighn Mihm (small contract because he missed all of last season)
    resign walton
    sign grant hill MLE

    not sure about a PG im not sure if you can sign a FA after signing mihm. Hill, and waltonn but if you can hold on to the #19 pck you can get critterton maybe you can trade hte pick, greene (from indy) for a pg


    C: Camby
    PF: oneal
    SF: hill/walton
    SG: Kobe
    PG: Farmar/FA

    Bench: evans, mihm, turiaf, cook, Hill/walton, williams
    That would sure up the front court (two of the leagues best inside defenders and shot blockers, average of 5.7 blocks per game and 22 rbs 32 pts) Hill and walton would be great with either one coming off the bench or starting (walton off the bench would be someone who can run the offense and Hill if he comes off the bench would be great offense

    I don’t if that makes the lakers champions (san antonio is pretty damn good) but its a huge improvement even if they are still a little weak defensively at the PG position but camby and oneal would be one of the best front courts in the nba

    As far as artest goes I don’t see the lakers picking him up. On paper it looks great you would have Kobe and Artest two great perimeter defenders and artest can score, its not MJ and Pippen (Kobe as good as he is, ( the best in the league right now is not MJ and and ron artest is certainly not pippen. But Artest wanted out of IOndy because he wanted to obe the center of the offense. with Oneal and Kobe he would be the 3rd option and I think that would just create problems

  • kb4life

    “Word is the Nuggets laughed at the Lakers last week when they called dangling butter-fingered big man Kwame Brown for Marcus Camby.”


  • Fish Guy

    Kim-like the second scenerio. We need to keep LO. I think Phil can control Ron Ron. JO is a major upgrade over Camby/Kwame/ Socks. Plus as you stated, they’re all the same age. I do think the Kings are going to want Farmar as they are also looking to move Bibby.

  • kgmvp

    For me i want the Lakers to get camby for kwame and maybe 1st or 2nd rd pick. Hope we get camby for kwame. Get Kwame out cause i dont want him in a Lakers uniform for another year.
    Lakers lineup
    PG- Sign a solid PG with the MLE
    SG- KOBE
    SF- Luke Walton
    PF- JO
    C- Camby
    Lakers 2008 NBA chmaps

  • DeepFrost

    Whaddya say?

    Odom, Radmanovic, Vujacic, #19 Pick O’Neal, Tinsley

    Brown Camby

    C – Camby
    PF – JO
    SF – Luke
    SG – Kobe
    PG – Tinsley

    And we still keep Bynum)))

  • rmeazy82

    honestly fellow laker fans you know the nuggets were crackin up if we really offered kwame for camby.

  • jonas joseph

    heres what should happen shure u want your trades to be at least kobes age so they could make a dynasty. don’t trade bynum,walton,Jodan, future allstars or maybe next year thell be allstars, tihnk about it now that smush is leaving jordan has to become better,if artest or a good sf comes like when vladdameer came walton is going to work harder to keep his spot and if artest comes hes gonna become better,people been talkin smack abot bynum that we caint wait he might use that for motivation and his mentor is a nba all time great(Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar) so you don’t know what could happen pius for Ronny Turiaf he was talking about getting inshape so he could play for at least25 minutes and hes gonna work on his defence and offence and thats what we need,and now that mihm is coming back he had a long time to think about the game just like Amare Stonamire so he might benefit the same way, trade kwame Brown and 2nd round draft pick for Ron Artest, draft Rodnet Stuckey, sighn mo williams for freeagents let auron Mckie,Sasha Vujacic,Brian Cook or use them in a trade,sighn Scottie Pippen for less money heres your lineup

    C-Andrew Bynum
    Pf-Lamar Odom
    Sf-Ron Artest
    Sg-Kobe Bryant
    Pg-Mo Williams
    C-Chris Mihm
    Pf-Ronny Turiaf
    Pf-Vladdameer Radnanovic
    Sf-Luke Walton
    Sf-Scottie Pippen
    Sg-Maurice Evans
    Sg-Rodney Stucky
    Pg-Jordan Farmar
    Pg-Shammond Williams

    Now Go Lakers

  • devayon

    sorry fellas the lakers will not get kevin garnett
    they do have a good shot to get jermaine oneil and marcus in a three part deal but that will be their best bet.. what i would push for if i was a laker fan is to trade the overseas players and a pick to the pacers for jermaine and tinsley.. develop Mo Evans into the Pg player he could be during the off season and set up a trade for Marcus Camby for kwame’s wack ass and another player id say Chris Mihn (very disappointing)

  • Jackson

    y dont we got nba all star chris bosh somone tell me plz