Injured center, who has missed 14 games since hurting his left knee and ankle, won’t make four-game trip, Jackson says.

L.A. Times: Christmas isn’t coming early for Kwame Brown.

He was supposed to travel on the Lakers’ upcoming four-game trip, but Coach Phil Jackson decided against it because Brown “couldn’t get on the floor and practice with us yet.”

Brown began rattling off one-liners as soon as reporters told him what Jackson said Sunday.

“I’ll inbound the ball,” he said. “Just let me go.”

He has been trying to recover from injuries and boredom since Chicago center Ben Wallace tumbled into his left knee and ankle on Nov. 18. He has missed 14 games with moderate sprains and was acerbic when told he would apparently be skipping another trip — which also meant more one-on-one workout time with athletic performance director Chip Schaefer.

“Usually Chip stays back and works out the guys . . . but you don’t want to stay back with Chip. It’s no fun,” Brown said, smiling. “Whatever part of your body that’s not hurting, you will work it.”

Brown has been able to run in a straight line but has had trouble cutting and stopping quickly.

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  • dj matt20

    i’m sorta sacred about next season because i doubt we should keep Brown, but who will come off the bench for Bynum because i doubt Mihm could be a starter only if he starts to pick up his game more. we need someone that could play both the PF/C positions. maybe….JO? his slump is kinda scary though cus i doubt people will pay anything close to his contract right now so he will take a MAJOR paycut if he OPTs out. what if the Pacers have a good season(which i doubt)….? will he opt?

  • dj matt20

    but seriously i doubt we should keep him still. he reminds me of Elden Cambell which we all want to forget about. haha

  • AndrewT

    I’d be worried too if I was Kwame given that it’s a contract year and Bynum is kicking ass.

  • Billy Kupchak

    Kwame sucks arse!

  • LAKing

    It’s 100% guaranteed that Kwame is playing his LAST season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #19700 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I wouldn’t say its 100% guaranteed that this is Kwame’s last year with the Lakers. I say that because if Kwame does not have a good year and no other teams look to sign him in the offseason, then his agent will begin negotiating with the Lakers. If the Lakers can’t find another strong post up player, both offensive and defensive in the off season, (Mihm is not a strong post up defender) then the Lakers may look at Kwame and sign him to a small and short contract.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    Good , All KWAME is , is just a body on the court so we have a 5 people. Because we all know he does nothing else

  • MILO

    The way Drew is playing i can care less if Kwame is ready or not…

  • BEC

    Kwame can be a solid backup center. Which we do need. Id rather have kwames size and defensive presence than Chris Mihm. Big men are hard to find. I hope we can resign him at a reasonable rate. Bynum gets into foul trouble fairly quickly and playing the likes of Duncan, Howard, and Yao Ming you need all your big men. Chris Mihm is trash at the moment, and other than Bynum we dont really have another C, Turiaf is not a C. As you can see we are not very deep on big men and Kwame is a decent one.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #19714 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You are incorrect. Kwame is a good post up defender (Phil even went so far to proclaim Kwame as their best post up defender). Kwame may be horrific on the offensive end, but he is pretty valuable on the defensive end. If I had my choice between Kwame and Mihm, I would choose Kwame as Kwame is a better defender and a better rebounder.

    Also, you should realize that Bynum can’t play 40+ minutes. He’s going to wear down as the season goes along and at times may get in foul trouble and God forbid Bynum could get injured. Kwame is needed to relieve him of those minutes.

  • Flush Odumb

    This guy is a piece of crapola. He is one step above worthless. What a lousy deal to trade Caron Butler for this meathead. The Lakers would be so much better if we never made the trade and still had Butler!

  • SliqRiq

    You know whether anyone likes it or not Kwame is a beast inside no one can get good post up position on him and next to Shaq he is the strongest man inside just look when he’s healthy what he does to the opposing big man he makes them shoot a horrible percentage they cant back him down low and they always seem to get frustrated with him because they simply cant move him. I recall last year when we played Orlando with Dwight Howard who is supposed to be the manchild and 1 of the strongest players in the league and no doubt he is and is a great player I might add but Kwame was way to strong for him in the post and held him to just 1 dunk and completely manhandled him and outplayed him and held him to 7 points 7 rebounds 4 fouls in 39 minutes check the stats Phil was even quoted to saying after the game that Kwame was big for us tonite and I think Howard was quick to find out that he for once didnt have the strength advantage inside and that really bothered him out there. I know a lot of people here tend to hate Kwame cuz he’s not great offensively and does have terrible hands on offense but he’s got great hands on the defensive side of the ball especially against the gaurds on the pick and roll now Im not saying he is better than Bynum but he is much quicker on his feet and like it or not we need him because he is a great force with Bynum inside and together they pose a strong defensive tandem especially Kwame’s strength inside cuz no one I repeat no one moves him inside and outside his unlucky injuries he is our rock in the middle forget about his offense we dont need it were already 3rd in the league but pay attention and watch his defense when he’s out there and you’ll see that no big man pushes him around its always the other way around!!!!

  • gugy

    Kwame, Lamar, Luke and Sasha can go if you ask me.

    Specially Kwame and Lamar. Lamar as the second option for this team needs to be aggressive and stop being so insecure about himself. If he wants to be an All Star he needs to play like one.
    I am afraid he is going to be a liability for us when the playoffs starts. PJ please do some phycological work on this guy! :-)


    [Comment ID #19746 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Damn SliqRiq,

    Try using some periods in your full page paragraphs next time.


    JO is the ONLY ANSWER.I’ve been saying this for whole year now and even he wants to be here(that’s the reason why his statistics are down,check VINCE in Toronto).If you wanna win Championships you need veterans,point blank and JO is the Lakers best hope.Doesn’t matter whether we get him now or off season JUST GET JO(for RIGHT NOW get Artest).

  • SliqRiq

    Hey Reddox, I wasn’t too concerned about my punctuation or paragraghing when I wrote this but on the other hand if I was being graded on this I would have but Im not so dont trip.