Good news on the Kwa-bomba! He is coming along nicely according to Vitti:

LakersBasketBlog: According to Lakers trainer Gary Vitti, Kwame is actually right on schedule as most injuries of his kind take at least six weeks to fully heal. Jackson acknowledged that the Lakers are urging Brown to stay out of game action until he is 100%. He’ll likely be ready to complete some activities on the court sometime around next weekend though.


    Wow i’m so excited!!! how we mananged without his 2 points 4 boards and 10 to’s per game i’ll never know…

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Apparently, you are a clueless fan you are, you do not know Kwame brings. His offense is awful, we all know that, but his defense, especially his post-up defense, is what the Laker miss (even Phil Jackson said so). Kwame is one of the few strong/power men the Lakers have, and we miss it. Also, I’m sure the bench, and the rest of the Lakers, miss Kwame starting and having Bynum come off the bench with his double double.

    Why you post comments is beyond me because you say the most ascenine things. Keep quiet little boy and maybe one day you’ll figure out a thing or two about basketball.

  • dave p

    I hope this is our last year to put up with this loser. Hopefully the Lakers will not bring back this underachiever next year. Trading Caron Butler for this loafer has to be one of the worst trades ever by the Lakers.


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    your right!!! lets vote kwame mvp this season, fool.

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    God you’re pathetic

  • Lakers

    I agree with LakersFirst he said the same thing I would say

  • GetBisonDele

    kwame aint MVP but he provides good post defense, we need him back for the PF and C based teams

    phantom you are an idiot