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With presumably one or two years left in Phil Jackson’s career, longtime Lakers player and assistant coach Kurt Rambis passed on waiting around for a head coaching job, and decided to take his coaching talents to Minnesota, where he has led the Timberwolves to 32 wins in two seasons amidst roster upheaval and questionable draft picks.

However, as the Associated Press has been reporting, Rambis has been vocal about not hearing from the Timberwolves organization concerning whether or not he would return for his third year with the club.

“Everybody has reasons for why they conduct the business in the way they want to conduct their business,” Rambis said in his first public remarks about the situation since the season ended April 13. “If you’re asking me if that’s what I would do, no, that’s not how I would handle things. But everybody’s different.”

According to reports, Rambis has twice been seen in Minnesota, working with veteran free agents and draft prospects despite his shaky status. The appearances have been a bit awkward, with the coach-in-limbo going about his business despite the very real possibility that he will not be back next season.

If Kurt Rambis was let go, would Mike Brown and the Lakers consider bringing back the assistant and fan favorite that Chick Hearn referred to as “Clark Kent” during the era of Showtime?

While still a possibility, the Lakers organization has shown no favoritism towards its longtime assistants this off-season, passing up Brian Shaw for the head coaching position and leaving other assistants like Jim Cleamons and Frank Hamblen out of jobs.

Mitch Kupchak has said that the Lakers organization will have some say on who Brown’s assistants will be, but will defer to Brown in the process.

Do you think Mike Brown should have at least one assistant that is familiar with the Lakers organization? Vote below!

Should Mike Brown bring on at least one assistant coach that is familar with the Lakers organization?

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  • Lakersfan

    The title should be “Should Kurt Rambis Return to Lakers”. 

  • Lakersfan

    Why is everybody so afraid of change? I think bringing Rambis back can actually result in friction too. If his recommendations aren’t taken into considerations, then this can cause problem among players and new staff. I would rather have Malone as assistant coach. If he doesn’t work out then Rambis is ok. 

    • Anonymous

      Ridiculous. It’s not fear of change, it’s fear of the transition. Even Phil Jackson had a transition BOTH times he became HC, keeping Frank Hamblen & Kurt Rambis on as his assistants.

      The Organization has been purging anything to do with Phil Jackson lately and it seems as if they’re going to saddle the team with a completely unfamiliar staff, so many are in favor of at least bringing back 1 assistant from the PJax era. Person is the best candidate for this though, not Rambis.

      • Margarite

        Frank Hamblen is he a coach?

  • Guest

    What a misleading title! Come on, guys.

  • 123KID

    I would like for Shaw if not then Chuck Person if not then Kurt Rambis to be part of Mike’s coaching staff. I think it will make things a whole lot easier for Mike if he can have someone familiar with the guys and helping Mike with each players tendencies, each players strengths, and each players weaknesses. 

    • Erick_weatherall

      Mike brown were we being serious that’s sad how we hired him over shaw come on lake show

      • 123KID

        whats done is done. either accept it and root for him or roll on.

  • yolwerin

    No for Rambis, Yes for Shaw.

  • Margarite

    No Rambis can’t coach, if they wanted to bring someone back it should be Brian Shaw. Shaw is a better coach.

  • lakerblood

    rambis sucks