One rumor claims Rambis will take over as head coach in 2010-2011.

ESPN: Team sources say that one reason (Kurt) Rambis turned down the Sacramento Kings’ coaching offer this week is the possibility that he will be chosen to take over for Jackson as early as the 2010-11 season.

  • phil buss

    Great Idea!

  • gugy

    I hope not.
    Kurt is a nice guy but I think he does not have what it takes to be a head coach.
    I hope PJ will extend for another couple years his coach position.
    If not, I would consider bringing Byron Scott here.

  • Michael Perez

    I hope PJ stays at least 2-3 more years.
    i really believe that this laker team can win 3 straight championships, at least.
    we got it this year, and look, we have a young team! kobe is ‘only’ 30, Pau is under 30, Bynum is barely over 20, Ariza is under 30, Odom under 30…. think about it. We need PJ to 3peat!

  • dub824

    i hope not.. he coached us after del harris got fired… didnt do bad.. but didnt do well either

  • ClipperRon

    hahahahaha the worst case for you lakers fans, didnt he already coach your team what were the results oh yeah a spurs sweep hey get luck laker fans

  • californiagrown

    hell naw. the lakers already got a coach, a good ass coach on that. like the heads of the lakers really gonna let Phil Jackson go, are you serious?

  • Dracul

    Sorry – Kurt Rambis may be a decent assistant coach, but not the best option as head coach. I would go with either Brian Shaw or Byron Scott here.

    But the best solution is still PJ – His girlfriend is the boss’s daughter, he can have a trio of Pau, Kobe, Bynum, and at least Ariza and/or Odom , for at least another 2-3 years they can make a solid run at more titles.


  • Bruno

    Never seen Kurt Rambis coach before. Is he as good as Phil Jackson caliber?

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #76031 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i thought i told u, you’re in no place to talk about basketball Clipper fan.

  • golakers75

    there has to be better options out there then Rambis. If the lakers want to hire from within let start with Brain Shaw, to me he would make a much better coach then rambis. but the lakers should take a nice hard look at 3 people. 1. B-Shaw. 2. Baron Scott 3. Coach K.. maybe coach K enjoyed coaching kb24 so much that he will give it a shot in the NBA.. but Rambis is not the guy for the job

  • RN

    It does not matter who is the next coach for the Lakers because KOBE is the guy who was doing the work now. This is the reason why PJ has 10 rings. He had MJ who understood the game and figured out how to win. This year KOBE has figured out how to win by directing his team mates and get his team mates involved. This is it. PJ has done his job by letting KOBE figure out how to win and how to get his team mates involve. So in that sense he is a good coach but he will always need to have a great go – to – guy player in his team. And that is why KOBE is the BEST.

  • JC

    I’d prefer B.SHAW as head coach!! :)

  • e-bucher

    lol…no respect for rambis…

    imo…he’ll do a great job…is a good people person…and it looks like he knows what he’s doing..

    it’s been a while since he first coached the lakers…this is a different coach now…and has worked under phil for quite a while…i’m sure he learned a thing or 2…