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Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak recently sat down with for a Q&A session.

Mitch discussed the Lakers improved play after the All-Star break, what he was feeling when Kobe Bryant went down with an ankle injury in Dallas, and had a somewhat suprising quote on Andrew Bynum.

When Andrew is healthy, and he plays like he is playing right now, you are hard pressed to look at anybody in this league and say, ‘I would trade him for that person.”

He was asked to clarify that statement.

Anybody. If he’s healthy at this level he’s at, you’d have to think about anything. In other words, you may not trade him for anybody.”

Without reading too much into Kupchak’s comments, if Bynum is healthy, he is un-tradeable.

With that being said, concievably if the Orlando Magic offered All-Star Dwight Howard for Andrew, Kupchak would pass.

It is indeed a major compliment to the Lakers current starting center, who has no doubt played lights out basketball since the all-star break.

  • patrick

    Easy to say after you didn’t trade him. Now we will see if he made the correct decision. Hopefully we can avoid OKC and Boston in this years playoffs because coming off three straight finals appearances and having to play this year on the road will make it even harder. let’s hope the playoff format will fall in our favor like the last 2 years when LBJ helped us out.

    • LakerMarc

      Patrick….why do ‘we’ have to avoid OKC or Boston? You dont have to take the flight if you don’t want to…..personally I don’t blame you ….but we don’t play out there…..THE LAKERS do…..what’s all this ‘we’ nonsense ‘sport?

      • lakerfan

        sorry LakerMarc but i do read this site as the lakerNATION. and as you see a nation is:
        — n
        1. an aggregation of people or peoples of one or more cultures, races, etc, organized into a single state

        WE are the lakers nation. We follow OUR team.

    • Sir

      Avoid Boston, who is clearly struggling after losing Perkins? Why?

  • Thomas

    He’s been playing outta his mind lately but l wouldn’t say that because he has a history of being injured and could be used to bring chris paul or dwight howard to LA in 2012

    • rondo

      Howard will not be a Laker!

  • gasoft

    but if kupcake would pass a howard bynum trade is a total MORON

    passing a trade of a always injured player that never played a full season or a healthy playoff in his career
    instead of a dominant player that never gets injured and overall is better still than bynum
    until bynum will play a whole season being more dominant and with better stats than dho
    not just 10 games

    this is laughable

    • Kristian

      I don’t necessarily disagree with the content in your reply, but please stay out of public forums until you learn to construct a proper sentence. Thank you.

      Even though Bynum has been fantastic, no one is saying he’s better than Dwight Howard. But everyone knows that sometimes a coach, GM or co-player just needs to give statements like this to build up the confidence and motivation of a player.

      • LakerMarc

        Kristian…maybe he really just means it???

      • wagcsa

        This is not a forum in which most people give a rip about grammar. I am a retired teacher, and this is informal communication. It is about communication not correctness. I disagree with the person’s point. I do not think the overall team improves enough to gain the cost of Howard. I do not see it as cost effective. LA would have to give up a lot of key players to pay him. I do not think he adds enough over a healthy Bynum. Howard recently stated in an interview “I am getting old…” He is several years older than Andrew. The wild card is Drew’s health. A trade of Bynum is simply not cost effective.

    • LakerMarc

      Gasoft…you’re too emotional..I mean the anger and temper is all over that post….relax……thump thump thump thump…..besides The Lakers don’t deal with players who wear capes.

    • rondo

      gasoft you are the moron not Kupchak fans like you don’t have a clue what the hell you are talking about.

  • Tyler

    I somewhat Agree. I would never trade a large talented center for anyone Except a Larger and more Talented center than he is (Cough*DwightHoward*Cough)

    So ya, despite being oft injured, I would not trade bynum unless we could get Dwight.

    • rondo

      Tyler, Bynum is the Lakers center if you want Dwight Howard go root for Dwight to win in Orlando. You guys are a bunch of clowns. Also Bynum is bigger then Howard. Also Bynum will take the Lakers to a threepeat not Dwight Howard.

  • lakerfan

    no i would not trade him for howard either…because bynum doesn’t demand the ball as much as howard. in orlando, the offense system is built around howard and then kick-out 3 pt shooters…while andrew is a huge defense presence and mainly an offense rebounder put back specialist.

    keep the lakers the way they are.

  • rondo

    Amen (Lakerfan) tell them.

  • Mhmm

    Dwight is an even bigger defensive presence than Andrew. He has 2 def player of the year awards. I agree, I would not trade Bynum for anyone, except for someone bigger and better than him which is Dwight Howard.

  • Laker4Life

    Laker Fan-
    Kobe is not getting any younger. The Lakers need someone that can score 20-30 points on any given night, Andrew Bynum can’t do that. Also, they need a superstar that can replace Kobe after he retires. Kobe would love to play with him. Also this trade wouldn’t happen any time soon. There is still another season before the Lakers would be able to sign him/trade for him.

    • L4L

      You’re 100% correct. Lakers need a bigger defensive prescence – Andrew Bynum is injury prone and way too inconsistent. We need someone who can dominate the paint on both ends of the floor. Dwight Howard should definitely be traded for Andrew Bynum without hesitation. Judging by how well Mamba and Superman played together on the USA Olympic team (Redeem Team) in 2008, we know that they are capable of playing together, dominating, and sharing the ball. I hope that Kupcake uses his wisdom/intelligence/common sense to trade Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard in 2012. You can take that to the bank.