mitchHoopsworld: Business deals fall apart all the time.

For fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s difficult to understand how quickly Trevor Ariza went from NBA Finals hero to an expatriate Houston Rocket.

Equally, there’s a palpable excitement surrounding Trevor’s replacement, former Defensive Player of the Year, Ron Artest.

The Lakers may eventually prove to be better than they were a year ago but until free agent Lamar Odom is re-signed, the franchise has taken a step backwards. LA just doesn’t have a proven big man behind Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum without the versatile Odom.

With teams like the Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks and Orlando Magic retooling to challenge the Lakers, keeping Lamar is General Manager Mitch Kupchak’s top priority.

With the Lakers and Odom’s representatives still far apart in talks, Kupchak can only profess to be “hopeful” that a compromise will be reached.

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  • lakers101

    we better keep odom no matter what…if we lose him, im going to slap my wife!

  • kb24bestever

    come on mitch we should of been signed odom.
    we sold two draft picks we got like 6 millions off of that than we didnt resign Ariza we signed artest at a great price than shannon brown at a good price too so why just not give odom a 4 year 9 mil contract or an 5 year 8 mil contract come on mitch we need this guy.

  • Logicguy


    Word is LO wants 10mil, down from the 14mil he was paid last year. To him, that’s a discount. He is insulted they are offering him Luke and Sasha money. LO is the best rebounder on the team and is the togetherness guy in the locker room. The Lakers have gone on the CHEAP. They are setting Kobe up to be the fall guy by blaming the whole thing on his 27 mil extension.I don’t think Kobe will enjoy 27 mil being the third or fourth seed in the West.

    Portland would desperately love to improve themselves while simultaneously hurting the Lakers. They are cautious because they don’t want to be used. Now that McDyss is gone, Detroit will probably come in with the highest offer. There will be no opportunity to match either offer. These are trying to force an acceptance prior to formaly making the offer. The longer this goes on, the slimmer the chances LO will be back. He would be foolish not to go. With the Laker attitude of screwing their championship players I would urge LO to go to Portland and come back and stick it to the Lakers.(luke, Sun and Sasha are still on this team, why???)

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    Can’t we just give away Fluke, or SaShe? lol

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    [Comment ID #79090 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Me too:-)

  • LakersFirst

    For those of you who are saying Mitch should have already signed LO, you guys need to think twice, LO should have already signed the contract. The Lakers have already made their offer. LO NEEDS TO ACCCEPT IT!!!

    The only contending team that can sign LO is Portland, but does Portland want to spend $10M a year on Odom (LO wants a 5 year deal at $10M), when they have future extensions to made to Brandon Roy, Aldridige, Oden, etc, plus they need a point guard. Portland is still trying to figure out how to make the numbers work, especially with the new cap space.

    The Lakers are playing it smart, they have made their offer. If LO can go out and get $50M over 5 years ($10M per year), more power to him. If not, he has an offer waiting for him with the world champions.

  • LakerFanThinkinReal

    LO obviously wants to be a Laker or he would’ve already signed somewhere else. The Lakers need to step up and pay him for all that he brings!! besides the fact, that he will be bettter as the 4-5 option on the floor!! he can focus on D and get a lot tougher with his other NY buddy setting the tone!!!!!!!

  • Lex

    this is such b.s. why is buss acting like hes broke? im sure if the lakers dont sign LO, everyone will point fingers at kobe, but if buss wants to win, he’ll take a profit cut that will hardly leave a mark on his bank account. greedy fool

  • Lakezilla

    LOL, you’re a fool Logic. Anyways, news broke today that Portland is preparing to offer Milsap 8-9 mil a year. Details are preliminary but they’re getting all the paper work together. So that well just dried up for Odom. There is no other team out there for that 10 mil a year asking price now. The Lakers are playing it smart because they know they are the only team that’s going to pay him. I mean, he has received no offers and all the money is pretty much gone lol. Just like Trevor’s agent, his agent overestimated the market. Trevor is in mediocre hell with Houston now and Lamar doesn’t have a job. Nice try Logic.

  • daboss1849

    Bye Bye LO, take sasha and walton with you please!!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #79102 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lex, with all due respect. you don’t know what you are talking about. Buss and the Laker organization are also thinking about how to stay somewhat close to the salary cap, not just the luxury tax (although the luxury tax is important to).

    Do you know why they are hesitatant to be $20 to $30 million dollars over the salary cap??? Because by being so far over the salary cap, the Lakers won’t have any power to sign free agents in the future, should they need to. For example, take the LO situation, if LO chooses to sign with another team, do you realize that the Lakers have ONLY the veterans mininum to sign another player (they used their MLE and biannual exception on Ron Artest and Shannon Brown). And why would the Lakers only have the veterans minimum – BECAUSE THEY ARE OVER THE SALARY CAP!!!!! With the only veterans mininum, the Lakers could not seek out a quality player (no player can). No team wants to limit themselves by being so far over the salary cap for multiple years.

    Look at the NY Knicks, they were over the salary cap for years with nothing to show for it. It has been about 8 years and they are just now getting under the cap. Do you want the Lakers to potentially end up like the Knicks and be limited with how much they can sign up players for. Being so far over the salary cap is a dangerous way to be because if the team isn’t working, it is very difficult to restucture the team.

  • LO, U R Better Than that

    Lamar Needs to come to his senses and realize there isnt a team better team than the lakers, and there isnt a team out there willing to pay $10 Million a year on him.

    Lamar, Ron signed for the MLE, Shawn Marion signed for under $8 Mil a year, Lamar and Agent, dont be greddy! I could live 20 lifetimes with $6-8 million!!!

  • corbin cardenas 11

    you guys better keep lamar odom to back up andrew bynum and be a force inside and out


    We need to sign odom! WE HAVE TO!

  • Lakersthe2010Champs

    Portland is only $7.5 mil under the salary cap. They would need to give up exceptions rights to squeeze in a couple of more mils to reach LO’s asking price, so it’s not very likely Portland can offer LO $10/year. Other than Portland, other teams above the Cap can only use their MLE. So LO’s market is very small. My gut feeling is that LO will be back at around $7 mil/year for two years with the second year his option. That’s already a good offer considering how McDyess and Artest got signed. Be happy, Lamar!

  • Lakersthe2010Champs

    I agree with LakersFirst. Lakers are already $15 mils over luxury tax threshold without Lamar by committing $84 mils to 13 players. With LO getting no offers from other teams, the Lakers would have to bid against themselves. Adding Lamar to the payroll, they would have to pay some $20+ mils in tax in addition to the $90+ mils salaries. No team wants to do that in this economy.

  • What Will Be

    Again, Brown has as good a jump shot as Ariza… In my opinion, added with Artest, the Lakers are a better team, but Odom could win 6th man of the year, if he resigns a 1 year deal, and test’s the market after next season in a better economy, accept between $7-8 million for one season, what’s the hold up? Didn’t Ariza make the same mistake that is going to haunt him forever????? When is Odom going to sign his new cotract??????

  • koberei24

    sign LO mitch if you want to see a dynasty .. if not screw the the 5th for kobe nx yr thats for sure

  • RJ

    Dont worry if odom wants to win another championship he will stay with Lakers and if he leaves that will be a dumb mistake like ariza made but odom will sign a 3yr 25M watch

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?


  • Sako

    [Comment ID #79142 Will Be Quoted Here]

    seriously, grow a brain.

  • RonLakers85

    Hey, sign him for 6.5 mil and a candy store! its a business, everybody needs more money right now!; Come on LO we’re talking millions of dollars!

  • Logicguy


    LO’S biggest mistake was to come out early and say he would take a discount to remain a Laker. Other GM’s heard this. The Lakers decidet to exploin it. This is very un BUSSlike. Case in point; Portland would love to strengthen themselves and weaken the Lakers at the same time, but they are afraid they will be used to drive the price up. He has to almost accept a Portland offer without it being officially made to make a deal work. LO SHOULD LEAVE AND DO IT SOON. Go to Portland and stick it to the Lakers four times a year. Go LO. I lost a lot or respect for Laker integrety on this one.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #79183 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What are you talking about?? You’re not using LOGIC on this one.

    The Lakers made an offer to LO. It’s LO’s to reject or accept.

    The Lakers are looking around at what other teams have to offer and not many playoff teams have the salary cap flexibility to offer LO $10M a year (the Lakers know this). The only playoff team that really has the salary cap space is Portland. So the Lakers are waiting. Portland has publicly not made an offer LO. If Portland gets a player that takes up some of that extra salary space, they cannot offer LO that large of a deal, so the only team that can offer LO close to what he wants would be the Lakers. Keep in mind Portland is in need of a point guard, so I think that is their first priority.

    The Lakers waiting around and seeing if other teams (mainly Portland) are going to be make a large offer to LO is simple STRATEGIC NEGOTIATION (its good LOGIC). As mentioned, the Lakers made their offer. Unless there is another team that makes a larger offer, then there is no need for the Lakers to make another offer. The Lakers are just sitting waiting.

  • portman

    damn, lamar! if you want to be a laker, take that $8M! i want to be a laker and these guys could sign me for 5$ a day and be the 12th man.

    jesus, i hate it when players always talk about the ultimate goal being a championship when they always go for the money to “secure their family’s future”, if my parents put up 200 grand on my bank account, i’d be secured!

  • Mike24

    Hey guys have any of you heard any new news on Lamar Odom