Obviously, his been very impressive since the Lakers signed Pau Gasol. Should the Lakers take a chance? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think.

L.A. Times: Kupchak also said the team would like to re-sign restricted free agents Sasha Vujacic and Ronny Turiaf, although he hedged somewhat when asked if Lamar Odom would receive a contract extension this summer. Odom, 28, has one more season and $14.1 million left on his contract.

“We want to see how we perform in the playoffs, what the market is like this summer, and most important, how successful our team will be in the playoffs,” Kupchak said.

  • demon432

    definitely renegotiate and resign odom..hopefully he wont be adverse to taking a slight paycut to play for perennial contenders..do itttt!

  • http://www.themonstore.com derrick

    can we wait til the team actually plays together to make judgment? seems tough unless you’re nostradamus

  • Keep Odom

    It definitely depends how deep we go and how well Odom plays. To me his comments translate into him saying that it is pretty much up to Lamar and how good he is in the playoffs. We don’t need anymore offensive power. Kobe, Bynum and Gasol are enough offensive power. What the playoffs might prove is that we might need Interior Defensive presence. Maybe Bynum gives us that but if the Lakers plan on using Bynum the same way that the Spurs use Duncan then they don’t plan on using him to guard players like Duncan, Garnett, Elton Brand, and so on. That only leaves one question to be answered, who will? Odom is not that type of stopper and neither is Gasol. But as a unit of Odom, Bynum and Gasol the Lakers are strong enough and long enough to be a good defensive team in the paint. All Odom has to do now is pull his weight, which he will. I hope we keep him.

  • phaman

    i say keep him…i mean why give him up now when hes finally showin progress??…and plus now he knows wut to do and has established relationships with the team…why pick someone up and have to go thru the whole process again?…the way i see it…we don’t need anyone else…and we dont need to give anyone else up…we have a complete team…we now juss need to tighten the screws…

  • Naijaboy

    Kupcake is a smart man. Why commit on Odom now that he is finally showing progress (reb) and the playoffs are coming around?? Why not play a little mind game like phil and get the best out of the guy come playoff time?? IMO, Kuppy knows that Odom is a keeper, I mean its obvious for reasons alreadyh stated here by you all… so lets not commit and thus not allow him to relax when he sees the dominance of a Bynum and Gasol together. We desperately need his defensive best… if we are ever going to win it all. The sf position is a serious one (Bowen, Pierce, Kirlenko, Prince, and so on…

  • VacheG

    I love LO and I think he has the ability to take this team to another title while playing along side KB, AB, PG, etc… Mitch has the right mindset though. Let’s see how he steps up in the playoffs/finals.

    Now is the time for LO to step up and show his worth. He has done this since the arrival of Gasol, but can he do it in the playoffs??? The pressure of the post-season can bring out the worst or the best in a player……let’s just hope in LO’s case that it’s the latter.

    GO LAKERS!!!!

  • http://mrsfox411@aol.com FOXXY

    LAKERS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Young

    i think it depends heavily on how much he wants. if he still wants that 14-15 mil hes making now, i think we let him walk. i like him a lot, but i think it’s a lot to pay for a 3rd/4th option. if were talking about about half that salary, i think it’s not a bad thing to fork over 7-8 mil for someone who is a walking mismatch. i know we get on odom’s case a lot, but the dude has been great for us. hes played through personal issues and injuries. he has his lapses, but i think hes valuable to our success.

    im ok with paying about 7 mil a year. we already pay someone like luke a little less, so i dont see why we should be hesitant all of a sudden. it seems like were going to pay the luxury tax regardless, so just pony up the money i guess. were gonna have to reach into our pockets to pay ronny and sasha, but whatever. i want to keep turiaf at all cost.

    im also curious to see if kobe would take a pay cut when his salary is up. someone correct me, but is it possible for kobe to early terminate and resign with the same team for less, or does he have to wait until his whole contract is over?

  • e

    man i love odom, i just hope he does well during the playoffs, or else even i wont think he’d be worth keeping esp with the free agents coming up this offseason..im sure he’ll come thru..lets go odom!!

  • mikedeezy2k8

    Odom always shows up in the playoffs, he destroyed shawn marion twice

  • laker-nate

    [Comment ID #31340 Will Be Quoted Here] i completely agree Naijaboy…odom is a keeper 4 sure, but lets get his absolute best by making him earn his extension…but it is also good 2 keep our options open, because IF he doesnt play well in the post season, we can always go after a solid shooter or lock down defender at the 3 spot…im not much of an artest fan, but he is a AWESOME defender, and id b happy 2 see him playin the 3, but im still happy if we have odom

  • Smush Walton

    After all this time Lamar is finally starting to perform up to his potential. Let’s see if he can keep it up consistently. He needs to eliminate his regular bonehead charging fouls, bad turnovers, and someone please tell him NO 3 POINT SHOTS!!!

  • Michael_23

    Don’t resign til next year. He’ll be in a contract year and that will boost his motivation into playing hard. If he plays like he’s been after the All-Star break then he should be fine getting a nice extention. Obviously his #’s might drop when Drew and Pau gets back, but this is the LO we’ve been searching for all season long.

    He can be a great player without the 3 point shot. He’s been making all his drives, 15 ft jumpshots, rebounds, and assists.

  • ricky

    excellent idea by mitch to let lamar prove what he’s got down the stretch and into the playoffs. im sure he will do well once gasol and bynum are back 100% but we all know that odom’s a keeper, its hard to give up someone with his size and with his unique skill set.


    Mitch,PLEASE RESIGN LO(I WILL NEVA SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT YOU AGAIN)F@#% SASHA. They must be thinking about getting Shawn Marion or bringin’ Caron back ’cause that is the only way I would give up LO,THE ONLY WAY!


  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    “Obviously, *HE’S* been very impressive since the Lakers signed Pau Gasol. Should the Lakers take a chance? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think.”

    Nugget, please use grammar check before posting. It’s for your benefit, not ours! :-D

    BTW, father plans to re-sign Lamar, but at a lesser amount. Lamar is our Dirk-stopper, y’know? ;)

  • Geloman

    I would re-sign Lamar and encourage him to start using his right hand more to score, that way he becomes more unpredictable to the defense. There’s no denying his talent and value to the team, as witnessed by how he’s stepped up since Gasol went down.

    I’d rather have him on our team rather than risk him being on, let’s say the Suns?

    Keep the team in tact. We’re contenders and soon to be champions.


    Remember,PG/AB/LO are….LAKEZILLA(This better be a mind-game from Mitch aka “THE KING OF LA”)!

  • xtro

    Resign Lamar b cuz he is our third scoring option as well as a solid rebounder. He knows the triangle. Most importantly, he has no ego. Lake show should go after Kirk Heinrich or Ron Artest in the offseason.

  • http://ll@yahoo.com keep_LO

    come oN LAmAr ODom>>THIS iS UR SeASon.>SHOW ALl TheSE NBA eXpERtsS N MEDIA Wat UR MAdE oF….PlAY uR HEarT Out N ShUt TheM Up YA FeELZ

  • http://youtube.com/kobe124 Kobe124

    Thats a smart move. See how odom plays in the playoffs and decide whether to extend his contract or get another play like Gilbert Arenas or someone who might help the Lakers win that GOLD!!!

  • pjt

    Who cares about next year, It’s all about right now. Let’s play for a championship, and see where we are??? Artest is a free agent so who knows if the Lakers aquire him???

  • lalball81

    Why would we want a nut like Artest on our team? I think we should resign Lamar, that way we’ll be settled in for the long haul with Lamar, Pau, Kobe, and Bynum.

    What’s great about that foursome is none of them are even 30 yet. Kobe’s the oldest at 29, and Odom and Gasol are both 27. What we have here is a scary core with room to get even better in the future.

    Boston on the other hand, has a good core albeit an aging one. They only have a few good years in that trio after this one, whereas we have plenty of good years to come from this team.

  • Swiggle

    Odom has more double-doubles since the all-star break than anyone else in the NBA. INCLUDING Dwight Howard. He is also shooting over 60% from the field and over 40% from beyond the arc. He is finally healthy, finally focused. For the first time in his career with the Lakers he is not dealing with any off-court mental issues, and he can just bear down and focus on his performance on the court. I guaruntee he earns himself a nice extension in the next few months…..along with a ring.

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #31370 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Father wouldn’t mess up the team by going after Agent Zero. There’s no room for his ego nor will the # of shots be evenly distributed IF Gilbert played with Kobe. Don’t forget that we have Farmar & Fisher @ the PG position right now. There is no reasonable way 48 minutes can be distributed amongst 3 point guards without some controversy in the locker room.

  • Poon

    after reading the comments, you can really tell who knows what the heck they’re talking about, and who’s just talking out of their… minds. the reasons the lakers might not be able to sign/extend LO have to do with MONEY and the SALARY CAP and LUXURY TAX. in an ideal world i don’t think anybody would say they want to get rid of LO. he contributes in so many ways on the court… but it’s a business thing. there’s only so much money out there. here are some things to consider:

    a. has LO helped this team with his flexibility and ability to rebound? of course!
    b. would the lakers love to keep LO? of course!
    c. can the lakers AFFORD to keep LO? probably not! consider that: after next season, the lakers will have the following players on salary:

    Kobe $23 mill
    Pau $16.5 mill
    Vlad $6.5 mill
    Dfish $5 mill
    Luke $5 mill
    for a total of roughly 56 million for only 5 players.

    now consider the team needs to resign and extend bynum at this point, most likely to a 10mill+ per year deal… that takes us to 66 million for 6 players. now you fill in the other spots with Farmar at 2 million, Ronny (most likely they’ll push hard to resign him) at around 4-6mill, and other spare parts at anywhere from 1-3 million each… consider that the luxury tax threshold is right around 70 million and you can see where this is going.

    in conclusion, as much as we all like LO and what he brings to this team, the lakers simply CAN’T afford him unless there are other changes. (not signing bynum, trading pau, kobe restructuring, or simply dr. buss suddenly being willing to pay $30-40 million in luxury tax.)

  • Poon

    just to add to my above post… two other things to consider:

    the team needs to save money to extend farmar before the ’09/10 season, which means that tying up money in kobe, bynum, pau, and LO is even less likely… assuming of course farmar continues his improvement and deserves a nice big raise ($5-$7 million range?).

    all of this also means that sasha is most likely gone this offseason. the lakers simply can’t afford to pay him the $5-7 million he’ll be offered. unless of course sasha is willing to take less to stick with the team. or unless he signs a 1 year deal (which we can afford until we extend bynum).

  • mikedeezy2k8

    to the last 2 guys, we have Bynums bird rights so that means we can resign him regardless of the cap.

  • Poon

    [Comment ID #31387 Will Be Quoted Here]

    it’s not about bird rights… i’m talking purely luxury tax threshold. after signing bynum and before signing LO, the lakers will be at or near the luxury tax threshold with only 7 players on the roster. if you resign LO at that point you’d be paying the luxury tax dollar for dollar. i somehow doubt dr. buss is willing to pay that. if he is, great for us!

  • kPoAbUe


  • Ballin’08

    Even playing at his best Odom is not worth $14.1 million. If the only indication of how good he is, is his recent rebounding, that will change when Gasol and Bynum comeback. I say let his contract expire and try to sign him for less, if he does walk…Ariza would fit in perfect as a starter with another year under his belt. Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, your primary scorers: in that order. Ariza is essential because aside from Kobe he’s one of the better small defenders. Kobe, Bynum (on the inside), Gasol(not a great defender, but still a presence), and Ariza your primary defenders, unstoppable. Derek of Jordan as a filler.

    Let’s do the math. We no longer need scorers. The Lakers can score 100+ with even their bench. Stoping others from scoring is their weekness. Odom needs to play D or sign with the Heat, again. Amen.

  • Poon

    here’s what i hope the lakers do… and this isn’t an IDEAL world because i’m taking salary, cap space, and luxury tax into consideration.

    THIS SUMMER (2008)
    – resign ronny at around the 5-6 million range
    – let sasha walk… we can’t afford to match the 5-7 million offers he will get
    – mihm will probably pick up his player option, i can’t see anybody offering him more than 2.5 million
    – pick up various role players for cheap to fill the last few roster spots… guys like DJ mbenga, coby karl, or other free agents
    – IDEALLY trade either vlad or luke in a salary dump. try to get somebody back with an expiring contract that can contribute during 08-09 season

    NEXT SUMMER (2009)
    – priority 1 is to sign bynum long term. i’m guessing it will take close to a max offer if he comes back from this knee injury 100% and continues improvement through next season
    – allow LO to walk… we simply can’t afford him after resigning bynum, UNLESS dr. buss is willing to pay a ton through the luxury tax, or we’re able to move both vlad and luke for expiring contracts.
    – resign ariza for around $3-5 million depending on how much he improves. with possibly no LO, sasha, luke, and/or vlad we’re going to need that solid sg/sf type on the defensive end.
    – resign chris mihm (assuming he can come back from his injuries) or another cheap center to back up bynum… somebody in the $3-5 million range.

    so come 2009 the roster would look like this:
    PG: farmar/fisher (farmar will be ready to start)
    SG: kobe/coby/free agent (this is where you need to bring in a cheap FA to play limited minutes behind kobe)
    SF: luke or vlad/ariza (hopefully we can move one of their contracts)
    PF: pau/ronny
    C: bynum/mihm or free agent
    + various filler free agents


    Billy KupChak,thank you for the “NO ARENAS PLEASE” comment.I’ve been trying to tell people at work and on this site that Arenas has said he will take a paycut if The Wizards sign A.Jamison 1st which will keep the team intact.

  • west213

    kupchak u f uck head if u want to go back to the old kupchak then let odom go. YOU GOT TO BE STUPID, WE NEEEED ODOM, his like a 7 foot forward that can drible like a guard, and he is in the 6nth place for rebounding. KEEEEEEP LO.

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

    sighn his ass you f uken idiot

  • Kampow3r

    I say we definitely resign him. But just let his contract expire and resign with a new contract. Less contract though

  • http://skymicro.com hernando valenzuela

    like how trevor went to underwht training camp lamr should go to quicknss camp, then lamar wil be able to run the floor likea quick point guard


    Poon,your a freakin’ genius homie. I read your comments twice,seeings though I need to learn more about how the numbers part works,it’s good to have guys WHO REALLY KNOW!

    My choice of free agents:
    Mickael Pietrus(athletic and can defend the 6’7″/6’8″ guys)

    Josh Smith(do I need to elaborate….thought not,25 in a row)

    Corey Maggette(Trust me,he’ll take a paycut for a ‘SHIP)

    JO(same as Maggette and that adds a lot more length,LAKEZILLA FO’REAL)

    Jamario Moon(THE REAL NEW SCOTTIE PIPPEN,same as Pietrus)

    Jose Calderon(he wants to come to LA.I’d get him just in case Farmar starts slippin’)

    Gerald Green(I know,I know but I don’t care what his IQ is the athletism alone is worth the risk and the other teams he was on don’t have the training staff that the lakers do)

    Shawn Marion(ONLY IF LO WALKS,I hope not)

  • drake hunter

    LO will re-sign with the Lakers for a discount. He loves it here. Nothing is more classic than Odom’s post game Stevie Wonder inpressions when he’s getting interviewed.

  • Thomas

    Try to use him to get Caron Butler back from Washington. Caron is faster, can shoot better and playes more aggresive defence. Lamar is good but if he wants the money he’s getting now, its not gonna happen we already have two superstars and he’s already proven that he cannot step up and be a star.


    I love free agency talk.

  • Rinnegato

    It would be great to keep LO, I love his game, but like others have said, it’s a money thing. Not sure if the Lakers can afford it. He’s getting paid 13-14 million. Out of the top 30 highest salaries in the NBA this season, the Lakers own 3 of those spots (Kobe-9th, Pau Gasol-26th, LO-28th)!

    How about the Spurs you ask? – Duncan 19 mil, next highest paid player? – Tony Parker at 10.5 mil

    Now Artest who will be a free agent, is getting paid 7.8 mil- I know we don’t need anymore scoring, but Artest is someone who can play hard D, and is able to score when needed.

    I hope LO will be willing to take a pay cut so the team could stay intact, or else I trust Mitch with whatever decisions he makes.

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