L.A. Times: Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak, who was cheered at an annual “town-hall meeting” with season-ticket holders Tuesday night at Staples Center, provided a few additional revelations from that session.

He suggested it would be a quiet off-season for the Lakers, whose acquisition of Pau Gasol (three more years and $49.4 million) launched them well into luxury-tax territory.

“We won’t be in the free-agent market for a significant star player,” Kupchak said. “We’re looking for a veteran who can maybe play 15 minutes a night.”

Kupchak also blamed a string of poor defensive efforts on attrition, pointing out that the Lakers had been without three 7-footers and injured forward Trevor Ariza, who he said was the team’s best defensive player.

“You extend and extend and it finally catches up with you,” Kupchak said. “Give Phil credit with the players we’re missing, especially in the games in Dallas and Utah.”

  • David

    There is no need to be a big player in the free agent market. As long as we resign Sasha and Ronny and we stay healthy then we are championship contenders for years to come. Kobe is in his prime, Bynum is developing nicely, Farmar is a good 6th man off the bench, Ariza brings defense, Pau is the 2nd option we needed, Odom is the do it all player, Ronny is the energy, Fisher brings the leadership, and Sasha and Vladdy are the 3-point shooters. We are good to go.

  • MILO

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  • xtro

    We need a defensive stopper. An enforcer a la Rick Fox or Bruce Lee Bowen. Get Ron Artest.

  • Ignard

    Hopefully they’ll be looking at a point guard who could be a great back up/role player behind Jordan. Fish has got at least one good full season in him so the Lakers have to think about drafting or signing another PG, we’re deep everywhere else.
    I agree they must re-sign Ronny and Sasha(who thought we’d be hoping for that 6 months ago?)

  • ricky

    with the current roster we have, there really is no need to be big players in the free agent market come offseason. we have all the pieces we need. all we really have to do is just make some minor tweaks and address some problem areas and we should be okay.

    team checklist:

    team leader: kobe
    veteran leadership: kobe, fisher, lamar
    length: gasol, odom, bynum, ariza
    speed: kobe, farmar, vujacic
    3 point experts: vujacic, fisher, radman, farmar
    youth: bynum, vujacic, ariza, farmar
    experience: kobe, fisher, gasol, odom
    energy source: turiaf
    coaching: phil jackson
    healer: gary vitti

    we have everything we need in our arsenal, probably just pick up some more veterans and experienced players to round out the roster.

  • ricky

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    we dont need ron artest. we have a great team already, i dont want to screw up the chemistry with someone like artest, even though he is having a great season, its not worth his detrimental antics.

  • Young

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    Another possibility would be to bring Fisher off the bench for Farmar. Basically cut Fish’s playing time in half. Farmar is gonna be ready for more minutes soon. It doesn’t seem like he’s playing with the same fire he played with when Javaris was right behind him. I hope Jordan doesn’t become content with where he’s at and begins to drop off.


    Here’s a few names:

    Mickael Pietrus

    Gerald Green

    Jamrio Moon

    Corey Maggette(Might be the biggest name to get under 15 mins.,it’s stretch though)

    JO(yes ,him and he’s willing to come off the bench)

    Jason Williams(he’s 32 and will come to win another ‘SHIP)

    There’s some more names but these are off the top of my head so I suggest y’all go to ESPN and type in ‘free agents ’08’ and see which free agents will fit.

    I like “White Chocolate” Jason Williams and Mickael Pietrus or Jamorio Moon(The “Real” New Scottie Pippen).

  • as1084

    Jason Williams??? is that a joke???! jason williams is the worst pg. he has horrible shot selection, cant lead a team and is always injured. jason williams???? LMAO.

  • LakersFirst

    Don’t forget the Lakers still have the rights to Chinese point guard, Sun Yue, who, at 6’9, some have heralded as the “Chinese Magic Johnson”.

    In all honesty, other than some of the youtube links that others have posted here, I haven’t really seen play, but since you guys were talking point guards, you guys shouldn’t forget about him.


    Jsaon does have a Championship,that counts for something and talkin’ about shot selection,yeah, he’s not the best shooter but his passing and penetrating ability is HIGHLY UNDERRATED and if you don’t believe me…..checkout YOUTUBE!

    I feel his game fit ours to a “T” because he is more of a slasher,especially when he played for Sactown & Memphis.When he went to Miami he had to slow down because he played with a bunch of Vets who were slow(Shaq,A.Walker,etc.).Put him with the Lakers and he’ll be The Jason of Old(if you go on Youtube check what he did to Gary Payton).

    I forgot to put JJ Redick on that list also. That guy would be insurance just in case Sasha decides to walk.

    I’m just trying to save “Uncle Mitch” some Mullah.


    I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for somebody to get back to me about Sun,thanx Lakers1st.

  • Ignard

    I totally forgot about Sun Yue

  • http://lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #31487 Will Be Quoted Here]if artest takes a paycut we will take him

  • LA_dreamz

    i say we have to get a rookie/sophomore pointer to be our 3rd stringer in the point guard position.sign pietrus to go hand n hand in defense with ariza.trade FLUUUUUUKE ‘D USELESSSSSS’ WALTON FOR A SOPHOMORE PWER FWD/CNTR.


    Can we say JO(he even said he is willing to come off the bench).Think about the length The Lakers would have with AB/PG/LO(please keep’em Mitch)AND JO,THEN IF THEY GET Mickael Pietrus….guaranteed 3 in a row,which also guarantees Kobe stays.

    Now what if Sasha leaves….here’s my choice(just sharing my opinions),”JJ Reddick”(same as Sasha but more controlled),”Jason Williams”(Yes,and I’ll say it again,HE’S DAMN PERFECT FOR THE LAKERS and won’t cost much,he’s 32).

    I know some will debate me but I’m not going say that this ‘WILL’happen,there just opinions but I like to hear what LAKERNATION thinks.


    ….and I can’t forget Sun Yue(Sorry for leaving him out of my last comment).