Interesting article on Kupchak’s vision of our next point guard due to Farmar’s absence…

rookDaily News: Derek Fisher says he can keep playing extended minutes for as long as the team needs him to. Sasha Vujacic says he loves playing point guard, even though his role on the team is as a shooter.

Right now, that’s how the Lakers have been coping with the knee injury to backup Jordan Farmar that’s expected to keep him out for up to eight weeks.

Over the weekend, general manager Mitch Kupchak said that the Lakers’ brain trust will “reconvene” preliminary discussions on whether they need to bring in additional help.

“I can’t put a percentage on it,” Kupchak said. “But I don’t think we’re looking for a practice player. If we’re going to sign someone, it has to be a player we feel we can put in the game. If we can’t find that player, we should probably do nothing.”

With Farmar out, the Lakers have two players with the ability to facilitate the triangle offense: Lamar Odom and Vujacic. They also have rookie Sun Yue, but he’s made one official appearance in an NBA regular season game and is considered a long-term project.

Kupchak declined to comment on which players the Lakers would look at, if they were to decide to add another point guard, but it’s a fair assumption that familiarity with the Lakers’ system would be a plus for any candidate.

Kupchak added the team is mostly concerned by losing Farmar at the defensive end of the court.

“I think from an offensive point of view, we have players that can facilitate the offense,” Kupchak said. “From a defensive perspective, we have to look at it and say, `Can we adequately defend the small guards in this league with only one small guard on our roster in Derek Fisher?”‘

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  • therealdrakehunter

    recent talks about lue coming to la. i’m not sure lue will be a good fit, offensively yes but how bout we go after someone who plays solid on ball defense so we don’t need to help out as much on dribble drive penatration, that leaves opposing perimeters players open for the 3, which has been killing us for the past 10 plus games. How bout we try to get lindsey hunter from the bulls, the man knows how to d up plus he can hit the ocassional 3, and if he’s in during crunch time can nail the free throw if needed. lindsey or pargo

  • 123kid

    obviously there isnt time to panic as of right now. i mean the lakers dont have a game till after the new year i believe and most of those games are home games, so i think if anything, we should be fine until jordan comes back. but it would def be nice to add someone like a lindsey hunter who can shoot the 3, who can still defend, who knows the offense, and who can play 2-5 min a game.


    Pargo is a difference maker! …Check how The Hornets are missing the impact; the over-all intensity and tenacity of his game, he brought to their mix! …(An offensive minded mini Ariza!) …The Hornets are not the same team without him… This is the guy the Lakers need to get!

  • therealdrakehunter

    lindsey hunter brings a lot to the table:
    veteran leadcership, on-ball defense to face cp3, tony parker, or any quality pg we’ll be facing in the playoffs. our problem is not offense, what we need to fix is our perimeter defense which has been allowing opposing point guard to create havoc by basically driving in and out of our defense at will. Lindsey is one of the best on ball defenders in the league, Look at our past few champions, spurs, celtics, pistons, all three have above avg on ball defenders, bowen, rajon, and chancey. Get lindsey to fill the void and also as a insurance policy, what if fish goes down, there’s no way we can trust armer to start. if we have lindsey he can take over the helm.

  • therealdrakehunter

    get my brother lindsey hunter, and forget about tyrone who.

  • ricky

    i think the lakers need to look at the point guard situation and if they want to address it, do it as soon as possible. i really like the idea of having pargo on the team, but getting him out of his contract with his russian team could be a hassel. lindsey hunter is another option that is a savvy veteran who can play solid on ball defense and already is familiar with the system. he can also hit the 3 ball as well. i would pick one of these two to go after for sure, but does anyone think that maybe bringing back gary payton could possibly help us because he is a solid on ball defender, he’s played in the system, he’s a savvy veteran and he has the kind of tough defense-first attitude that can help this team in the right direction. plus, i love when he starts trash talking with other players and the refs!!

    anyone in favor of gary payton??

  • Milo

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    i dont think Payton is looking for a job in any team right now! he looks happy on the set of NBATV! it also seems to me that he has not been keeping in shape but i would like to flirt with the idea of bringing in TJ Ford via trade! i dont know why we never pursued Juan Carlos Navarro he’s a decent point guard…

  • therealdrakehunter

    we need a defensive minded point guard that can drian the occasional jumper, the triangle offense spreads the floor, so anyone point guard with some range that thinks defense first will be a good candiate. Lindsey to me makes the most since because the guy hardly gets a chance to play on the bulls because derrick rose and kirk playing the bulk of the minutes so swinging a deal with the bulls is possible without losing one of our important players. tryinbg to get tj is impossible without losing one of our main players. i think lindsey is probably our best bet, pargo will be a good fit also but, it’ll be to complicated, the last person i think we might want to take a look at is earl watson. i don’t want to list other pgs because in order to attain them we might have to lose a key player in our rotation. keep in mind we’re just looking for a pg until farmer gets back.


    Eh, hunter,
    When Lindsey finally becomes available for a trade to anyone, who do you suggest the Lakers trade him for?, that would be; No.1) Allowable, and No.2) Viable! ..???????????

  • therealdrakehunter

    i’m not sure who we can trade him for,however i know we probably won’t have to lose one of our key rotational players. Lindsey plays maybe 5-10 or less minutes a game for the bulls because derrick gets the bulk of the minutes plus they have kirk. with lindey we get a solid veteran who knows what it takes to win. I really believe this can help us not only for the short term(until farmer gets back) but also long term( in case fisher goes down or in playoffs). He makes the most sense to get, especially for value 2nd tier pg