Well, that was fun while it lasted…

O.C. Register: Managing the future payroll is another reason the Lakers might be more inclined to let Lamar Odom play out the remaining $14.3 million on his expiring contract in a prove-yourself season rather than trade him for another high-salary player with a longer contract such as New Jersey small forward Richard Jefferson.

When Odom met with Mitch Kupchak and Lakers coach Phil Jackson on Friday in their standard season-ending conference, the first thing spoken in that room was an apology from Kupchak to Odom for a local newspaper column suggesting Odom would be shopped this summer.

“We haven’t even had those discussions,” Kupchak said later. “How would anybody know what we’re thinking of doing?”

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    Inside sources ftl.

  • magicbalala245

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    lol nice inside sources. But this just tells me Ron Ron is on his way right now in fact i heard he bought a ticket from NY to LA to find a house out here

  • Karl

    They should at least give the hyped Bynum – Gasol – Odom lineup a try before they try to make a move as big as trading Odom. See what you have before you give it up. Who know, Odom might work on his shot this summer and practice 20,000 3-pointers. Being embarrassed in the finals and being involved in trade rumors is enough motivation.

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    I am so proud of my father & what he has planned for the ’08-’09 Lakers! :biggrin:

  • xxv112002

    Odom for Jefferson: A bad contract for a REALLY bad contract. I wouldn’t do it.

  • lakersno834

    yea.. NO DEAL FROM ME TOO. RJ<<<<<<LO

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  • Michael24

    mitch u lier i bet u have the deal done your just waiting lier lier

  • Daryl Imhoff

    Let me start by saying that I want the Lakers to keep Lamar and sign Artest if he opts out. However, if a trade of Lamar is necessary, how about a three team trade with the Warriors, Clippers, and Lakers.
    Lamar goes to the Warriors, Baron Davis to the Clippers, and Elton Brand goes to the Lakers. I do not know if the numbers work but they are close and a player or two can be thrown in to make it work.
    The Clippers need a point guard, Lamar would work well with the Warrior system and Elton is a strong physical rebounder and scorer.
    I still believe if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Remember even Pierce and Garnet disappeared at times in the finals. Lamar wants to be a Laker for life and the sting of game 6 will probably be a huge motivating factor for him.

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    Hey guys, you know what’d be funny? This: [link]! I mean, it’d be wierd if we did that trade, it’d be pretty stupid too! But you never know…Joe Johnson might all of a sudden pull off a Kobe this offseason or next season…because he always lost in 1st round when he first got there, like when Kobe lost in 1st Round twice and wanted out! Could happen…you never know…remember the Artest trade? The Shaq trade? The Gasol trade?! etc….


    I know one thing,in Jefferson’s defense,he at least takes it to the hole with authority(refer to Youtube or check espn.com for his stats),how many people has this guy slammed on again,TOO MANY!

    I want to keep LO also,so sayin’ that I would still try to get RJ,Artest ain’t coming unless he opts out and I don’t see him coming plus Mitch said they’re not gonna go after ‘big name’ guys so expect him to go after Azubuike,J.Moon,Pietrus,Nocioni,those types of players.Even if they get Artest your still gonna have to sign 1 more player.

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