Kupchak was on AM570, he says Bynum looks good, you wouldn’t even know he was injured. The swelling in his knee is way down. He’s working out in gym and looks to be on schedule.

Last night. Joe McDonnell show. He said Bynum is on schedule and looking great, still no prognosis on Ariza, he will be evaluated in a few weeks to see the progress.

He should be returning before the end of March. In addition to running on a elliptical machine as past as a 4 hour rehab program, Bynum is watching a 3 hour video tape featuring Tim Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal & Hakeem Olajuwon each day.

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  • ricky

    that is good news. i dont want to rush bynum into coming back, but the team is just not the same without him. i think that as long as he feels strong enough to play again, then let him play. i say if he does return, ease him into the game and play him approximately 20-30 mins so he can get his legs under him again in an actual game play situation. hopefully, bynum can return earlier than the projected timetable of mid-march because i want to see him get at least 10+ games before the playoffs and to play along gasol. but again, no rush yet, but the earlier the better.

    get well soon drew so the lakers can return to prominance.

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    Best news I’ve heard all day and I just woke up. :D

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  • gugy

    That’s great news.
    one more proof that ESPN’s idiot of Ric Bucher hates the lakers. He said during the Gasol trade Bynum could be off for the season. Assh•le!

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    I’ve heard (through reports outside of media) he is on schedule. They may delay him for a week once healthy JUST TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE. They do NOT want to rush him back; especially now that Gasol is here… I cannot wait.

  • 123KID

    so when do we expect to make his return??? could we say beginning of march or mid-march or later?

  • mfoznot

    good stuff… let’s pull together now.

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

    This is great news…what a week Laker fans.

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  • royalpurpleandgold

    this week has been like christmas 2.0!

    i read that dumb bs about drew being out longer too… damn laker haters.

  • Nabil

    HAHAHA..Rick Bucher is so full of it.
    When he comes back, there could very well be some disappointing games as everyone adjusts to playing together. But that’s fine. As we learned in the super bowl, its who plays the best in the playoffs. Hopefully we can roll into the postseason on a good streak and with healthy bodies.

  • LakersOnFire

    good. an end to those rumors.

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  • David

    That Jack ass Ric Bucher has absolutely zero credibility. ESPN should give him a warning for all the BS he spreads.

  • 24allup inya

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    i wish unfortunately he wont be back untill another 3 weeks

  • Edward

    I want Bynum to rest until he’s 110%. Long term is more important than 3 or 4 games. He has to be back to normal, taking a risk on making him injury prone aint worth it.

  • 24allup inya

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    id also like for Kobe to do the same a couple of games off wont hurt!!!

  • 24allup inya

    ha ha ha this is an artical telling us what we already know on how stupid Steve Kerr was in getting Shaq

  • http://thelakersnation.com Tyler

    so how long still like 5 weeks or how many?

  • erickson

    i saw trevor ariza!! yesterday at uhm the westchester fairfax game.

  • KOBynumGau

    Bynum is a stud… and when he comes back watch out… that is great news for LA… I think Bynum will really come back stong…

  • kaynam24

    this is definetly great news… i wouldnt mind if they give him another week to get back from his injury… to be safe… n ready..

  • LAKing

    This is fantastic news. I can’t wait for both Bynum and Ariza to get back with the team healthy and strong. Once they come back, the entire league will have to face the wrath of a full and strong Lakers force. The Suns basically lost their chances completely by dealing their 2nd best player for an old and out of shape center. The Lakers are the best team in the West now.

  • MILO

    I cant wait till the 20th i bet this game alone will probably have more ratings than those old ShaqVSKobe games on x-mas and the sorry finals of last season.I JUST HOPE WE CAN SHOW THE WORLD THAT PHONY IS ACTUALLY JUST THAT A PHONY DREAM OF WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP.HA! HA! HA! THE LAKERS OWN YOU…WHEN THE LAKERS FACE PHONY IN THE SECOND OR THIRD ROUND OF THE PLAYOFFS OUR CHANT AT STAPLES SHOULD BE


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  • mfoznot

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    I agree… we need to think long term with these guys. They’re gonna get us a couple of rings for sure.

  • Ko-Pau19

    that is great news coming from kupkake! lol stupid ric bucher! yea he is such a laker hater!!! i just wish bynum the very best and come out string and healthy! he is such an intricate part of our core so i hope he comes out as explosive as we know he can be! Rest up bynum and we hope you get better soon! GOOOOOOO LAKERS!

  • AndrewT

    Bynum should work on a leaning bank shot while his knee isn’t at full strength. Then with that length he’ll be unstoppable. Watching Duncan-bot make those bank shots is too ridiculous. The Spurs don’t give a crap about Shaq’s interior D because all Duncan has to do is fake Shaq a little and spin, or lean to the side and bank it in.

    Plus Bynum already has Duncan’s “I got fouled?” face down.

  • ab4sure

    Nash a two time MVP gets no respect???


    Why worry about Phoenix anyway there are other teams we NEED to be worried about,plus they can barely beat the Timberwolves and just where there gonna be next season.


    get bynum back in the game asap because last year when lamar and luke went out the team lost momentum and when they got back it was hard for the lakers to adjust to playing with them so lets make sure before the playoffs that our team is 100% healthy