Mitch is “hopeful” to keep this engine together and rollin’.

O.C. Register: Mitch Kupchak indicated when he sits down with Jerry and Jim Buss in the next seven-to-10 days, he will tell them this:

“To bring the team back as close as possible to the team we have today would probably give us our best chance to repeat.”

Kupchak said he believed it possible that Buss would authorize spending on re-signing Trevor Ariza, Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown. It is not, however, likely.

“I’m hopeful,” Kupchak said. “Yeah, it’s a challenge. If it were likely or if I felt very comfortable, I would say that to you and it would be less of a challenge.”

  • MostValuableFan

    Lets do it Mitch.

  • LakersFirst

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    It’s not really Mitch’s decision, it’s Jerry Buss’ decision – is he willing to spend the money and pay more in luxury tax.

    In the article it states that Mitch has suggested to Jerry and Jim Buss that the best chance to repeat is to bring the team back as close possible to the team we have today.

    It’s all up to Jerry and Jim Buss.

  • MostValuableFan

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    Very true LakersFirst. But Mitch K. will have a say or two when Buss family makes the decision.

  • What will be…

    Just add Ron Artest to the Squad and keep the players the Lakers have, and bring on the Cavs, Boston or whoever…

  • Mike N

    Mr. Buss has always given Laker fans the best chance to win. He will sign the trio,u watch.

  • Diggah_dalakerfan

    I agree with Mike N……….In Buss we trust..Best Owner in Sports!

  • gugy

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    That would be nice and we know Artest is dying to be a Laker, but we just do not have the money to sign him.
    Sasha and Luke I think both eat at least $10 million. If Mitch can do magic and get rid of both of them, then maybe we could have Artest, but this is a pipe dream at this point.

  • Dragon

    Yeah they need to get rid of sasha or luke and I think they need to get rid of Sue Yue I just don’t see him playing well enough. We need to get a good point guard we have too many already need to get rid of either Farmar or Shannon too much PG. And if Morrison doesn’t get his shot back we need to get rid of him too.

  • Rich

    It’s probably going to come down to how much money Kobe wants. If I was Kobe I would just take less too keep the team together.

  • lakers101

    KOBE should re-sign for a paycut so Ariza, Odom, and Brown can stay!!..those three players are HUGE…I would trade …..



    DO IT KNOW !!!!!!!!!lol

  • Slayer

    Look…. Morrison should stay primarily because he really hasn’t been given the chance to prove himself worthy of playing with this squad. Sasha on the other hand has gotten plenty of chances and he frankly has failed with the opportunities he has been given. Luke is not a go to player therefore he is replaceable and Brown is a good player that just needs more minutes, remember, defense is important too. Need to get rid of Luke and Sasha to pay Ariza what he deserves. Kobe will need to take less money to bring Artest on board. If that doesn’t get you enough money for Artest then (and only then) you get rid or Morrison.