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It appears now that Coach K. would remain with Duke if the opportunity became available to him again:

Krzyzewski said Wednesday his answer would be the same if the Lakers, who will be in the market for a head coach if Jackson goes through with his plan to retire after the season, decided to call him again.

Coach K was offered the Lakers coaching job in 2005, and decided to stay with Duke. This is what he had to say back in 05:

“Your heart has to be in whatever you lead. It became apparent that this decision was somewhat easier to make because you have to follow your heart and lead with it and Duke has always taken up my whole heart.”

There were many reports Kobe Bryant tried to recruit Krzyzewski to come to Los Angeles back in 2005. Bryant, has always said that if he didn’t go pro out of high school, he would of went to Duke to play for Coach K.

It was reported that the Lakers offered him a five-year, $40 million deal in the Summer of 2004. Krzyzewski, who is the coach of Team USA, has developed close relationships with both Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom who have both participated in international play.

  • xtro

    never say never, coach k.

    • LakerMarc


  • SBLaker

    good, hes a big fish in a small pond at Duke. He probably knows he wouldn’t be as successful in the NBA so he wont even try. The NCAA can keep him, give us Brian Shaw as head coach and offer Phil an executive consultant job!

  • Short Dog Loc

    yeah right.

    • LakerMarc


  • bbz62

    brian shaw is prob the next coach but i always thought byron scott would of been a good choice also.

    • LakerMarc

      Poor Byron Scott….bad luck EVERYWHERE he goes..and then there’s Kurt Rambis…he may be ousted, too.

  • LC09

    coach K heart shuda been in gettin his guys ready for the 2nd of da duke zona game..not lettin them fu kin quit how pathetic… beyond pissed off smh..sorry coach K

    • LakerMarc

      Go Wildcats!

  • LakerMarc

    Who cares….he is not GOD he is not even an NBA coach and there are differences…… transplantation and success arent guaranteed….why take that chance?! ridiculous