Kobe’s website placed in Hoopsworld’s top 5 player websites of ’07. It really does show in the website. Kobe gets personal with his fans and I can personally say it gave me an opportunity to showcase my videos to all of Kobe’s fans which I work so hard on. Rock on KB24.com – you deserve it!

Hoopsworld: One of the most popular athletes on the planet has a web site to match. It was done using all modern web development bells and whistles, meaning that you have to have a high-speed Internet connection to fully enjoy it. And its worth every bit — pun intended — of it. Feeling a visitor gets is that there is a whole team dedicated to making the site work. The most important element of course is Kobe himself, posting regular updates, giving us his side of the summer trade rumors. When you visit the site it starts of with an interesting video montage and does not let up.