Kobe Bryant appeared in this new ad for Turkish Airlines. Check it out here.

  • lakerman1

    And the rich get richer, must be quite wonderful.

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    Kim Kardashian can suck a choad dick for hating on The Black Mamba’s Turkish endorsement deal.

  • Pau Gasol The European Mexican

    That’s what happened to that finger. I thought he caught something by sticking it in that whore in denver

    • Tru

      what the hell is wrong with you? You should know a thing or 2 by sticking a finger into smelly pussies?

  • drew

    That was so funny that I forgot to laugh

  • Armen

    Kliris glux

  • Kobe Bryant

    Turkish Airline commercials? I’m at the twilight of my career!

    • roscoe

      More like I spent a day making another $500,000 to $1million

      • Kobe Bryant

        Let me be the judge of that!

  • Cody

    All you loser ass LAKER haters need to fuck off and stop coming on LAKER websites. Go talk bullshit on someone else’s team website for once.

  • Brett

    Kobe checked him out at the end. WTF.

    • 151rummer

      ok……si i wasnt the only one that saw that too!

      • hah

        It takes faggots to know a faggot

  • Hovo

    Keliris Gulux!! Why, just lost like 500 mill armenian fans. fucking discrace .

    • Armen

      americatsi bozi txaya, eenches gartsum ape

    • David

      Im still a fan and im armenian. We’d rather you not be a fan if this pisses you off.

  • Pancho Villa

    Kim Kardashian would make a Turkish sex tape in downtown Istanbul in broad daylight if offered the amount of money…Glendale!

  • NBAmazkingKB24

    good commercial >:)

  • KB24

    Kobe doesnt give a fuck about his armenian fans, hes making his money with these endorsments..stop being little pussys and let the man do whatever the fuck he wants. dont be his fan, he probably doesnt give a shit anyway

    • Tru

      Amen! If these Armenians are his true fans then stick to watching him on the court. He’s a basketball player, not an idol to worship.

  • the lakers rock!!!!!!

    i like the message, everybody is a professional at what they do, don’t underestimate anyone

  • richiecrisanto

    even though i can sort of understand the Armenian communities backlash, i think it really has been blown out of proportion. kobe bryant is endorsing an airline, hes not endorsing the genocide…

    • gasoft

      finally an intelligent comment!