The numbers behind the clutch shooting and no surprise, Kobe leads.

ESPN: Through the years, there have been many different sets of data about clutch shooting. Any which way I have ever seen it sliced (last five minutes of close games to last ten seconds), as I have written on TrueHoop before, it has looked like Kobe Bryant has been a guy who shoots a ton in crunch time, and hits at a pretty good, but not elite, rate.

I’m open to the idea that he could still be the best clutch player in the NBA. At that time of the game, there’s value in being able to create scoring opportunities. Bryant may shoot those difficult fallaways that often miss, but he’d be a far worse player if he couldn’t get a shot off at all. And that’s the situation some lesser players would find themselves in.

Quite honestly, I think the real way to crown a crunch time king would be with video. Somebody should make a TV special where they string together every crunch time touch of the handful of elite end-game players (Bryant, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony etc.) If we want to tell the world that somebody is the most likely to succeed in a certain setting, let’s take an honest and complete look at how they do in that setting. Show me the turnovers, the misses and all that. Let everyone watch all of that video — not just the makes! — and at the end of that I think we’ll end up with a good sense of who’s the best.

A lot of sports fans think it’s crazy talk to even consider candidates other than Bryant. And they’re especially vocal right now, when Bryant seems to be hitting game-winners just about every night.

So, how’s it going?

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    Let’s just put it out there right now… NO ONE BELONGS IN THIS CONVERSATION BUT KOBE BRYANT!!!! Ya hear that Charlie? Ya hear that Chucky? Or should I say Chunky? Ya hear that you degenerate gambling, buffet hording, speech slurring, 50 handicapping, no championship ring wearing fat tub of lard MOTHER FCUKER!

    People, please don’t embarrass yourselves by putting anyone else’s name in your posts. This category BELONGS to KOBE BEAN BRYANT! And him alone! He’s a runaway train as far as this category is concerned! Jordan’s name should not even be in here!

    LeBronze? Nia please… learn to make a free throw in clutch time first. CP3? Hit one big shot and your fans want to dub you king! Ridiculous! It’ll be an extremely short video of anyone else other than Kobe!

    The sad thing is that Kobe does it so often that people just consider it a common occurrence, like a sunrise or seeing the moon at night! It’s become such a natural thing for him too now that he doesn’t even celebrate it! He barely acknowledged it after the Raptor’s game!

    For the others, it’ll be more like an eclipse or Hailey’s Comet! They celebrate it to no end! Remember when LeBrick hit that desperation 3 during the Eastern Conference Finals against Orlando last year? One would’ve thought he just won the lottery. Ridiculous!

    Kobe acts like he’s been here before because he’s always there! Hitting clutch shots after clutch shots! Mover over Kyra Sedgwick… Kobe Bryant is ‘The Closer’!

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      nah,no way! we are not giving up that easy! fuck that! kobe is the best player!period! not jordan! lets not settle for that bull shit!c’mon now! go lakers!

    • slimehead

      Easy man.. your gonna get some heartattack..
      dont take it to charles.. hes even not worth it.. if you gona dig to watever he say, you gona get some brain damage too..


    because he is THAT f’ing great.

    • Pnoy

      I hate jordan too when he was still playing!

  • Pnoy

    haha kobe at 19 yrs. of age compared to 35 yrs. old great…mark 6:35 jordan n pip helping each other to contain kobe…..marked 7:00 look at jordan don’t want to be embarassed by kobe when he asked pip to guard kobe and burns pip w/ a 3

    • airkobe

      it’s so sad that this 2 meets only twice when jordan still on his prime, and they were even the series at 1-1. although we know that kobe scores 55 at their last meetings but its a no contest as jordan was aging that time..

    • JUICE

      C’mon now, that’s of course gonna be the case. I don’t think that Kobe’s gonna wanna see a John Wall one on one on the defensive end when Kobe’s 35! Hahaha! Man, basketball is such a young buck’s game. Remember A.I. breakin Jordan’s ankles back in the day as a 76er? CRAZY!!!!!!

      I’m sure Jordan wanted no part of Kobe one on one defensively! Kobe would’ve PWNED him every time! That’s why the double team! Still, too bad those 2 couldn’t have met more during both’s prime! That would’ve been the real ‘CLASH OF THE TITANS’!

  • airkobe

    well compare this!

    in to this!

    and this 4 3’s to tie the game and the crazy fade away 3 to win it! that is the meaning of clutch!

    and of course this season alone!

    anymore mj stuff there?

    • airkobe

      oh I’m sorry for the last one! it should be the kobe’s game winner this season alone sucks lebron dick!

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    what do you mean”if” dumb shit! where have you been for over a mean to tell’ve never seen the g.o.a.t kobe bean bryant play?

    • Green Flannel

      guys levae him alone; hes shooting.

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