The Mamba has spoken…

L.A. Times: “Last year they took it from us, and I’m not going to live with that,” said Bryant. “I’m not going to sit here and let this team get punked any more.”

  • ogul

    The only ones getting punked last night were the Celtics.

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  • gugy

    Kobe, I love you!

  • celtic killa

    what’s in store for the finals? call this a sneak peak
    the c’s came weak, so we ended another streak
    we stay flossin, did it at home, now we did it in boston
    Odom with the clutch free throws…nail in the coffin
    kg got in his face, so Lamar had to blast back
    made the big ticket look little, as he got the last laugh
    lie about another injury, that’s what “the truth” ought to do
    bring out a wheelchair, maybe he would’ve made a shot or two
    this was for Bynum, cuz even without him we gave a hard fight
    kg calls him superman, but for pierce it was a dark (k)night
    with a man down, Gasol had to man up, now let’s be honest
    in june we going to the promised land, and that’s a promise
    despite a bad shooting night, Kobe played hard from the start
    hit clutch 3’s when they mattered, put the dagger to their heart
    rondo thought he was hard, so Kobe had to put him in his place
    told him next time it won’t just be a finger, but a fist to the face
    big baby probably cried again, he couldn’t handle the emotions
    made one of eight shots, there’s a reason you were left open
    third game in four nights, yet it was the c’s that looked tired
    it went down to the wire, but we won it with heart and desire
    so at the end of the day, a “no call” was the “fair call”
    mr. “all-star by default” came through with an air ball
    just good hard defense from Fish and Pau, fcuk a foul
    i got a question for kg…..”whatcha gonna say now?”

  • JC

    REPRESENT HOMIE. – Kobe is the MAN. – MVP! MVP!

  • sketch

    Who got bitch slapped huh KG? You did that’s who! You think that you the big dog in the pen, but guess what? You just woke up the Rabid Dog in LO last night! Please, oh please come with that same weak $hit that you came with last night when we see you again! Your little screams and jawing ain’t nothing more than a way to tell yourself how tough you are. You showed that to the whole world last night! Cause as soon as LO stood his ground and glared you back, you’re the one that flinched! He elevated his game and you got FOULED THE FCUK OUT! Your act is tired and weak. Keep doing that $hit to pump up those leprechaun fans that you have in boston, cause that ain’t workin on us here in Los Angeles!

  • lyk13

    Enough is Enough – Kobe Bryant

  • daboss1848

    Maybe one day:

    “Last year they took it from us, and we’re not going to live with that,” said Bryant. “We’re not going to sit here and let this team get punked any more.”

  • kobe24

    Yea FINally..thAs wAssup..I LUV ANGER!!

  • lakerschamps09

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    no boss that wont happen he wont say it like that… he said it how a leader says it… well said kobe… boss ur sooo team orienated.. kobes gotta lead…

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  • The Truth!

    Our two cents on LA-Boston: A foul at the end? That’s a knee-slapper. You have a gunfight for 52:58, and then somebody screams for a cop after Ray gets pelted with a cotton ball?

    The Celtics deserved to lose the second Doc decided not to put Eddie House in for the chubby kid on those two need plays. You’ve got the hottest shooter in the league with his butt stapled to the bench for the play of the season? Sorry, you deserve to get slapped, because the coach – much as we admire him — screwed up. And the only one who even hinted at it was Doug Colllins — incredulous, but subdued, because he didn’t want to rip Rivers.

    That was one of the three best games of the year, though – one that would have been made even better if the league sent a better crew to work it.

    HAHAHAHA!! That is so true… Stop whining Celdicks!