You go Kobe! I’m glad to hear a nice namedrop with Zambezi Ink as well – they are absolutely phenomenal over there!!!

JonesOnTheNBA: People talk about Kobe Bryant being dead in the marketing world, but he’s still number four in total marketing dollars pulled in this year. As I’ve said before, you can’t say that a guy who is first or second in jersey sales every season, whose team is first or second in road attendance every season, and whose team is near the top in league television ratings every season is not marketable. His partnership with Zambezi Ink is also doing wonders for his images, as their viral marketing campaigns have been sensational.

  • Whatsa

    Plus he was MVP this season too.

    Kobe’s the best :)

  • Nocturnal Dream


    You wrong. Kobe is the best of the best.