This should come as good news to those quick to press the panic button when it comes to athlete surgeries. According to Luke Walton, Kobe’s knee rehab seems to be going pretty well. In a recent Q&A with reporter, Mike Trudell, Luke had the following comments:

Yes, I’ve seen Kobe at the gym the last couple weeks rehabbing his knee. He’s itching to get back on the court. He shows up every morning at 7 a.m. at the team’s facility and is kind of wrapping up around the time I get there at around 9 a.m. Kobe looks great – he says his knee feels great. He’s just about to start doing basketball workouts again and can’t wait for it.

Kobe had arthroscopic surgery performed on his right knee mid-July. He was battling health issues the entire season — and while this may fully repair his right knee; his pinky looks to be damaged beyond repair. An issue that would be problematic for the other 449 players in the league.

  • trem

    Thanks for posting, great news!!!

    • PRLaker

      thank you doctor luke hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa doctor luke hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
      no realy trade luke the fuck out of here

  • phenor jenkins

    TLN you guys need to do somthing bout alll the hackers on our shoutbox. if any of the admins could just namelock the shoutbox will be restored to what it once was.

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  • MeloMamba

    i cant wait, ive been dyin to see Kobe really dunk again, he took it easy cause of the finger, hopefully thats all well also. I say Kobe dunks on Bosh nasty on Christmas, Kobe is know for catchin people off guard, just ask Mr. Howard…

    • TL Popa

      I continue to be concerned about the finger. I don’t know if Kobe will ever be a high flyer again but it is the finger the concerns me. As his athletic ability decreases he simply start becoming a magic like playmake which is a wonderful transition to the end part of his career

  • Robert.

    I wonder what Kobe thinks of Luke’s ‘back’ rehab.

    • chris


  • Jack Y. Web Designs

    Great news!

  • whoa

    This will be the most useful thing Luke will contribute this season.

  • Robert.

    Luke Walton, ace reporter! And assistant to assistant coaches. Heck, I’d do that for 1/2 his salary.
    At least we have another resource to get good news from inside Lakers’ camp.

  • Westcoast B!tch

    Without Luke the Lakers don’t repeat.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    So he`s gonna play some defense this year?LEBRONZE is waitin for him……….if you laker honks want another championship,its gasofts knees you better worry about.

    • 242LakerFan

      Actually, I’m more concerned with LeBron’s ego. It is going to take a lot of abuse this season and it is prone to heavy bruising.

    • Just for Laffs atu

      laffs atu is a pretty funny guy, i have started to look for his comments rather than comments from laker fans.Cant understand the motivation he has for a non laker fan to come here and post.
      My conclusion is he is a paid contributor.. paid to rile up lakers fans and get some traffic going.

      Keep u the good work “laffs atu”

    • Hates laffs outof his ass!

      I guess I agree with Just for Laffs…laffs atu must be paid to write stupid things to rile up the Nation. Or laffs atu must really have shit for brains…either way…funny stuff from that hemroid!

    • Robert.

      Exactly! I said this same thing in yesterday’s blog. Laffs atu (l.a.) actually works for TLN. This site has ‘never’ been without a ‘seemingly stray’ dissenter, e.g., Rio Rondo, etc. It’s always ‘one’ guy, usually. I’m thinking l.a. is actually Marwan. Does anyone else have clues as to who it might be?

    • Just for Laffs atu


      My suspicion is that its not just marwan , but a collusion of the entire TLN staff and a few wannabe mods to generate traffic.

      Its all good though , brings some humor into this forum.

  • laker fan for life and death

    luke is a joke reporting news on Kobe.
    So whats next his shoe size and pant size.
    Luke you are a waste retire already .

  • Kobe 279

    what about Kobe index finger?

    • TL Popa

      I have been thinking the same thing all summer.

  • rondo

    Luke what about you? You need to start getting ready to play. Kobe will be ready when its time.

  • letsGOlakers!

    wait i dont get the thing about his pinky?!? good thing or bad thing? someone telllll me pleasee!!!

  • DRE84

    I came to the Conclusion Laffs atu gay as hell and he wished kobe was it’s obvious he stay on kobe’s nuts all day everyday

  • ll13jl

    Glad to hear that..
    Now, I’m wondering if he’s gonna do something about his finger.. Or will he just leave it be?

    • 242LakerFan

      From what I’ve seen and heard, the bone has long since healed, but the ligament damage is extensive and there might even be muscle atrophy. It might be that they just have to find a way to wrap it or splint it and let him adjust to playing with it.

      • ll13jl

        Oh, thank you for the explanation. Hopefully, he’ll be able to adjust playing with it in no time.
        Well, he did well last season considering how busted up his fingers were.. but I’m sure he’ll improve this season.
        I was kinda hoping to see him increase his FG% like the first 3 months of last season.. He’s one of the hardest working players out there so he’ll find a way to make things work out.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    666faker fan….so your an expert on bones?A laker fan that talks bone, who would of thought?Miami or boston gonna rip your little soul.

    • DRE84

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    • Hates laffs outof his ass!

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  • Flow

    Let’s see, Kobe, who does have knee and finger problems get’s there at 7, Luke who has a debilitating back problem which is way more serious, does’nt get there until 9. Definitely different levels of commitment. I mean, Luke is a big salary problem staring us right in the face. No talent, no commitment and due to collect almost 6 million this year…. what can we do about him?

  • laker fan for life and death

    luke can go run his losey bar bq restraunt in manhattan beach, There plenty rich white snobs that will spend money there.
    Luke is a fuckin joke and they never should have gave him a long term contracy Kupchak made a mistake on Fluke and Sasha with those contracts, they contributed at one time but not enough to earn big contracts.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    kobe will bust a drip84,eye socket…..o yes i went there.

    • Hates laffs outof his ass!

      You must be speaking from experience. No wonder you’re mad…HAHAHA

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    yeah i`m mad cause your mom`s nasty yeast infection smells like a tumor…thats why i`m mad.

    • Robert.

      Wow, Marwan, your comments are so out of context, I’m getting concerned. Are you ok? There aren’t even any basketball references in your insults any more.
      I think you should start your own blog, for those who like to be insulted. You’ve come up with some great ones, and I’m sure you’d have a cult following.

  • TL Popa

    It’s going to interesting because regardless to what people are saying Kobe’s index finger seems as if it is going to be a big issue. I hope not but I don’t see how it will not impact his shooting percentage.
    Also, do you guys think that Andrew B will have a great year or continue to be hindered by injury?

  • Kush

    Phenor, kush mecka and gang

    U guys are finished here, no more of ur rude shoutbox comments.. Find another site to harass lakers fan..