Kobe had this to say about his knee.

“I’m probably about 60 percent,” Bryant said

  • Robert.

    explains limited play in the game today.

  • KUSH

    http://www.okcthunderup.com/ thats the OKC site.. they be talking trash about out Lakers.. go get them guys.. lol

  • Jamar Brown

    Let him rest until the end of Novemeber. Be ready for May, Kobe, not the season opener. He shouldn’t be dressing up for the pre-season. COME ON!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Kobe’s 60% knee is 5% for others.

  • Robert.

    Kobe averaged (just about) 30 points over a stretch in the playoffs/Finals, and … in his own words … played in extreme extreme extreme pain.
    Greatest of All Time

  • http://57.amklac laffs atuq

    what is he a metrosexual or something,??he needs to grab his purse and tampons and stop complaining………….so weak,now its his knee.

    • HATER

      Thats the best you have? You really ran out of material. Oh wait you never had any. A$$!

    • keeponkeepinon18

      Come on laffs, pay attention man! It has always been about his knee.
      The finger is going to affect him probably for his life (best he did with it was finger movement exercises to get a larger range of movement). With this knee, Kobe had surgery on July 23, a month before his birthday.

  • http://www.adidasbasketballshoe.info Chomsky

    I hope it will be 100% soon.

  • Paul Lee

    no need to rush kobe. Just give your the time it needs to get right,

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    so brittle………so fragile………so tender………..maybe mamamaba should try figure skating,or perhaps shes just on her cycle……………my knee,pinkie,REALLY?

    • showtime4eva

      hows that elbow?? oh yeah that only hurts as a built in excuse during playoff time.

    • si pepe

      elbrown menstrual cycle…

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    si caca, maybe lemon pledge on mambas balls will help his built in excuse for 20 misses a night………….my 60% knee ,so tender..whats that smell?kobes yeast infection?

    • showtime4eva

      hows that elbow??chokitus?

  • LaKeR bOy


  • Robert.

    The law of averages pretty much says that this will be the ‘down time’ of Kobe this year. Same with Drew – an injury happens (or, surgery), and then there is the healing period. Usually happens once every couple of seasons (or, once during the season for Drew/Yao – or twice for Greg Oden).
    If Kobe rehabs well, then it will be a good start to the 2nd half of his career (yes, I’m ambitious about this, but I have a feeling the 3 headed monster is going to motivate Kobe to be around for a while).

    • daboss1848

      so based on these laws u follow, was last yr an up yr for kb or drew?

    • Robert.

      Hi daboss.
      Yeah, it’s hard to say. I was saying that ‘every year’ Drew gets injured, but for him it’s most important ‘when’. So, hopefully the ‘beginning of season’ (now, because of surgery) is his ‘out’ time, and he’ll be good the rest of the year.
      Kobe always really plays injured, so it’s hard to say which of his injuries are really ‘career ending’. Last December he broke his finger, which to me was the most difficult injury. But not as ‘play time ending’ as the ankle injury a few years back – he just couldn’t play at all then. And surgery does tend to require ‘off time’. So hopefully his ‘off time’ is NOW, and he can be good for the rest of the year.
      (my comment was more like – if someone gets injured, then there is ‘generally’ recovery/healing time, and generally not a second injury the same year – so hopefully Drew’s and Kobe’s injuries are ‘now’)