The Lakers, 35-17 and third in West at break, are better than anyone expected, and they have Gasol for stretch run. But much will depend on how well Bryant plays with injury.

L.A. Times: The Lakers reassembled Monday afternoon, their nine-game trip and the All-Star break behind them, but a 30-game journey looming in the future.

The team has ripped through expectations so far, pushing toward the front of the flock, but there’s that geographic issue of not being in the watered-down Eastern Conference. There’s really no rest in the West.

Only three games separate the top six teams in the conference standings, with the Lakers (35-17) currently owning the third-best record.

“It’s the wild, wild West, truly,” Kobe Bryant said.

The Lakers have 17 home games and 13 road games left, a scheduling advantage that might be more celebrated by them if not for the injury cloud hovering overhead.

Center Andrew Bynum is at least three weeks from returning from a left knee injury and forward Trevor Ariza is still about eight weeks from returning from a broken bone in his right foot. Ariza’s original timetable called for a return to health four weeks from now, but his foot was “healing more slowly than we hoped,” a team official said Monday.

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  • JoJo

    wow Kobe is milking that injury. You have to bandage that whole thing up?

  • lakerz

    ariza 8 weeks away!?!?! wow thats bad news

  • LakersOnFire

    i don’t think he’ll last long if the finger swells up like that everytime he gets hit.

  • dcb2069

    yeah…eight weeks for trevor…i dont like the sound of that

  • Jack Nicholas


    Tell me if it even CROSSED your mind ONCE while we won the last few games and he was scoring 30+ points???

    The media has hyped this up to worry us…. I pray that he will be ok, but kobe is not stupid… he knows his limitations…. might be an MVP campaign, i like it.

  • iLakers

    dang…trevor is out for 8 more weeks…thats a slap in the face and throws just another wrench in the Lakers scheme.

    I have a feeling this is either gonna end like a friggin Disney movie or go down in flames with many questioning Kobe’s intentions.

    Because Lakers are NO ONE without THE BLACK MAMBA.

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    [Comment ID #26648 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yah but, that swelling speaks for itself bro. If he keeps re- aggravating it the swelling will rise and he will play like when he first hurt it (single digit scoring, crap shooting).

  • LakersFan9

    Now I don’t know much about beat reporters or anything…who’s more reliable than the rest or what have you, but this report says that Trevor Ariza and Andrew Bynum are both right on target and set to be back around mid-March.

    ” Andrew Bynum (left knee) and Trevor Ariza (fractured right foot) both are on target to return around March 9.”

  • Phant0M

    LA TIMES more relibale.

    But im hoping im wrong

  • kingkb24

    8 weeks….thatll be the end on the season

  • Michael_23

    I bet Luke is happy about Ariza’s news. He’ll have more playing time because we all know about Luke’s stats as of late. If Ariza was healthy the SF forward rotation would be like this:

    LO >>> Ariza >>> Walton (3rd string!)

    And Vlad Rad can play the 3 too, if not, the 4.