I love Odom and this is why…

L.A. Times: Odom said he didn’t want to leave Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Fisher and the rest of the Lakers, especially Bryant.

“Riding off Kobe’s coattail ain’t bad,” Odom said, laughing. “He’s got something special going around. I’ve got to be around. I’ve got to be one of the apostles. There was no way I was going to pass up playing with Kobe, Pau, Andrew and Ron-Ron.”

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    “I’ve got to be one of the apostles.”


  • Lakers 24 7

    Tell me we don’t got a squad. I don’t care how much everybody else upgraded. We got a squad.

  • wilzuvsteel

    I think with Ron and Odom together they’ll be able to step it up another notch in their game. Ron’s hunger will help Odom’s intensity since Ron could probably talk to Odom like he did back in the days to keep him focused. Man this coming season should be bangin with wins!


    WOW!!!welcome back LA!!!!I expect to next season !!!!!

  • BT_Rose

    apostle…i like that. Kobe and the Apostles

  • Sean All Ivy

    Absolutely awesome. I love Lamar and I can’t wait for us to smash the league.

  • Bish1321

    Lakers fans! R we ready for one of the best seasons ever!? I think we can push for 70 wins if we have no significant injuries! Get ready yall. Kobe might win MVP too….

  • proemb

    Wow, did this guy play Riley, Wade and the whole city of Miami or what?

    “There was no way I was going to pass up playing with Kobe, Pau, Andrew and Ron-Ron.”

    So the Heat let Moon walk in hopes of getting LO and the Boozer thing is now dead, Wade begging like a little bitch. Wow.

    Hey Dwayne, tell me how my a*s*s taste…

  • as1084

    Trevor Ariza sitting on a couch in Houston watching the press conference thinking “F*ck!! My agent really f’ed me over! I could have been part of a dynasty and now I’m on this crappy team!” LOL.

  • 242LakerFan

    Kobe’s gatherin up disciples like Jesus.
    Trev wins another chip when hell freezes.
    LO says it’s sweet to ride the Mamba’s coattail.
    With Ron Ron riding along the Lakers can’t fail.
    Now Shaq is coattailin LeBronze to keep a career alive.
    But the final score will be LA 16, PJ 11, KB 5.

  • ShowtimeEra

    Scottie Pippen was probably thinking the same thing about Jordan, and it got him six rings! Can’t pass up on oppurtunities to scribe your name in Laker history!

  • KD

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    Nice lil rhyme, but sorry… “But the final score will be LA 16, PJ 11, KB 5.”! The FINAL SCORE WILL BE LA 18, PJ14, AND KB 7 WITH 4 STRAIGH FINALS MVP!

  • 242LakerFan

    My bad for not lookin deep enough in the crystal Spalding, bruh. Hahaaa! Good lookin’ out, though. Hope PJ’s knees hold out that long.

  • kobe8


  • as1084

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    thats easy for us to say, were not playing! lol. just relax and enjoy the summer…


    Odumb you say……….no, O’s got a mind after all

  • Gino

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    hmm. could Trev be Kobe’s Judas? we already got a new apostle ron-ron to replace trev-judas; perhaps a far better apostle than anything that trev-judas can ever wish to become.