Well we get a word from Kobe’s agent, and it looks like Kobe really does want out.

ESPN.com: “Kobe’s position remains unchanged,” Bryant’s agent Rob Pelinka told ESPN.com on Friday. “Kobe would like to be moved.”

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  • Lakes on 3!!

    If I were Kobe I would still be pissed too! Lakers haven’t done ANYTHING yet, nothing not even the small trades that will define the team. They don’t have to wait for the Blockbuster trade to start! They need to show Kobe how aggressive they are…so far I give them a D-
    That’s what they’ve done for the past two years, they’ll be in rumores and nothing will pan out.

  • punkjones

    How does everyone feel about Lamar and Bynum for JO and Murphy now? You still wouldn’t do that deal? That’s what I was saying. If it’s going to keep your franchise player go ahead and do it. Then again, I think Kobe’s going way too far if this is in fact true. He’s acting like a total ass by ensuring the Lakers won’t have any leverage at all in making trades. It’s a catch-22 that he’s creating and maybe he wants it that way. It will make it that Buss will have to move him but the team he goes to won’t have to deplete itself as we will be in a fire sale. If I’m Buss I listen to him, try to talk some sense into him and then sit on it. You can’t trade the best player on the planet. There’s no one to get in return. He is acting like a BE-ATCH right now. If this were August and nothing had happened then he’d have a right to complain but we’re not even at the draft yet. All he’s doing is putting the Lakers management in a weak position for negotiating and trading. Lame.

  • KobetheAss

    Goddamn Kobe. You really are the whiny, self-centered, manipulative, unfaithful, ungrateful jerk that everyone outside of Los Angeles says you are. I think we’re all starting to see that.
    Kobe hears the trade rumors, he’s sees that the Lakers could make HUGE deals to make them contenders again and he STILL DOESN’T CARE!!!!
    By all this coming out in the news he’s crippling the franchise, there’s no way teams would offer anything good for him.
    I’m sick of this crap! Go F yourself Kobe. the fact that the Lakers could build a winning team this off season and Kobe still wants out Proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he only cares about himself. He doesn’t care about winning. Bill Walton was right and I was wrong, all he wants is attention. He’s the center of the universe apparently. I hope he gets eliminated every year by Shaq.

    All the love and respect that the fans have showed him over the years means NOTHING to him because he can get that anywhere he goes. We turned a blind eye to all the crap you’ve done and this is how you repay us?
    KG knows he’s been on and will still be on a crappy team almost his whole career until he opts out. You lose for 3 years and you want to bolt and leave us behind?!? Not even giving the Lakers a chance this summer when things look like we’re finally going in the right direction? He’s raping L.A.

    What a jerk. Ship him out. Try not to violate anyone else on the way out.

  • Rounder8055

    I’m sure the FO is looking into every possible trade scenario. The Lakers are not going to gut their entire front court just to get JO and Murphy. First and foremost, with or without Kobe in LA, I’m a Laker fan for life!!! So if Kobe contines to bitch to the FO about a trade, then I say trade his a$$. I’m personally getting tired of all of this. Send hinm to Chicago for Deng, Gordon, PJ brown and the 9th pick. We would still have Odom & Bynum.

  • lakerfan81

    Trade his ass if he wants to be traded trade him to boston for peirce then he will be on the worst team in the nba. Or even better trade him to the wolves for KG. Because that would be funny because where else would kobe want to play if KG came to the lakers.

  • Justin M

    Kobe, most of us have stood by u from when u took thoose airballs against utah, when everyone was puttin u down for loosing shaq, for being a ball hog, havin to big of an ego,and ur rape case. Through all that we have stood by you and watched you turn into the greastet basketball player in the planet. You wont have anymore loyal fans than you have in LA. I have always defended u against my friends that cant stand your talent and im sure many others feel the same way as me. Kobe, who’s the team that gave u a chance to shine? I understand the Lakers screwed up but even you have, everyone has. Where all human and we all lie sometimes. Try to make it work. I might say im a Lakers fan but the only reson i started to watch and play basketball was when i saw u in ur first dunk contest. I was 7 when i saw that. Half of the Lakers fans are fans because of u and u only. Peace

  • your daddy

    R.I.P. Vince Mcmahon

  • kb2481

    wow justin m wow nice speech i was 7 too when i saw his dunk contest come on kobe in hornets u wouldnt be anything buy we gave u a shot here playing with shaq and horry and u succseded u won 3 rings and now u want to leave us thats just breaks la fans heart if u leave no lakers and no la championshiop who gives abt clippers they wont win till 20 years think abt it kobe u leave we end up watching crap from lakers they wont like u there they just want to win i understand u want to win to but wait till they get garrnett and jo this offseason dont say i want to be traded and next thing u ko la bcomes champs just wait i kno it hard but wait

    patients is key to sucscess

  • Martin

    If the recent article in the L.A. Times is any indication, I’ve given up hope on Kobe Bryant changing his mind. If he wants to be traded, I say everybody should close their eyes, take a deep breath, remember the good times and move on. The beauty of the situation is once the Lakers move Kobe, they will be in a better situation to rebuild their team. Granted, there is no one play equal to Bryant, but the Lakers could stil get 2 ro 3 very, very good players, as well as a high draft pick (I’m thinking this will involve a move to Chicago). They also would keep the very talented Lamar Odom and they would still have Andrew Bynum to build the team around for the next decade. I’d love to see Kobe stay, but the team wouldn’t fall apart if he left.

  • kgmvp

    If hes gonna get traded i hope he gets trade to
    1. To Phoenix For
    Shawn Marion, Boris Diaw, L.Barbosa and maybe a swap of 1st rd picks
    2. To Chicago For
    Ben Wallace, Ben Gordon and Luol Deng
    3. To Minnesota a trade swap KG to L.A. for Kobe
    Then if any of this trades goes on i hope we could try to get ron artest or maybe rashard lewis.

  • One35

    It’s funny that this site was dedicated to hoping KG demands out and Kobe is the one that did oh the irony.

  • jay

    Kobe is a winner and he wants to leave the game with a better legacy. i dont blame a man trying to win and wanting better for himself and his future. we all want better for ourselves, and we wanted to be respected. would you work for people that dont respect you and lies to you? i wouldnt, for what? be a slave to the dollars ad be unhappy for the rest of my life. i love Kobe like every player, great ones and mediocres, that dawned the purple and gold uniform. this is a new era in the lakers organization. The lakers management is more about the money rather tha their fans and winning. every laker fan knows what im talking about, the game and the rules have changed thats given, but it doesnt mean the lakers organization has to change their goals and ideals of the past in order to get more profit. see Kobe is being scrutinize because he is the best player in world, and his power as an icon is huge than the media can admit. if Kobe was charged in Colorado by a black woman or any other woman of color, Kobe wont be getting this much negative publicity from the media. lets be honest, this players are thoroughbreds historically. they are meant to entertain us,and what Kobe is doing is putting out dirty laundries of the wealthy who sign the checks for these players. Ya’ll need to understand, Michael Jordan was big and became a worldwide icon because he didnt care about his community, and he didnt stand for anything. Jordan ran along with the David Stern program and the media’s program. And what did the public do? we all ate it up. yes Jordan is one of the greatest player to ever play the game, but a good person’s legacy is beyond the hardwood. He or she has to be measured in and out of the court, ring etc. Look at Lebron James, he’s following the same footsteps of Michael Jordan. Lebron James believe in himself and making money, but doesnt have the heart to help those in need. For example, Ira Newble of the Cavs wrote a letter and petition to the government of China to help stop the genocide of people in Darfur, Sudan. Everybody in the Cavs’ team signed it except for Lebron James and Damon Jones. Lebron did not want to sign it because he want to be the first Afrikan billionaire, and if he signed the petition he will go against the capitalistic world. Therefore, Kobe is not your typical bow down to you negro. He’s not a negro he’s a man that stand for something, and in our society when you stand for something you will face a huge amount of opposition. Just think of all the community services and outreach that Kobe has done outside the NBA’s mandatory community service? a lot of things, but do the media actually covers it and tell us how good of a person Kobe is outside of the court? No they don’t. Things that are positive doesnt sell, since Kobe hasnt done anything “criminal” to the eyes of the media then they will make this whole Kobe’s frustration into such thing.

    Im a believer of Kobe Bryant. I believe in the underdogs, and Kobe is an underdog. I believe in those that wants better for themselves and those around them. have ya’ll thought that maybe Kobe wanting a championship caliber team is not only for himself but for us lakers fan as well? Lets give the man and the team our support. at the end of the day, were the suckers in this whole situation because its the Buss’ and Kupchuk who will make the decision, not us and definitely not Kobe.

    where ever Kobe goes, im going be a fan and supporter. Kobe with the Knicks, and if they acquire JO and Rashard Lewis.Just think how they will dominate the eastern conference and even the league.

  • http://http:twoo2.skyblog.com twospotz

    kobe will never accept a trade to minesota, don`t forgett he has that no trade thing where he has the right to veto any trade

  • http://GETGARNETT.COM lakes for life

    trade to chicago give us nocioni,deng,gordon,and the 9th pick..and we should be good..fuck you kobe….you dont want to be a laker…fuck you you dont belong in la

  • Kim


    I understand Kobe eventhough i hope he stays.
    the best thing for him would be to the Suns, then he would still be able to contend for a RING.

  • jay

    Lakers line-up:

    Andrew Bynum
    Channing Frye
    Lamar Odom
    Quentin Richardson
    jordan Farmar

    jamal crawford
    david lee
    mo evans
    rony turiaf
    chris mihm

    Knicks Line-up:

    Stephon Marbury
    Kobe Bryant
    Jared Jeffries
    Jermaine Oneal
    Eddie Curry


    Rashard Lewis
    Nate Robinson

    Thats a crazy line-up for the Knicks. They will go to the Finals every year, while the lakers will stay medicre and will need luck to get in the playoff in a strong western conference.

  • JCbiglessworth

    If this article is true, then FUCK YOU KOBE. I fuckin swear you are the whiniest lil bitch I have ever seen in the NBA. shut up with ur trade demand already, how many players in the nba arent winning? Carmelo, Chris Paul, Baron Davis, Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Marbury, Paul Pierce which is on the worst team AND signed an extension. The trades havent even begun yet dumbshit, not till july, wtf did u expect in a couple weeks? and ur hurting ur own chances of winning cuz every team knows were desperate now aka the pacers. I know you could care less about your fans now, but goes around comes around bitch, GET MICROSCOPIC SURGERY ONE DAY BITCH

  • Justin M.

    Kobe, like everything else we suppoted u with, we will support you throuh this to, but if u do end up being traded its gonna be hard to regain my loyalship because i will feel betrayed, you’ll still be me favorite player, but betrayed. Hopefully im not the only one who feels this way.


    kim:suck my dick ans suck everybody elses dick while ur add it

  • KingKobe

    What about your fans Kobe? You piece of shit. Thanks for treating us like crap. Get the hell out of town. If you don’t want to be here, we don’t want you here. With the bitching and whining and complaining that you do I’m surprised that any team would want you. Someone already said there are lots of star players that aren’t winning but you don’t see them bitching and flip-flopping. Wait to see what the Lakers do this summer to see if you have a winner on your hands. You don’t care about L.A., the fans, the people that supported you through thick and thin. All you care about, ALL YOU HAVE EVER CARED
    ABOUT, is yourself. IF there is a God then you will never win another NBA title. You sure as fuck don’t deserve it.
    equals Kobe Bean Bryant.

    Good riddance you fucking cancer.
    Go lead another team to first round exits.
    Go to another team and get their other star traded and then bitch and whine and complain when you don’t win.
    Ray Allen saw this coming a long time ago.
    All of us didn’t believe it.
    We believed in YOU, Kobe.

    This is what we get for putting our trust in you.

  • kb2481

    look wtf u done kobe look at these fans if u go u are what kingkobe says Backstabbing,
    equals Kobe Bean Bryant.

    just dont go without us u wouldnt be a superstar without us u wouldnt win 3 rings and scoring titles scoring 81 getting mvp awaards and winning slam dunk contest with out us u would be anything u will just be a wanna be bball playa just like the rest of the nba

    u are a true gift from God u cant leave us here ur home is at la not in chicago nor anywhere else

  • Justin M.

    Kobe, no offense, but you are starting to piss alot of people off, Not just any people your most loyal fans that have stood by you no matter what you have done. We have givin you more support than any other player in the NBA has recieved. Kobe, now we want something from you. We want you to issue a stament that you talked it over with management and they assured you that they are going to bring in some key pieces to help you get that trophey next season. Thats all we want, nothing more or less. Thats the least you can do. Peace.

  • Justin M.

    Oh, and by the way Kobe in your interviews please to make it look like you feel really bad about leaving the Lakers because if you did you wouldnt leave. Right now your starting to look like the bad guy. Managment is tryin to talk to u but everytime they tell u something you still want say u want to be traded. Give them one more season then pack ur bags ill be all on ur side if they fucked this next season up. Give them a chance though Kobe.

  • kb24lightsout

    Im posotive the Lakers aren’t going to trade Kobe.He would be in the same situation because the other team would have to give up their best players also.If somehow he does move, it will be one of the biggest in NBA history because everyone knows he will go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game.

  • punkjones

    If this is true, and I really do mean, IF – ’cause only Kobe and Buss know what was said, then Kobe is insane. He needs to calm the hell down. No one is doing anything trade-wise right now, they won’t until just before or on June 28th. So at the least he’s about 12 days early on his demands.

    But I am really suspect about whether Kobe demanded a trade in their talk. It could be but it’s counterproductive right now.

    What’s clear if it’s true is that he is not thinking clearly in any way. I would not ever trade the guy. If he doesn’t like it, tough. What’s he going to do, start tanking games under Phil Jackson’s watch. I don’t think so. He should STFUP unless he is telling Buss to get his own sh#$ together and fire Mitch. That would be cool. Or maybe he’s telling him about the conversation he had with Gasol. We don’t know. I don’t trust these so-called INSIDERS.

    Really, though. Buss should never trade Kobe. He can be as impatient as he wants but he should never get off easy. He’s putting pressure on the FO – cool. Make something happen. He can opt out in 2 years if they haven’t done enough. But for now you’ve got to be kidding. No way the franchise should let him off the hook trading him anywhere. They’d get crap in return.

    Bulls guys are a bunch of mediocre-good players. They look great against what’s being called competition in the east but out here those guys aren’t much better than the kind of guys we have now who can’t make it out of the first round. Nocioni? Deng? What the hell have those guys ever done? Get brutalized by a weak Detroit team. Wallace? Great one way player but not someone I’d give up the franchise player for. We’re talking about Kobe here.

  • 81aintShit

    For years, I defended you. A few bar fights broke out because of people calling you a ball hog, rapist, cry baby, little bitch. I even got rid of all my Shaq shit to remain loyal to you. I always assured people that you were not a fuking baby, and you were a good guy, and that they were just jealous that you didnt play on their favorite team. Well Kobe, I WAS WRONG MOTHERFUCKER! You dont deserve to be a Laker. And now, I wonder if you ever did. Every single one of you fans would give their lives to be in your shoes.

    As I think back, no Laker, whether it was a hall of famer, or a bench warmer, ever bitched like this. You should be happy where you are, and help the team win again. But instead, you gimp them. You tear the team apart. Did the Lakers turn their back on you when you were a spotlight rapist? Did they talk about trading your bad publicity ass then? Did the Laker fans stop shouting MVP everytime you touched the ball? NOPE!

    Don’t forget. You are an employee of the Lakers. You are paid $88 million dollars to be a Laker. Complaining about that, shows the world who you really were all this time. Ill be happy to see you leave. That way we can get on with rebuilding a team.

  • KingKobe

    Shaq, Phil, Ray Allen, Karl Malone, Jim Buss the insider, Various Laker teammates, sports writers, Reggie Miller, Scottie Pippen, Steve Nash, and i’m sure lots of others have all at one point or another said something bad about Kobe. When it’s that many people you have to start thinking to yourself “Hmm, maybe all these people had a point.” Maybe Kobe is the dick that lots of people have said he is.

  • lakerfan33

    kobe kobe kobe huh kobe wil not move a few days ago on wensday the 13 i saw a laker and 1 of kobes teamates brian cook i asked him and sayd is kobe going to move and he sayd 1 percent ya and 99 percent no . i asked him why and he sayd beacuse the lakers fans love him,ha has 2 years left, and theres noone good to trade for. soo brian cook sayd that thers no chance of kobe getting traded

  • kingster33

    if kobe bryant wants a trade lakers is not alowed to trade him beacuse kobe bryant is the sta of lakers and the nba if kobe bryant wants to move he should wait for 2 years till contraact done than he will trade wherever he wants kobe bryant is a really good player only somtimes hes selfish if he tells his team to play serious and if he wants a movee as his agent says f**k his agent kobe bryant wants a trade ppl kobe bryant we got to do somthin right now right now u stupid jerry buss does not understand he goes partying gets drunk and on the way baq he goes wrong way on he freeway insted jerry buss should sit and think to bring shaq baq to lakers and someone good as shaq like mabe they can trade lamar and bynum for oneal they should do that the lakers are in big trouble right now and dr jerry buss is on big trouble too so they should step up and do somthin

  • Justin M.

    Hey, take it easy guys, this is still Kobe were talkin about and i aint gonna belive anything i hear or read(all of u should 2) unless i hear it come out of kobe’s own mouth. When he gets quoted on sayin it HIMSELF then realease all your anger. Kobe you see how passionate the fans are for you and have been dispite all things there sayin now they still want u in LA.

  • lakerfan

    fuck u kobe u wanna leave then leave maybe will do better with out you!!!!

  • juan

    I am just disgusted.
    Kobe, just be quiet for once….

    let the chips fall where they may.

    the lakers are in the works trying to make a deal, you yapping your mouth isnt helping any.

    We KNOW you are disappointed, we KNOW you want to win..so do we..yes WE ..your fans.

    So whatever your ill feelings are towards the FO then let it be that..but at least be loyal to your fans who love and support you.


  • Nate

    i’m sorry, but i’m sick of all this kobe bs. the only reason i started watching and playing basketball was cause of him, but now that ship has sailed. when the whole class and all my friends used to trash kobe, i was the only one that stood up for him countless times … only for me to end up seeing that kobe is nothing but a self-centered jerk that’s obsessed with winning. all this garbage with him going and moaning on several media outlets has only proved what a punk this guy really is. i felt sorry for him at first, but now he’s going back and doing it again? that’s like telling everyone in L.A. to go F themselves, commit suicide, then jump off a cliff. it’s sad how i used to want to be just like him…

  • Nate

    i really hope that this isn’t true, though…

  • lakersforlife77

    If Kobe leaves then I’m no longer a basketball fan. To me Kobe is the Lakers and Kobe is basketball, if he leaves then I’m done with basketball, and that first game without bryant in staples center, the whole stadium is going to be empty and there won’t be more than 500 people in there, it’s going to be a sad day. No matter what happens I’ll defend kobe up until he leaves the Lakers, because I understand what he’s going through. Every move management has made has made the lakers worse, and I just hope this issue can be resolved without losing the best player in the league.

  • magic32

    Kobe to suns or bulls. And theres no way bulls are going to give ben wallace, luol deng, and ben gordon to the lakers (fans are getting to desperate). So that leaves the suns where kobe and nash would be killer in the backcourt. Go ahead and take marion,diaw,and barbosa it doesn’t matter you can not get equal value.

    Suns Starting 5
    C- Amare Stoudemire
    PF- Draft Pick
    SF- Raja Bell
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    PG- Steve Nash 2008 NBA Champions

    And how are you guys so sure kobes not leaving are you guys his relatives or friends – i don’t think so. And if buss doesn’t trade him then that crappy organization isn’t going to get crap. ( Looks like Lakers are in the corner LMFAO )

  • Ciek

    I think we’re all forgetting. The lakers organization is greater than Kobe Bryant. We will rise again, with or without him.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dbricks DBricks

    Be Patient…cant look to much into these statements. Kobe would also have to accept the trade wherever the Lakers would tr to move him. Basically, every team would have to be gutted to get the deal done. So even if thats his request its alot more complicated then that, so lets not panic untill we hear it from Kobe himself, or we actually see the trade reported on ESPN or something.

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    ppl calm the fuck down!…kobe hasnt said shit…this is all sources…and him a dr.buss spoke privately = no one knows…remmeber ESPN are the biggest liars in news ever…also known as BSPN. DBricks is right kobe hasnt spoke yet….if kobe says this then i can wave him good bye but kobe didnt say this….i need audio proof….

  • lakersforlife77

    Kobe’s never going to the suns you idiot, yeah let’s give the best player in the league to a division rival. I could see the biggest hypocrites in the world(suns fans) enjoying this as well, they chant kobe sucks and hate on him for no apparent reason, and then he gets traded and they’ll go “teh best in teh league kobe is ta greatest”, faggots. But yeah, sorry magic32 but that won’t be happening. The most likely is to the Chicago bulls for Deng and Gordon, NOT WALLACE, and the 9th pick. Why would they give up wallace, then kobe would be in the same position he is in now. I don’t think a trade will happen this year though, trading Kobe is like commiting suicide, and if they trade Kobe the lakers might as well be erased from the league, and my interest in the nba will be gone for good. And even if the worst possible scenario happens and kobe does get traded to the suns, there’s no way that trade would go through without us getting that 2008 first rounder from the Joe Johnson trade, but God if that happens then just shoot me now.

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    This is how everyone on kb24.com feels…


    yes…you are the best player in the league…maybe in it’s history…to this point.

    the things you have done…created…willed…are heights that will nearly be impossible to replicate in the league.

    HOWEVER….as much as i (and the rest of the fans throughout L.A., the U.S., and the World) admire, respect, and love your game…you’re letting us down.

    i can only imagine how difficult it is for you to see the playoffs, and the championships continue on without you being there…especially knowing that you are individually better than any of the players that continued to play on.

    BUT…the reason they continued to play on, was because they comprehend the TEAM concept (a concept which you seemed to be grasping very well early on in the season), but completely threw out the door after the All-Star Game, which you received the MVP (deservedly so).

    i’ve been reading a lot of these comments that your fans and haters have been sending to you…and some of it is true…but a lot of haters would love nothing more but to see you traded to a team that has an even worse chance of winning a championship.

    if your demands of being traded are fulfilled…the other team will have nothing left on the ship for you to navigate to a championship. they’ll be giving up their top players and far more. also…who knows how good the coach and GM will be over there(anywhere else you land). your situation could end up worse than KG’s.

    at least with the lakers…you know what you’ve been dealt. you just have to play the hand a little better. yes…cupchack, jim buss, and jerry buss may sit on their hands a bit longer than they should. but remember…jerry buss knows what’s needed to create championship teams. most importantly…you have Phil Jackson to help you continue to become the best all around player who will ever walk onto the hard wood floor.

    HOWEVER…you’re going to have to suck up your pride a little…and be patient. you need to find “PEACE” within yourself…before you’re ever going to be satisfied with your laker teammates or future teammates, coach, gm, owner, kids, and even wife.

    if you continue down the path of high consumption, with little gratification, NOTHING will ever be good enough for you. not even CHAMPIONSHIPS…not even the league MVP.

    I KNOW YOU CAN RISE ABOVE ALL OF THIS!!! trust in your teammates….trust in your coach…trust in the decisions makers of the lakers. at least until the cards have all been laid out. then you can play your hand. but be patient…don’t play your hand like a pair of aces…when in fact you have a pair of 8’s. i know you wish you had more control over your future..but in all reality you don’t…at least in the decision where you will ultimately end up.

    anyway…i will always be a huge fan of yours….and i support whatever you ultimate deside to do. but i will find it difficult to cheer for you if you are a knick, a bull, a maverick, etc., etc.

    Peace out!!!

  • Nate

    maybe the Lakers would be better off without kobe. remember, the only game they won against the Suns in the regular season was when kobe wasn’t there. i say, trade kobe to the Suns for marion, diaw, barbosa, and draft pick, and then trade kwame and perhaps a draft pick for ron artest. then you’d have for starters:

    C: Bynum
    PF: Marion
    SF: Odom
    SG: artest OR diaw OR evans (this guy has crazy potential)
    PG: Walton OR Farmar (next year will be his breakout year)

    pretty good starting lineup, plus you still have the draft picks, barbosa, ronnie, radman, sasha, mihm, and cook. a deep, explosive bench led by barbosa while bynum gets lots of playing time and develops like crazy into a great center. marion would add good rebounding, artest backs up with defense, and odom provides opposing teams with mismatches. even though walton may not be the fastest guy, he be the type of passer that marion needs. with barbosa and ronnie on the bench, other teams can’t slack up on defense because of a constant and legit 3-point threat from several players. this could be one of the most (if not the most) versatile team in the league with artest, odom, and marion all capable of shooting long shots and unsurpassed speed with barbosa and evans. lots of young talent, and there’s still room for additional trades. players such as walton, sasha, radman, mihm or cook, and picks could still be used to land players such as bibby, jason richardson, or a wealth of other available players. this might not be an immediate nba finals championship team, but it’s still at least a 2nd-round team. who know who else might want to get traded by the end of the 07-08 and 08-09 season.

    Lakers first, Kobe 2nd …

  • Dan

    You piece of shit. How could you do this. I hope you read this comment as well as all the others on this site. We love you Kobe, why are you doing this shit?! I understand your frustration a couple of weeks ago, but now?! Relax motherfucker. Give the front office a chance to change things. You disloyal, impatient fuck. You leave here, you’re kissing goodbye the entire city of L.A – fans who once had all their faith in you will boo you every time you play at Staples for leaving them. Get the fuck on out of here you ungrateful shit.

  • jay

    i am sad how people can turn their back that fast on Kobe. These are the same people who will cheer on kobe if he is not traded, bunch of hypocrites. How all of ya’ll blame Kobe without looking at the selfish lakers management??
    well i will be a Kobe supporter no matter what. i have enough of this management. Ive been a laker fan since i was in my mom’s womb, and my whole family are laker fans as well.since this is the worst time in lakers history, and most irresposible actions of the organization ever. if Kobe is traded, the lakers will be the Clippers for the next 10 years believe that.


  • Fish Guy

    I say we pick up 3 young stude/draft picks for Kobe and build around Socks and LO. We need a TEAM, not one super star and 4 spectators on the floor.

  • jay


  • lakerfan81

    Everyone is so hurt by this. Everyone has to remember that the NBA is a business and nothing more. Kobe needs to remember that too and not get hurt if Buss told jackson one think and Kobe another its nothing personal its just business. That is why the lakers won’t trade Kobe until they absolutely have too. he brings in way too much money.

    I Think the lakers were and are trying to get better they did resign phil jackson after all. And I don’t no why everyone is jumping all over Mitch Kupchak. Sure he made a really bad move in trading butler for Brown, but he was taking a risk that brown would develop. I think that for the most part West would have made the same draft picks as he did. The problem in the front office is that Jim Buss wants to make the decision and he doesn’t know anything about basketball. He needs to leave the basketball decisions up to the people that know basketball like his dad did (for the most part).

    If i was kobe’s teammates I’d be pretty pissed off right now. He is basically saying that he can not win with them. I thought he was maturing this season and learning how to lead a team, but I guess not. Why wouls anyone on the lakers want to play with someone who has no faith at all in them. Tearing your teammates down is nto the way to make them play better. IF Kobe want to be a leader than he needs to grow up and learn how to make his teammates better.

    I know this trade won’t happen because kobe would veto it but it would be pretty damn ironic if he was traded to minnesota for KG.

  • http://getgarnett.com Cruz

    Kobe you probrablly whine more than your daughter. Stop bitching and be patient nigga you will see that the lakers will make a trade to make your ass happy. And if they get J>O or Who ever they niggas get lets see if you make the lakers win. Seriously i want you to stay in LA but stop bitching and crying and have some paitence. And i hate fucken Kwame brown who ever raeds my comment tell me if you agree that kwame sucks fucken big ass dicks. He fucken sucks more than SEan Bradely trade his fucken big ass he cant do shit with that big ass retareded body he has, and little girl hands FUCK KWAME BROWN. SO YEAH KOBE STAY MY NIGGA

  • David

    As good as Kobe is, he doesn’t make his teammates better. Look at Lebron. He’s got less talent around him than Kobe and takes his team to the finals. Give it that they play in a weaker conference, but they still beat Detroit. A team that has owned the Lakers for 3 years now. Look how many Lakers he’s chased out of town. I still don’t care what he says, he’s still responsible for Shaq leaving town. If he wanted to win he would have told Jerry Buss that he wants Shaq to stay and he would, if he told him he wanted Fisher to stay, he would. Jerry Buss would do anything to please Kobe. You guys said it, he’s an egotistical, self-centered jerk. Screw you Kobe for thinking your bigger than the game. He’s not liked by most nba players so it tells you a little about his attitude. He wants out, so let him go and kick out Mitch Kupcake too. We need to start over with a competent GM and build a contender again.

  • kb2481

    trade him lets see if he will win he wonmt he will say omg i did a mistake i need to go back to la this aint my home la is i cant believe what i done cant wait to see that if he goes

  • Big Ro

    Man, To all my Laker fans what the hell is this nigga doin???

    Kobe, we love you and we will support you and the team NO MATTER WHAT. However, you are really testing my patience man. We have stuck by you and defended you from all the haters and I’m feelin like you don’t give a shit about us fans. We are your fans and no other group of fans will love you like us.

    Any team, and I mean any team you go to if you were traded, none of them would be guaranteed a winner. Most likely you will be in a worse situation and be stuck there for the rest of your career. Is it worth it?

    In LA you’ve got the best fans, the best coach and the lure of the Staples Center and the rich history of the franchise to try and make it work. Do you realize that only 8 teams have won the Championship since 1980 and the Lakers have won 8 in those 27 years. Winning isn’t easy in this league and you’ve got just about the best situation to win again in LA.

    I mean really we are 1 or 2 moves away and maybe another season for Andrew Bynum to mature from being a title contender. Next season Nash, Duncan, they will be a year older. You are only going to be 29 and in your prime! Do you see the possibilities! (We could have gone to the finals last year if we had finished off Phoenix) We are a playoff team now and we suck. Man the sky is the limit if management makes the smart moves that they have made in the past again. We have the potential in LA to be winners again, you need to chill.

    But more importantly where I am coming from, is that you are really pissing us loyal Laker and Kobe fans off. We will go to war with you any day, why won’t you do the same for us? With these trade demands you are coming off like an ungrateful, selfish bastard and its making me feel like we should just get it over with and trade your ass. (How would you like to finish your career in Minnesota or Charlotte u idiot?)

    I am a Laker fan for life. I am a loyal Kobe fan. I shouted MVP MVP at Staples when you went for 65 against Portland. When you came to DC I stood up and repped you and my team in my home town. We have a winning tradition and us Laker fans are a family. But don’t trip, Kobe is not larger than the Lakers. Family, maybe our hero stays, maybe he doesn’t. Let’s just cross our fingers that he gets his sanity back over the next few days. And if not FUCK HIM!

    LAKERS 4 LIFE! (And I live in DC kid, that’s true love)

  • MoneyMarl

    Either Trade Kobe or Trade the rest of the team. None of Kobe’s teammates never stepped up to Bryant even though they lost a lot of games this season because of KObe not guarding his man(Sasha Pavlocic, Raja Bell, Arenas, Redd and the list goes on). When kobe leaves his man open and forces other teammates to guard them and then u hear people blaming his teammates for bad defense while it’s mostly on Kobe. His Teammates are like a bunch of thank-you guys, they swallow whatever kobe does to them. I mostly blamed Lamar for Dad, he is too talented a player to be so incognito, because after kobe, Lamar is second in the locker room. HIm not speaking up kinda made the other players not speaking up.

    That being said I only watch Lakers game because of kobe so i’d watch wathever team Kobe goes to. But then again kobe will have to learn how to be a better teammate:
    1.Stop text-messaging people, either call them or go see them in person.
    2.Communicate with ur teammates, I was surprised that Kobe called Lamar once this summer and that was mostly because of the trade thing, even Lamar acknowledged that Kobe calling him is usually about something big.
    4.Keep shit behind closed doors

  • jay


    shut the fuck up. dont ever put the word nigga on here or anywhere else.

  • remy

    Until the actual move occurs, I won’t believe anything
    but, if it does happen, this is all i gotta say…
    Los Angeles Lakers SG Kobe Bryant
    “I’ll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it’s sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning shot.”

    i guess he really means it…he’ll do whatever it takes…it’s just a shame…

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    i still cant believe all this is this a nightmare?

  • Justin M.

    What the F**K is wrong with you people. You’ll chant MVP and jump out of your seats when Kobe is on the floor but when he vents his fustration every “Lakers” or “Kobe” fan wants Kobe out of La. I know he has taken it to far but he is still Kobe Bryant, the face of the Lakers and the greatest scorer of all time. Lets say this was Kobe’s stunt to surround himself with better players fast and he read all of your comments on this page. Do you think he’d want to be a Laker after all this crap you guys are writting. You should all be ashamed of bad mouthing Kobe espeacialy after all he has given us to cheer for and to be fans about. Leave the man alone and stop talkin smack about him plz. Dont belive anything from anyone unless it is Kobe on the radio or tv. Im beggin no more bad mouthin Kobe. Man im dissapointed in all u, Kobe haters and “fans” alike.

    Garnett should learn a few things form Kobe, Come on the Twolves fans know they’re a horrible team with Kg and so does Kg. He’s been to quiet and it pisses me off, unlike Kobe he must not like winning as much as he claims.

  • lamar_odom

    Kobe is an idiot…if he is unhappy he should keep it within the laker organization…because he voiced his opinion so publicly its so hard for the front office to make good trades…getting ride of odom and bynum in getting jo isn’t going to make a difference, but keeping odom and getting jo will make a difference. I don’t care if kobe whines and shit, but do it secretly within the organization.

    stop pissing off all the fans…bill walton is right he just wants the attention.

  • keed

    I’m first a laker fan then a kobe fan. It would be a loss for him to be traded but if he wants out ,let him go. Likely scene would be chicago
    We get….

    Gordon & H…ich and something else.
    They get…

    Kobe & Mo evans and whatever else they want minus LO and Andrew.
    The Lakers should accept no less than the two and in a year or two we’re back in the finals.

  • LAkers

    FUCK all you haters

  • magic32

    this is what the organization deserves they had a chance to get b-diddy and b-diddy was going to take a cheaper contract,did they get him. . . . . . NO. they had a chance to get jason kidd, did they get him . . . . . NO. They had a chance to get carlos boozer when ppl were doubting him, and what is he now an allstar. And that little plan for 2007 where jerry buss was going to shop big in the summer, why is it gone now. . . . . because they spent the money on giving brian cook and sasha vujacic extensions and 30 mil on vladimir radmanovic. if they didn’t make those dumbass moves they could’ve made a offer for chauncey billups, rashard lewis, or vince carter this summer. This organization screwed themselves up and now look what they’re going to have to do, trade kobe. . . . . . good luck trying to find equal value for one of the top 3 players in NBA history.

  • ray

    [quote comment=”1660″]Kobe to suns or bulls. And theres no way bulls are going to give ben wallace, luol deng, and ben gordon to the lakers (fans are getting to desperate). So that leaves the suns where kobe and nash would be killer in the backcourt. Go ahead and take marion,diaw,and barbosa it doesn’t matter you can not get equal value.

    Suns Starting 5
    C- Amare Stoudemire
    PF- Draft Pick
    SF- Raja Bell
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    PG- Steve Nash

    2008 NBA Champions

    And how are you guys so sure kobes not leaving are you guys his relatives or friends – i don’t think so. And if buss doesn’t trade him then isn’t going to get crap. ( Looks like Lakers are in the corner LMFAO )[/quote]

    “that crappy organization” Bro you can bang on Kobe ,but assuming your a Suns fan where the the fuck do you get off criticizing The Lakers organization? How many rings do the Suns have???

  • Kim

    Robert, i’ll fuck your head up!

  • MannyFuckYao






  • juan

    i love kobe..BC he is a laker…i LOVED SHAQ WHEN he was a laker.

    if kobe leaves..i will NOT root for him or the team he goes to…..he is done with me basically.

    i am a LAKERS fan not a KOBE fan…yes i want him to stay but all this drama just makes it harder on other players..how do you think they are feeling?..maybe a little betrayed?

    Purple and gold 4 life……….


  • lakerfan81

    If Kobe really wants to be traed you can not trade him right now. the lakers need to hold on to him for as long as possible. this is becase Kobe can veto any trade that he does not like via his no trade clause. If the lakers try to trade him to a team that team would have to gut its talent which would leave kobe in the same situation so Kobe would veto any trade that did that. Its not fair to kobe but its business nothing personal which Kobe will have to learn. I dont think there is a team that can trade for kobe that will be a contender next year except the suns. Chicago maybe but they would have to give up a lot and I still don’t think they could beat the spurs or the suns. If the knicks could somehow get both Kobe and Jermaine oneal without giving up curry then they would probably be the best team in the east but they would pretty much have to trade everyone else on the team to get it done so they would only have those 3 players.

    the best thing for the lakers would be to get some young talent and a couple of high draft picks. Atlanta’s 2008 8 pick from the suns looks really good, but you’d be trading the best player in the game right now to a division rival. But I’d like to see if Nash could control two of the biggest egos in the game in Kobe and Amare I think the suns would collapse on themselves. So excpet the suns I don’t think there is a team that Kobe could go to that would have a legitimate chance of winning a title (barring injury to the west teams). So Kobe would be in the same situation he is in now and in two years he will be opting out of his contract and the team would be looking to trade him again.

    If Kobe is traded I think it will be to a east team though because the league and Kobe would want this. First of all it puts more talent in the east (they need it) and on a Eastern team Kobe would basically only have to play one good team to get to the NBA finals rather than having to go through two or three of the best teams in the league to get there if he was in the west.

  • lakerfan81

    Juan is exactly right why would any of Kobes teammates want to play with him, when he shows absolutely no faith in them. I don’t think the lakers were that far from being contenders. No matter what trade they made it would still be hard to beat the suns, mavs,or spurs but any team in the west has a hard time because the west is so good.

  • Rounder8055

    We have survived losing great players like Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic, Worthy, Shaq, and true Laker fans will survive the lost of Kobe. Except this time if we trade him to a place like Chicago, we will be better off. Think about about it:

    9th pick
    24th pick
    Shit we can even still trade Kwame’s ugly ass contract and get another solid player.

    Trust me Laker faithful, we’d be better off than you think.

  • juan

    Rounder8055..preach on.

    i like that..i will say it now..if i had to chose ONE GUY TO REPRESENT THE PURPLE AND GOLD RIGHT NOW.

    give me number 7 please.

    yes…LAMAR ODOM…class…grit..determination..TEAM player…we love you ODOM.

    Let kobe whine somewhere else..

    lakers 4 life.

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    kobe has no heart…