ESPN: Kobe Bryant had a season-high 44 points and 11 assists while making all 16 of his free throws, and the Lakers survived Golden State’s 55-percent shooting for a 124-118 victory over the Warriors on Tuesday night.

Pau Gasol had 27 points and 12 rebounds for the defending NBA champions, who relied even more heavily than usual on Bryant to avoid their third loss in four games over the past five days.

Bryant came through with 17 points in the fourth quarter, clinching his seventh 40-point game of the season on two free throws with 4:04 left. He has 103 40-point games in his career, third-most in NBA history.

Corey Maggette scored 25 points and Monta Ellis added 22 for the Warriors, who beat Phoenix and Boston in the previous three days during the best stretch of another rough start to a season.

Golden State shot superbly and ran its uptempo offense well, but had nobody who could guard Bryant in the Warriors’ seventh straight loss to the Lakers. The Warriors haven’t won three straight games yet this season.

The Lakers still have the NBA’s best record (25-6) despite two 15-point losses in the previous three days, including their 102-87 Christmas flop against Cleveland. They also played their third straight game without starting forward Ron Artest, who gave himself a concussion and a deep cut on his left elbow when he tripped and fell at his home on Christmas.

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  • Robert

    What’s extra good is that the Warriors beat the Celdicks last night.
    Glad the Lakers won. Get well, Ron-Ron.

  • Jack Y.

    Lakers need to get better on defense. We shouldn’t need to score that many points to win. I do realize that this game is high scoring because Warriors play an up-tempo game, but the last four games’ defense has been highly questionable.

  • paulpiercewearsgreenthongs

    I agree with Jack Y. I feel the lakers aren’t playing DEFENSE at all. Pau, Bynum, LO, and Fish are mostly MIA during most of the games! Lakers are lacking DEFENSE, REBOUNDING, and giving way too many open 3s. but i am glad they beat the pesky warriors tonight when the celtd!cks didn’t but I am sure the are not going down 3 in a roll they will beat the suns like the lakers beat the warriors

  • Sasha4Lvp

    kobe is starting to piss me off….i know kobe probobly saved us tonight but he needs to stop jacking up so many shots! he acts like he has no team around him, like he’s back in 2006. 27 shots is way too much with the team he has around him. if he would pass the ball more, these games would be easy wins for the lakers. get more touches to your ALL-STAR forward Pau. it seems all of his points are off rebounds and put backs. get the man some touches! hopefully he will play more team ball next game.

    • LakersFourEver

      He had season high 11 assist?

    • Sasha4Lvp

      and yes i understand kobe has 11 assists but that is only because the warriors play no defense at all, except for turiaf. how many shots had kobe been averaging the last 5 games??? around 25??!

      • paulpiercewearsgreenthongs

        kobe has to take shots…like i said on my previous post…pau, bynum, lo, fish are MIA…since 12/25/09…KOBE HAS TOO! and the bench is NO HELP so what does the CAPTAIN the MVP have to do…SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS

        • Sasha4Lvp

          Bynum and Pau have been MIA cause kobe is jacking up shots like there’s no tomorrow. and i agree with u that fish is MIA…we need a legit starting PG and move fish to the bench. mitch needs to make a trade for a PG ASAP cause farmar nor brown is going to cut it.

          • paulpiercewearsgreenthongs

            well i agree with you on pau but bynum? Bynum is starting to look like luke (butter fingers) he can not slam dunk cant hold the ball he is not mentaqlly strong. However I don’t know why kobe doesnt use pau his smart and crafty and has skills as a Basketball player. {better than bynum} and yes…I posted on my twitter that mitch needs to work up his magic and get via trade on feb. trade deadline a player (e.g. Nate Robinson) or T-Mac ( i know it aint happening, it doesn’t hurt to dream)

    • lakeshow2010


    • Smush Walton

      Outside of Pau, who is Kobe supposed to pass to? Do we want Ladunce firing 3’s? Fartmore? Fisher (sorry but his shot is horrible) Bynumb? he starts his goofy dribbling act. Artest can knock shots down – but of course he’s been out. Vujabrick?

      Until we get some better shooters KEEP FIRING KOBE!

      • Smush Walton

        Luke won’t be any help in knocking down shots when he returns. His outside shot is HORRENDOUS!


  • Robert

    Lakers need a reliable perimeter shooter. Otherwise, teams are not afraid of double teaming Kobe, and leaving one man open. Luckily, when Kobe passed the ball out, shots were made this game (11). 44/11 isn’t easy to do.

  • Trem

    Kobe is taking a ton of shots because he has to right now, the team is in a slump clearly, especially defensively, and he’s trying to lead them through it. It doesn’t help that Ron is out right now, either. Once Ron and Luke get back, hopefully KOb will go back to running the offense the appropriate way and everyone will be in their most comfortable positions again. Good that we pulled out the win tonight.

    • http://LakersNation LOL

      Didnt the Celtics enter a slump last year where they lost 5 straight all to .500 teams and lost 7 out of 9 games after going 19 wins in a row? They were the defending champs too and high expectations were on them. Point being, these things happen.

  • Rollin

    A little rattled but a W is a W. Bench contributed. Lamar was huge when he needed to be instead of fading away like he does sometimes. Kobe being Kobe. You gotta wonder how much more this guy can take!?!? Putting the team on his back with all the injuries. I mean everyone is harsh on him when he’s jacking up shots but if he didn’t go 110% and will us to wins who’s going to do it?! It’s a tough roll he’s got when everyone else is just “showing up” some nights. Get this dude some help!!! Pau was a good start but the bench needs to keep turning it up. I’ll say it again we really miss Ron’s D. Notice how lopsided the scoring is now. When Ron was in they’re holding teams below 100 most nights and there aren’t as many trading baskets runs. We get stops and steals. Now it’s like a welcome mat to the paint and layups are buy 2 get one free. Hope Ron’s back Friday. Should be another good game.

    • WifelovesLuke

      You guys crack me up. Kobe did not do it all by himself. As a matter of fact, Pau had his best offensive output with 27 points. With the pace that GS plays, 25+ shots is not a big deal. Take a deep breath and just enjoy what Kobe is doing. Truly historic stuff, dude!

      1-2-3 Ring!!!

  • 09champs!

    Bests of the day:
    1) hmm yeah, whats the name of this guy how is really good? i think he got like 44 pts and 11 ast while playing with like 72 injuries, oh yeah, KOBE

    2) Boom Boom PAU 27 pts, and great rebounding and D.

    3) Sasha and Farmar will get this spot since they havent been here for almost a year, and i thought they played well in extended minutes, with Phil leaving them out there the entire 4th. And dont let the points fool you, The Machine is slowly getting back to his old form, and playing good, he did more than just score 6 pts.

    • yash

      haha I like that BOOM BOOM PAU clever ahah

    • WifelovesLuke

      Loved watching Sasha get under the skin of the Warriors. Man….he can really piss people off.

  • yash

    I would like to see Gasol be a little more aggressive. because he was lookin to pass on almost everytime he had the ball. it looks like kobes the only one who wants to win.

    to the ppl who think hes jackin up too many shot. I agree with you but look at how the rest of the team is doing. Not playing Defense and are lackadaisical (yea i got vocab :D). If they played with some effort they would be like 29-2 like last year.

    I know gasol had 27 but if he was aggressive in the beginning on D this wudve been a better game to watch

  • LAtimes

    I keep reading “ladunce” is this lamar? just want to be sure

    By”numb” has got to b the funniest i’ve read tonight u guys r hilarious.

    This game was pretty entertaining since i was lucky to be close to the bottom front row but damn u RONNY turiaf he killed wut would have been a great highlight and got the crowd roaring as kobe was in the air going for a dunk.

    The first half really was buy 2 layups get one free lol as the lakers d was pretty horrid but i’m glad kobe pulled them through. Those of u thinking kobes taking a lot of shots….come on if ur a true follower and die-hard u know y….

    Hopefully ron plays on friday so we can show the kings wut the result would have been the other night if he were playing.


  • Fireball

    Yeah, it’s hard to draw the line where Kobe puts up too many shots. But I don’t think he shot too many today. We were starting to get blown out in the first and second, when Kobe was really looking to spread the ball. The Warriors were really aggressive on defense, cutting off passing lanes and going for steals. Our players were looking lost out there on offense, and Kobe decided to put the team on his back. He was amazing tonight by the way, wasn’t he? We take him for granted sometimes, I think. They were sending guys at him from every direction, but he makes it look easy! 44 and 11 is a MONSTER game. The fact that we brush it off as something he could do on any given day is only a further testament to his greatness on the court.

  • Robert

    It’s official. I hate ESPN. I have boycotted sports news for the past few days (after the Christmas day debacle), and for good reason.
    ESPN has been waiting like a hungry piranha with meat dangling over it to jump on the LeDick is King platform. So they hungrily devoured their meat the last few days. I thought that after a Kobe landmark game (double double with 44/11 – not easy to EVER do) things would be better. But instead, they still pander to LeSuck and Kobe is just a byline. In fact, they’re trying to spin Ron-Ron’s injury into a ‘team changer’ – they’re saying that Ron-Ron won’t be the same basketball player, and that Kobe can only handle ‘low record’ teams like the Warriors (who defeated the Suns AND the Celdicks – so, the Lakers should be getting props).
    I’m boycotting ESPN, and I can’t wait for our Champions to kill the King, or the Celdicks, or whomever in the Finals. Maybe these injuries are going to eventually spark the “Eye of the Tiger”.
    Kobe is performing at a high level – the rest of the team needs to catch up.

    • lakeshow2010

      espn is giving lbj his bday sex like lil bitches

      • B Holland

        Don’t be a jealous fan. It makes you look like a little bitch always trying to find out what her lover is doing.

  • 242LakerFan

    I happen to remember the 2006 season, unlike some people seem to, and I remember the talk being about relative win pct. when Kobe takes more or fewer than 30 shots. Considering the kind of shooting night almost everyone else was having, 27 shots is not a huge amount. In ’06 Kobe was jacking 35-40 shots in some games.
    Plus, it isn’t as if he’s being inefficient or wasting shots. 44 on 27 shots is damn good.
    It boils down to the thing that makes the 81pt game the greatest single game performance ever. Unlike Wilt’s 100, they needed it to win that night. They needed Kobe’s 27 shots to win last night.

  • thanhttrinh

    man, we all know that ESPN is kinda sucking Lebrick’s dick after the Cavs beat us and tried to say something stupid, think about it, when Ron ROn was out, KObe had injury finger then still scored 40+ thats crazy because hes the only one on the team who had enough able to carry the team, they’re talking crap because they afraid of us
    lakers r lakers nothing changing, its just about the energy, and players had injuries, if Luke, RON, KObe r healthy then i dont know why if we cant repeat

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    if he`de pass the f ing ball maybe the other guys could score too.this is a team right?

  • Laker4 Life

    The Lakers need to start playing defense. When they face the cavs, celtics. magic, and the hawks they are gone get blown out if they don’t play defense.

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