I’m sure the rest of the Nation seconds that, Kobe.

Twitter: A Spanish reporter asked Kobe Bryant if he’d want to trade Pau Gasol for Wade & Bosh. Kobe: “No way. I love Pau.”

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    Good stuff!

  • dawg.

    why would you ask him that.

  • LakersGal

    I am just disgusted by Chris Broussard and Steven A Smith…Both of them are openly showing their gay love towards Lebron and the Heat. i guess in part because Steven A was the first to break the news that them 3 are all going to play together. And Broussard was the man in last waning hours of Lebron’s The Decision. I hate Broussard so much now…in same day…he called Kobe, merely a good All-star, and announced that miami heat will be “lebron’s team”.
    And stephen A…ugghhh. He is now more upset that Moss is going to play with Vikes and he is upset coz Stephen A hates Favre. I know this is off topic…but i juz wanted to put it out there. Because it was bugging me and i wanted to let it out.
    I HATE MIAMI HEAT becoz of Lebron and I hate all those Espn analyst kissing Lebron’s butt. ughhhh NBA tv disgusts me now.

    • Robert.

      Agree about S.A. Smith. Recall that Kobe called him out after the Finals win? Kobe said, ‘Where’s Stephen A. Smith’?
      I’m glad Moss went back to Vikings. I hope it sticks in his craw. The Pats (another Boston team) just don’t know what they did by giving him up. Randy Moss is one of the ALL TIME great receivers, and if he has a good run with the Vikes, could give Jerry Rice a run as Greatest (if Favre can stick around a few years).
      And Broussard was lapping up the whole LeJerk decision fiasco – right in the middle of it. What was he looking for, the friggin’ Pulitzer Prize?

      • LakersGal

        Yes i totally agree with you. I hate Pats, heck i hate all boston teams. Yes Randy Moss is an elite player. I think Favre will be able to throw him deep passes, because right now…Vikes are missing their man.
        Broussard is just another writer without any deep intellect about the sport. He is not JA Adande. (altho JA adande picked Celtics to win last year, and i didn’t like that)

    • Paul Lee

      Stephen A Smith is Kobe’s guy and predicted the Lakers will beat Miami in the NBA finals but said the Celtics have the best chance in the east to beat the Heat. He also stated on his show Kobe is still the Best in the NBA. If you listen to the his radio show in the morning he says why he picked the Celtics in the finals last year. You guys know I’m a laker fan 1st but I respect Stephen A smith he’s by far the only true NBA Analyst and breaks stories first.

      • LakersGal

        I do listen to his radio show. I loved listening to Stephen A. But lately I hear it in his tone of voice, choice of words…which make me think otherwise. Otherwise…i think he is a great NBA analyst unlike Jeff Van Gundy (ugghh) coz he is alwayz hatin on Lakers and PJax

  • prlaker

    pau is a way bette player than bosh, period

  • TeamMorrison

    No comparison between pau and bosh. Im pretty sure any GM would pick Pau, the intangibles, intelligence and passing and just plain skill are far superior to Bosh’s.

  • keeponkeepinon18

    The way Pau has developed his overall game over the last few seasons really separate him from other power forwards. Bosh, while he may match him statistically on the points category, will never be able to replace everything Pau does for the Lakers.

    Haha, I’m just going to ignore Wade was mentioned in that question before all the Carmelo-for-Bynum-like controversy knocks me out. Before me or anyone give their opinion, we should all just notice how impossible it is to trade $16 million for $28 million.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    so when does AMERICAS TEAM, the MIAMI HEAT, have a game on t.v?LEBRONZESTEAM………we need to watch the future of pro-sports…………you know you`ll watch in awe……………..

    • 242LakerFan

      LOL If you weren’t so obsessed with coming on here and continuing to make a complete ass of yourself, you wouldn’t have missed the game, which was live on ESPN last night and replayed on NBATV today. Not to mention endless looped highlights on LeBronCenter-err-I mean SportsCenter all day.
      Why don’t you stop pretending to be a Celtic fan or pretending to be a LeBron fan and admit that you are nothing but a pathological Lakerphile?

      • Paul Lee

        he craves attention


        Hahaha! LAKERPHILE! That’s great! I can picture Laffs atu gettin off in front of the TV while the Lakers play now! Sick, sick image, but funny as hell! Hahaha!

    • ceballos-neverforget

      This may be shocking to you, but not all NBA fans bow to the alter of the Holy Trinity and the Miami Minimums.

      When you win championships perenially, its tough to find tangible hunger and drive (even for Kobe, who doesn’t need much for his drive) but this automatic annointing that people like this joker give to the Heat is 100% convertible to those extra reps and extra shots Kobe and Ron are doing in the gym right now. 3peat on the way.

    • R.I.P laffs atu

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a dull girl!

  • Inverse


  • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

    Kobe (off the record) did go on to say “If we traded for Wade & Bosh, LeBron would come running to LA too”


      That’s pretty funny. But just for the record, I know that the question was posed about a trade for Wade and Bosh, but even if it was just for Wade straight up… LeRun would com-a-knockin on the Lakers door and so would Bosh-tag-a-long! Hahaha.

  • LC09

    LMAO on marwans comment hahaha sh it had me laughin for a cpl mins hahaha nice one

  • Robert.

    I’m telling you – Wade is ‘already’ injured. He plays hard, and falls hard, and was out for 31 games (each) 2 seasons over the past few years. He can’t drive like he used to.
    Yes, he’s a great player, but he sacrificed ‘years’ of his basketball life by playing way too hard – falling, slashing to the hoop, etc.
    Bosh is a ‘good’ player. I recall that years ago, Phil J. was asked which two players he would like to have on the Lakers, and he mentioned both Bosh and Boozer. Look at Boozer now – out until November. And Bosh is ‘definitely’ not on the rise of his career.
    I’m just happy that ‘not all’ of ESPN is fawning over LeQuack. Skip Bayless, Michelle Beadle, etc. And I think they’ve officially ‘stopped’ comparing LeQ with Kobe. Michael Wilbon even failed to mention LeQ – when it was mentioned that KD (Durant) could get the MVP this year, Wilbon said “What about Kobe?”. They already know that LeJ isn’t going to get the MVP (i.e., the sports writers will not vote him as top candidate for MVP – the only way that could happen is if DWon’t and Bosh get injured and are out all year long).

  • daboss1848

    i love Pau, too, but c’mon . . . in his head KB must be thinking wtf u think – wade and bosh?!?!?!? pffft
    asinine question, politically correct answer.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      whoever would not do that trade is an IDIOT

      i mean comeon
      Pau is better than bosh (not by far though)
      But without any doubt Bosh wade better than pau

      damn grow up people

      we had bosh and wade would win the next 5 rings
      instead we have to be lucky (healthy) to just win the next one….

      • Leaderfish

        Buss would trade Kobe for wade and bosh. We would be favored to win the title for the next 5+ years.

        • kobe-wan kenobi

          you are kidding right?
          kobe and lebron together?
          and you think lakers would be favored?
          gtfoutta here idiot



  • sancho

    I wouldn’t trade Pau for Wade & Bosh either. Bosh is a poor man’s Pau Gasol, and Wade is injured too often.

  • Leaderfish

    This just proves once again Kobe would make a terrible GM.