Kobe in Russia? If the price is right…?

RealGM: Kobe Bryant admitted over the weekend that he would consider leaving the NBA for Russia if a sizable contract could be arranged, according to The Sport Express Daily.

“Of course,” Bryant said when asked if he’d consider playing overseas. “By the way, are you the owner of a Russian team? It can be arranged for $40 million per year.”

A number of NBA players have left the NBA for Europe this offseason, in a somewhat surprising turn of events. It’s highly doubtful that Bryant would ever actually sign with a Russian team, but anything could become possible for the right price.

It seems as though everyone wants a piece of Kobe though.

“I would love Kobe to come to Duke University to play for me,” added Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski. “I can’t offer him that kind of salary, but he would receive a university diploma instead.”

  • Robert

    Money, always money !!!

  • lakers2000

    No Way. Laker for life. That could be Russian Roulette for his career. I say nyet!!!

  • LakersFirst

    In sports money talks! Everybody has a price, even the beloved Kobe Bryant. Because other foreign countries have more money to offer NBA players, the NBA is no longer the only game in town.

  • 123KID

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    true that!

  • Phant0M

    Lebronnnn in P&G!
    haha J/P

    Kobes Gonna Finish his career as a Laker

  • http://www.jamieinsider.com Jamie Spears Insider

    That contract is not available right now. Kobe’s just saying it’d be hard to turn down 40 mil per season. For starters, NBA plays more games against more athletic players. Euro countries got it good.

  • ab4sure

    This is a possibility becuz you never know about kobe. You can bet he doesn’t care about no lux. tax buss has to pay. I think it is very likely he wouldn’t go overseas but be would hold Buss hostage to pay him what he wants. Kobe will want max money whatever that will be from Buss.



  • Lakers 24 7

    I don’t think he would do it, but Basketball fans in Europe would respect Kobe more than NBA fans. In the NBA, every fan has their team and they defend the best player on that team. So in the NBA you would hear “F8ck Kobe, LeBron is better” with no proof to back it up. In Europe they acknowledge your abilities. Come on, you know it’s true lol. Kobe getting MVP chants in CHINA!?! lollll

  • PeanutButterSpread

    The article is taking what Kobe said out of context. Kobe was joking when he said that.

  • nyla

    Never. haha Kobe wants to be Jordan. Plus, if Kobe goes to Russia, LeBron, Wade, and others will become even bigger than they are now. Kobe won’t let that fly.

  • me

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    lol yea, people chill it was a joke.
    but on the real, anyone offered 40 mill a year would go.

  • lakerschamps09

    lol at coach K..lol.thats y the price is high cuz he aint doin it and he knows they wont offer him that money

  • Kobe2k9

    I don’t think he will go to Russia anytime soon, but possibly after he thinks he’s done with his NBA goals, he might then entertain going overseas, but don’t count out overseas teams, Greece Olympiakos are looking to make a run at Lebron in 2010 at possibly 40-50 million, so never say never and 40 mil-50mil a yeartax free is a lot of dough

    Here’s the article


    I would too,me(cool username).

  • vida8

    He was joking…..you have to see the Video to believe …go to nba .com and watch the press conf after russia game and watch it about the end….
    and he wasnt even serious ….

  • lakerman1

    I would go if i was him. Give the haters someone else to dislike, perhaps Lebron or Wade. People are still holding the Colorado rap on him, hell OJ gets more respect then he does and neither one was ever convicted. This Country’s people like to make themselves appear better then everyone else. Just about everyone has done something they want forgiveness for because they have changed.

  • me

    thx its the best name here huh? lol i couldnt think of anything and i was in a hurry and i wanted to post somtin so i just put “me” lol

  • Mitch4Pres

    he better not be honestly considering this. these damn european teams need to calm down.

  • wooooow

    whoever took this seriously is dumb.

    it was a joke. put it in context.

  • lakrfan4life

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    *pst* i bet u mitch4pres despised mitch last year…flip-flop!

    then again, we all did…

  • jimbraddock

    Its a joke right! lol

  • yellowpurplefever

    Yeah, when he turns 40 y/o . PIERCE GOT ARRESTED BY VEGAS POLICE. Now he thinks he can do what ever he wants cause he’s the best player, better than Kobe. This guy is a FREAKING joke.

  • Thomas

    I don’t care what Kobe says publicly, he wants to be better than Michael Jordan and knows that the only way to do that in the eye of the public is to win championship here in the US. There is no way he will go over to Russia to play. Also he wants to play where the competition is the best and if you watched the game, there is no country that can compare to the US in talent. He’s gonna stay here.

  • LakersFirst

    I think the point is, is that anybody in the NBA has a price. Whether it be Kobe, Lebron, DWade, or anybody else, if they are offered enough money (remember the Euro has more buying power than the US dollar), then that player would seriously consider going to Europe to play.

  • http://deleted kb4sure


    This is a possibility becuz you never know about kobe. You can bet he doesn’t care about no lux. tax buss has to pay. I think it is very likely he wouldn’t go overseas but be would hold Buss hostage to pay him what he wants. Kobe will want max money whatever that will be from Buss.
    so are you happy with it?u know his joking!maybe fter 6years when he’s done n tired of winning!kobe loves to contests his ability w/ other greats.so you have to accept that.who would you love to lieve lakers bynum or kobe?be honest!

  • devan

    its a joke. have u guys forgotten kobe wants to win 4 more rings. why would he do that. he is going to cement himself as the greatest of all time.

  • roscoe

    have a little sense of sarcasm.. he’s being sarcastic and making a point

  • lakersfansonly.92324@yahoo.com

    alot of comments r true, kobe does want 2 be the best that there is in the game,and where eles 2 do thats but here in the states. the money sounds good,but history is were its at, kobe would rather make history then be history.

  • Kobester

    People… its a joke. Sense the sarcasm in his quote…

    “btw r u a russian team willing to pay $40 mill per year?”

  • AndyBeronilla

    Listen, Kobe Should stay a laker! No one wants to see him play for russia. He would have no competition and plus he would have more fans in the nba! Everyones different but if u are as good as kobe bryant, once a laker always a laker!!!!!! Go #24 kobe bryant of the la lakers!!!!!!