Daily News: Kobe Bryant did what any other gym rat might do after a poor-shooting game. He returned to the gym as quickly as possible and worked on his jump shot, hoping an extra practice session would solve his troubles.

Upset by his 11-for-33 shooting in Sunday afternoon’s loss to the Houston Rockets, Bryant got permission to use the Dallas Mavericks’ practice facility later that evening. Several other Lakers tagged along for an informal workout.

“We got in here about 9o’clock and stayed until about 10:30,” Bryant said after Monday’s regularly scheduled practice on the same court.

“It was myself, Sasha (Vujacic), Jordan (Farmar), Luke (Walton) and Derek (Fisher).”

Asked if he had swiped the key to the gym, Bryant smiled.

“They took care of me,” he said.

Bryant laughed when someone suggested Dallas owner Mark Cuban might be a little cranky if Bryant happens to score 50 points against the Mavericks tonight.

“Nah, he’s hoping I opt out,” Bryant joked. “He’s got bigger things in mind.”

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  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/?page_id=2373 Jonny

    hope it works


    he better be 25/25 today

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lakers can make shots all they want, its not their offense they need to work on, it’s their DEFENSE!!

  • http://thelakersation.com/blog PauKobeBynumDynasty

    Kobe is gonna be firin’ today. I predict atleast 40. Watch out Dirk. FEEL THE WRATH OF KOBE!!!