This is nothing to really be worried about… or is it? Either way, 7-0 start with the best team arguably – in Lakers history – sounds a lot better than showing off for some Euro team. What do you guys think?

RealGM: A source close to Kobe Bryan’ts camp says that European clubs have reached out quietly to his representation and set baselines for a possible free-agent contract. Offers of $30 million a year in Greece and Italy promise to be on the table, and, says one associate, “I guarantee whatever happens that Kobe will take that whole European thing down to the wire before he re-signs with the Lakers.”

  • Vida8

    Not going to happen !

  • daboss1849

    if they offer 50 mil a year he would be stupid if he didn’t take the money!!!

  • Michael_23

    He can say good bye to his American endorsements if he accepts it. No television games will be broadcasted here in states of Kobe so I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

    Also, if he accepts it he’ll be stooping to a new low.

    1. Shows he’s money guy, it’s all about the money
    2. He’s gonna play in the minor league, do fans and critics want to judge this person whom didn’t want to stay in the NBA and step up against the best players in the NBA

  • PeanutButterSpread

    *yawn* why are people still trying to stir this whole Europe controversy?!

    It’s been out played since it was even first mentioned during the Olympics… time to move on, media writers!!