This is some good news, it seems as if Kobe will sit.

Twitter: Kobe Bryant WILL NOT PLAY in the final two games of the regular season due to the avulsion fracture of his finger.

  • Robert

    makes sense. Perhaps Kobe played Sunday to attempt to guarantee 'possible' home court against Orlando. Since Lakers lost the game, it's not worth pushing for final 2 games considering Orlando might not make it to Finals. And if they do, recall last year that home court didn't matter – we won on their court.
    Best to rest Kobe, and not pay attention to these two games.

  • lostinla

    hopefully bryant will practice his free throws…………….

  • lakerbunny
  • Marwan Marzina

    I'm glad he's sitting. He could use all the rest.

    Besides, does anyone agree with me when I say the day off season begins, Kobe should get surgery on his fingers?

  • avcpl

    What's the point of having the Reactions section below; they all say the same thing, which is basically nothing…

  • Michael_23

    I can see in some their body language that they turned of the switch until the playoffs. There's some good into that, but a lot bad. Andrew has the luxury of just choosing the stay out until the playoffs. I question everyone's mental attitude. But I still think everyone is gonna be all right. It's a mental thing now, it might bite em, it may not.

  • kwame4mvp

    Thank you Kobe for not letting your pride get in the way and sitting out the last two games. You and the Lakers need to be healthy for next week. Good decision Kobe.