League policy requires him to play or sit out the next game for the Lakers. He might be in the game for only a few minutes.

L.A. Times: Ready, willing, able or not … h-e-r-e’s Kobe!

Despite protests by the Lakers and Kobe Bryant, NBA officials insisted that he remain in the lineup for Sunday’s All-Star game, which Bryant said he would do.

According to NBA policy, any selectee who plays in his team’s last game — as Bryant did, scoring 29 points in Wednesday’s win in Minnesota — has to play in the All-Star game or sit out his team’s next game.

It was after the Lakers got home Thursday that Bryant’s injury, thought to be a dislocated right pinkie, was re-diagnosed as a ligament tear.

With the Lakers medical staff and management right up to owner Jerry Buss counseling Bryant to undergo surgery, which would have meant missing six weeks, Bryant made the decision to keep playing.

Bryant, the leading vote-getter in the West, attended Friday’s media session with his right hand in a brace and the last two fingers splinted.

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  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

    Dunk On LeBron sit on the bench , go home and win A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!

  • nyla

    He should just play the first 3-5 minutes and sit the rest.

  • Banzai

    well if he plays I hope he doesn’t go for many minutes..also the shoutbox isn’t working for me :(

  • DingleBerry

    he should go out there with a full on cast and shoot and dribble with his left. i bet after that display the league will change its rules!!!!

  • Neo-Laker Era

    Haha Kobe should jump against Dwight Howard, steal the tip, causing a turnover, and then ask to be subbed out. I bet that would piss off the NBA commission lol.

  • Michael_23

    Kobe, play for 5 mins, make 10 out 10 baskets and 10 assists. Sit down and win All Star MVP.


    I don’t mean to be off topic but Rudy Gay kinda P!@#ed ME OFF tryin’ to DISS Farmar,talkin’ about “what’s your name again” when he was announcing him as his teammate for the Rookie/Sophmore Challenge. Mr.Gay(That’s funny everytime I say it)don’t be mad ’cause Pau is gone,he had to carry the waaaaaay before you got there,homie and I hope you lose during the Slam Dunk Contest,to make it plain the move you made by disrespect a soon-to-be LAKER LEGEND WAS REALLY….GAY! I apologize to LAKERNATION for my outburst but nobody and I MEAN NOBODY TRASHES OR DISRESPECTS THE PACK. RUDYISAB!@#$.com IN FULL EFFECT!!!

  • vida24

    ^^^ i know uhh .that’s was so disrespectful .i lost my respect for him !

  • Kobefan24


  • Phant0M

    damn i didnt see it..

    What did lebron say about kobe??

    Cuz thats the part i got to, but it was about over…

    TELL ME!

  • phil jackson

    rudy gay is hating on farmar cuz he’s a laker and pau came to a great team and gay is stuck in a gay team that no one even acknowledges as a real nba team.

    farmar should have been MVP, he gave gibson all those chances to shoot!

  • RD

    i missed the rookie challenge, but by the way that it sounds farmar got dissed by a GAY dude. i get mad just hearing someone disrespect a proven laker. FUUUCK rudy GAY! lakers 4 lyfe!

  • hibachi

    i didnt knew KG, Paul and Rey were huge laker fans?!…

    As I understand it, you were all big Los Angeles Lakers fans growing up. Now be honest. Did you hate the Celtics?

    Pierce: I hated the Celtics. Hated them.

    Who was your least favorite Celtic? Now be honest.

    Pierce: [Current Celtics general manager] Danny Ainge! He was just always that guy who got up under the players’ skin and always tried to pick a fight. Just real feisty. I was the one guy who was like, “Man, tell him to stop!”
    Allen: Danny was a whiner.

    And Kevin, you didn’t like Kevin McHale, your old GM in Minnesota?
    Garnett: McHale, man, he would always get a bucket at the wrong time. He would trick somebody with the up and under, and it was like, “Awww, man.”
    Allen: And you’d look at him run back down the court, you’d call him Frankenstein.
    Garnett: His shoulders never moved!

  • http://WWW.WHIPAPPEAL.NET thenizzzeil

    i thnk kobe will entertain with some LEFT-hand moves n finishes…enough to OOOO and AHHH the crowd before taken a seat…orr he can get fancy with some passing and jus make the others finish nicely

  • iLakers

    dam i missed the rookie game…but from what people are saying about Gay dissin’ Jordan, i bet he knows who he is now.

    And did you guys hear Bron saying Kobe is the best player in the L right now. Coming from a future hall of famer and fellow competitor…that should say a lot. Someone needs to show that interview to Luke’s dad.

  • MILO

    Ok, i hope after the all star game he goes in to surgery ASAP

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Rudy Gay is a f*g – GET IT!!! LOL LOL LOL

    All kidding aside, I didn’t see the rookie/sophomore game, but Farmar had 17 points and 12 assists – DAMN!! He’s going to be a good one, a really good one in about 2-3 years (Jordan’s only 20).