We WANT him to sit!

ESPN: Kobe Bryant won’t be missing any more games this season to rest his legs and swollen right knee. He plans on playing when the Lakers close the regular season with a back-to-back Tuesday against Sacramento and Wednesday against the Clippers to “sharpen up” and said “we want to win both of these games.”

Bryant’s shot could certainly use a little sharpening. Bryant shot just 8-for-23 on Sunday after sitting out the Lakers last two games in hopes of getting back the lift in his legs that was lacking and affecting the trajectory of his attempts. Bryant’s shot total in the last three games he’s played in is an alarming 21-for-70 (30 percent).

While his final line didn’t reflect it, Bryant said the time off made a difference, in his limbs at least, but straddled the line when rest leads to rust.

“It feels pretty good,” Bryant said. “It’s a little rusty, a little stiff from not playing, not being active. I’ll be fine. That’s why it’s important to get out there and play a little bit, loosen up the joints a little bit . . . It’s OK. It feels strong.”

Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who played a big part in convincing Bryant to sit out the two games in the first place, saw improvement in his guard’s legs as well.

“He shot the ball poorly today but I think some of it was more shot selection,” Jackson said. “It looked like at the end of the game he got into it and got in rhythm and got that energy behind his game that he has.”

Jackson said he will not sit any of his players over the final two games the way he sat Bryant.

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  • lostinla

    right, lets not give any of the scrubs more playing time………..tired legs,tired jumpshot, tired free throws,then another nasty loss………..stop being so selfish.

  • mytiman

    No disrespect to the Lakers Nation staff, but I think it's not your call for Kobe to sit. If he wants to play, let him. Lakers just gave him a 3 – year $90 mil extension. I'm a big Kobe fan but I think that's too much for an aging superstar that will soon be riddled with injury. We want to make sure he plays like he deserves that fat contract.

    If this is his way on warming up for the playoffs, so be it. He may need momentum or he still hasn't found his shooting stroke (which has been on and off since the broken finger incident). Let's just hope that during the last two games (against sub-par teams, and playing both at home), they show the Lakers are for real and ready to defend.

  • lakers0828

    Well clearly Phill Jackson Doesn't get what resting Players means and getting ready for the Playoffs so I guess if Kobe wants to Perform go ahead but if he gets Injuried I want feel sorry for him

  • R T

    This happened time and time again, articles are written and then another article is written with the exact opposite info. It was somewhat mention after the Denver game when someone said Kobe would only be playing in important games (i.e. Portland)…Some people (MARWAN MARZINA) should be banned from writing articles, or at least dont post them on this site.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Hey it wasn't my fault. ESPN posted it on their site, so if I didn't post it, you people would take it against me. I did my job and posted the article like I'm supposed to. It just happens that Mike Truddell posted the other piece of news the next day. Anything could've happened to make him change his mind and it happens to be his finger that changed his mind.

      • R T

        Sorry, should have said that Dave McMenamin articles shouldn't be posted here anymore.