L.A. Times: The Lakers have had this little problem the past few years.

The Clippers.

After blowing past them for the better part of nine years — series score from 1995 to 2004: Lakers 31, Clippers 5 — the Lakers have managed only 2-2 splits with their Staples Center mates the last three seasons.

That’s a little weird, no?

“I don’t think it’s weird at all,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. “They’ve got a better team than we have for the last few years. Now I think we’re starting to catch up and they’ve had the [Elton Brand] injury. They’ve had some talented players.”

Sunday night’s game between the teams is a Lakers’ home game, although Kobe Bryant might be sidelined because of what the team is calling a strained left groin. It will be a game-time decision for Bryant, who was hurt while trying to spin along the baseline near the midpoint of the fourth quarter in the Lakers’ 108-106 loss Friday against Golden State.

Bryant was hobbled the rest of the way, although he said afterward he would play tonight against the Clippers. Bryant did not take part in Saturday’s practice and did not speak to reporters afterward.

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  • LA Forever

    Even thought kobe dont play im sure we will beat them and what the games between us only ended 2-2,this time we will go 4-0 Wait a min did Phill say they are better than us LOL, wow i hate Clippers they dont derserve the LA infront of there name. ‘_’

  • http://hhb KobeBryant15

    I say no to him playing.
    Although i wouldnt mind it..

    but Long term is more important to one game

  • left

    Of course, whenever I get a change to goto a game, this always happens. Once or twice a year I manage to make it out to Staples and Kobe has to be hurt. Maybe I’ll wear a Odom jersey instead of Kobe, maybe he’ll have a big game. Sigh.

  • schnide

    hopefully kobe plays the first quarter, scores like a hundred points or something and can just relax the rest of the game =] but seriously, i think we can take the clips even without kobe

  • jack

    this is it. a home game against clips. They aren’t excellent, but still a plaoffs hopeful team. This is our chance to see how far we have come along as a good supporting unit for Kobe. We all have seen games when Kobe was in bench for an entire quater, now lets see this team without Kobe playing. I am actually excited. Kobe should rest, its important. He will get lots of rest till Tuesday. Anyways, its also important that we win the next few games until christmas coz this is ur easy schedule. Needless to say, we gotta win that christmas day game big time. ehe

  • lakerfan81

    I wouldn’t play Kobe tonight. I’d rather have him miss a game or two in the beginning of the season then have a nagging injury all year that could turn into something more serious.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Kobe is playing tonight.