Damn straight Kobe. Go prove ‘em wrong MVP (About 1:10 into the video)

Lakers Video: “We the best! Know that, don’t think it, know it! Its our turn! It’s our championship! Our season! Lets go out here and make a statement! Its our turn now! Let’s go! What time is it? Game time!”

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    I can “cheers” to that.

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    Kobe’s right, this is our season to win! We’re a championship team, and it’s our desitny to beat everyone in the playoffs and take our crown as the best team in the NBA. And we will hold that crown for as long of a time as we have #24, superstar SG of the Lakers, the best player in the league right now, Kobe Bean Bryant!

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    theres a youtube link btw L

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    with our recent lost against portland, i hope our team learned a lesson and the fire will glow more..then there goes the Championship which KB24 is talking about…Let us start a new winning streak, let’s start against the MAVS..Go lakers, beat the hell out of them!!!!!!!

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    MVP, MVP, MVP!


    I don’t care about the loss ’cause it was bound to happen,plus,they made the Blazers look good,think about it,don’t’cha think it’s kinda rough playing a whole month and only having 2 losses and still considered THE BEST TEAM IN THE NBA! It’s like MJ scoring 20 points in a game,critics will still say Mike had a off night,that’s how I take this loss. NOW LET’S BEAT THE S$%# OUTTA DALLAS!!!

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    Fans and pundits have been debating who should be the NBA’s MVP this season, but when Phil Jackson chimes in on the topic, we should listen, right?:

    Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson was asked if his star, Kobe Bryant, is having an MVP-caliber season.
    “Definitely,” Jackson replied.

    “LeBron is another candidate,” Jackson said. “Kevin Garnett obviously is the other candidate. But definitely Kobe is having that kind of season.”

    The measure of an MVP, Jackson said, is how much better he makes his teammates. Another measure is a team’s record.

    “You can see the emphasis in Kobe’s game to get other people involved and to make the rest of his team better,” Jackson said.

    Coming off last year’s mediocre 42-40 finish and first-round playoff loss, Jackson initially didn’t think this team could challenge for a title this year. But he did see potential in the group and said the turning point was “when Kobe made a commitment to come and play with the team and leave the other stuff behind. It kind of caused us some distractions during the preseason. But right away he committed to put his heart and soul into this effort.”

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    Kenny smith “do you still think that kobe bryant is the best player in the league?”
    Charles Barkley”i think, kobe bryant, wearing flip flops, with one hand tied behind his back is the best player in the league”
    Kenny smith “ok, who’s the best bigman”
    Charles Barkley “thats easy, Pau”
    ernie Johnson “Andrew Bynum”
    Kenny smith “lamar odom”
    ernie johnson “maybe ronny”
    Charles barkley “hey and if chris mihm hadn’t been injured, he might be in it”