Hoopsworld: Kobe Bryant looks like a man on a mission after coming up short in The NBA Finals last season Yes, he already has three championship rings and now a MVP award; however, he’s heard the whispers of people saying he can’t win a title without Shaquille O’Neal. And when Kobe’s hearing whispers of any kind that provide extra motivation, it usually spells trouble for the rest of the league.

In short, dude looks as focused as he’s ever been. That’s particularly scary for the rest of the Association when you consider Bryant’s already the best player on the planet and has been now for some time.

While Bryant is hungry to get another NBA title this season, he’s still got a twinkle in his eye on the heels of winning a gold medal with Team USA this summer as he explained to HOOPSWORLD in an exclusive interview on Saturday in Denver.

“It was just such an unbelievable experience, and we just had such a great time doing it,” Bryant told HOOPSWORLD. “It was a long journey, but it all seemed like it went by so fast now. It just feels so good to have that gold medal. But that last game against Spain, if you’re going to win it, that’s the way to do it. If you want to get back on top and cement the USA’s position as being the top-dog, you wanted a little bit of a test.”

Of course, Bryant’s teammate Pau Gasol was a member of the Spanish team the United States defeated to secure the gold medal, a fact that certainly isn’t lost on Bryant.

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  • magicbalala245

    You god damn right Kobe it’s gonna be one hell of a season this year come June. I’ll see you on Figueroa Street

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    Go KOBE!

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    got get it kobe…

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    I agreed.
    Healthy is the key.

    Once those guys arrive at the playoffs and they are healthy, watch out!
    Go Lakers!


    If anybody has any doubts about Kobe being the heir apparent (hope I said it right)to best MJ…should have watched Sat. game vs the Nuggets,WOW!

    ITISNOTAGAME.com,DC slang for the Lakers meaning “WE AIN’T HAVIN’IT”!

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    damn right !