Kobe talks about HCA and what it means to these Lakers…

L.A. Times: More typically, a question about the Cavaliers is met by responses such as this from Kobe Bryant: “I don’t really care. . . . I believe we can win anywhere. We want the best record just to say we have the best record, just for the challenge of it.”

If the Lakers and Cavaliers tie, the Lakers gain home-court edge because they won both regular-season games against Cleveland.

But they also have the harder task because of their schedule: The Lakers play only five of their final 13 games at home. The Cavaliers play eight of their final 12 at home, where they are 32-1.

For now, the Lakers will watch the Cavaliers from afar . . . even if they don’t admit to being interested in them.

“If their game’s on, I’ll watch it just for entertainment, but not really,” Bryant said.

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  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    And here is something interesting.

    When Lakers have HCA they won in 00, 01 & 02.

    When Kobe didn’t have HCA he has lost in ’04 & ’08.

      Compare that with the 80’s LAKER


    79-80: 60-22, 2nd (Boston 61-21) but we had HCA over Philadelphia in the Finals – WON

    81-82: 57-25, 2nd (Boston 63-19) but we had HCA over Philadelphia in the Finals – WON

    82-83: 58-24, 2nd (Philadelphia 65-17) – LOST

    83-84: 54-28, 2nd (Boston 62-20) – LOST (7th game on the road)

    84-85: 62-20, 2nd (Boston 63-19) – WON

    86-87: 65-17, 1st – WON

    87-88: 62-20, 1st – WON (7th game at home)

    88-89: 57-25, 2nd (Detroit 63-19) – LOST

    So when Magic/Kareem made the Finals, they were 4-0 with HCA (79-80, 81-82, 86-87, 87-88) and 1-3 without it.

  • lakerfan

    kobe and the lakers did have hca in 2004

  • as1084

    i am still confident that after 82 games we will have the best record…f the cavs!

  • kobe8

    i think we can still have the best record in the league. Especially if we go 7-0 on this road trip.

  • Freshh

    Article title totally contradicts what Kobe says,
    I think “Kobe: We don’t care about HCA” would be more suitable

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #65528 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ur rite we lost game 1 and won game 2 and then lost games 3,4,5 :(

    well i dunno if im thinking badly, but isnt it sorta better if we dont get home court advantage? I mean, if we don’t, we get to play the first two on the road. If we win one of those games (and we almost did against Boston, and we are the best road team in the league), then all we have to do is win 3 straight home games. And the players would like it better if they won in front of their home crowd.

    This article isn’t a great source, cuz im sure Kobe cares about it more than anyone else in this league.

  • lakerschamps09

    wow great info chris.. but we did have HCA in 04 but anyway thats some great stats

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Thats a LIE. We do care about the BEST record in NBA.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    we lost the best record with loss against portland and philly
    no chance to catch the cavs, our schedule is very hard, and play on the road kings + portland where we usually lose
    and have to play utah, and many other teams that need to win for p off too
    plus we have too many game on the road and cavs a lot of games at home where almost never lose
    we f@cked it up
    we will have to beat cave on the road in the finals….
    i dont see it happening if the refs will protect LeBlowJob

    and get some fighters

  • AllthewayLA

    Well, we have the best road record in the nba. While we believe that in the end, we will still have the best record in the nba, we should also believe that we can win anywhere, c’mon! LA all the way baby!


    [Comment ID #65586 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lakers won’t lose to Cavs in the finals. Essecially with Bynum in the key LeHype won’t be able to do anything. I will admit that I’m scared that Cavs will lose to Celtics in Eastern Finals and we won’t have the edge to finish off the Celts without Bynum there to power up on Big Baby and KG. Just my thought. I really do know lakers can beat the Cavs and probably sweep them. As long as Lakers have the advantage over Celts and Magic I’m not worried about the finals. Cavs are a easy match for the Lakers because they don’t play as phisical and Kobe can limit LeHype on his scoring and Fisher can limit MoMo without a doubt. Illgouskas plays softer than Gasol and has no post-up game whatsoever so we are safe. Lakers basically have a match for anyone the Cavs throw at us. Also LeHype is a CHOKE when he’s not playing a sub-.500 team. He’s only good when the person guarding him is half a foot shorter or much slower to let him drive


  • sketch

    [Comment ID #65528 Will Be Quoted Here]

    absolutely right! we did have HCA in 04. we all know that basketball is a game of match ups and if the pistons had played the spurs they would have lost and if the Lakers played anyone else but the pistons the Lakers would have won! that pistons team was just the perfect storm against our Lakers that year.

    but the article simply addresses the importance of having HCA. even if all it will do is to give the Lakers the peace of mind and calm knowing that they get to play 4 times at home then that’s good enough. but i do think that this is a different team this year! this is a ROAD WARRIORS TEAM! they’ve proven that they can play anywhere and beat anybody! for pete’s sakes, they took down LeHype’s cavs with their center all the while we were without ours! there goes their argument on why they lost in Los Angeles during the first game!