Kobe: We can win title without Bynum

    While a lot out there are in panic about Andrew Bynum’s injury, Kobe came out and told the world his thoughts…

    ESPN: “We do,” Bryant replied, saying that even a season-ending injury to Bynum would not be insurmountable. “There have been plenty of teams that lost in the Finals that go back and win the next year.” Bryant, enhancing his argument, pointed to the experience his teammates picked up in their trip to the Finals last June.

    “We’re better prepared,” he said. “For a lot of guys it was the first time, for Pau (Gasol) it was his first time out of the first round and he went all the way to the Finals. So a lot of things were new, but I think having a year of experience and also learning a lot from that series — because we learned a lot — now we take those lessons and apply them to this season.”

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    • lakerschamps09

      yea kobe tell em…

    • LAKing

      Unlike alot of the players in the NBA, Kobe never shows weakness and that’s why he’s the most feared player in the NBA.

    • With/Without Bynum = Championship

      Kobe is right… The Lakers have a better understanding on what it takes to win it all. They should still have a bitter taste in their mouths after losing in the Finals last year…

      Get better soon Bynum…

    • imfasterthanur

      You can’t count out a Laker team as long as Kobe is here

    • sketch

      WOW!!! i can’t believe it, i can finally agree with everyone’s statement before mine. i love it! true laker fans! and realistic ones too!

      thoughts and prayers with you bynum! go lakers!

    • Lakers 24 7

      He’s right. We went to the finals last year without Bynum, not to mention Pau was with us for only half the season. Our players learned, now it’s time to show them wassup. BUT….If Bynum came back sometime near the first-second round, it would be great also. I want Bynum to pick up some experience as well.

    • zako

      of course we can…especially watching tonight’s game

    • LA4LIFE

      Yes we can but i really hope that he comes back within 8-9 weeks. I wish there were miracles that could happen for the Lakers but i think its far from happening

    • Eidraq

      kobe couldnt have said it better

    • LakersFirst

      I hope the many Kobe-only fans in here will partake in Kobe’s faith in the entire LAKER TEAM. The Lakers can still win a title.


      IT is the maturation of Kobe “Bean” Bryant. He is becoming a leader we all hoped he would become.

    • http://www.nicklachey.us Nick Lachey USA

      People forget we have Ariza back. Every player improved. Turiaf was terrific but Powell is less foul-prone.

    • lakers in 09!

      i agree 100%! go lakers!!!!!!