kobepre2.jpgPress Enterprise: From afar, before he ever signed with the Lakers, Derek Fisher felt Kobe Bryant’s pain and Lakers coach Phil Jackson’s pain.

Fisher understood “Kobe’s and Phil’s frustration” when both lashed out over the summer, when both questioned the organization’s commitment to making the team better, when both wanted significant improvements.

But to Fisher, Bryant’s rant was never solely about bringing in top talent. To Fisher, Bryant’s rant had a deeper meaning.

“I never thought it was, ‘I’ve got to get Kevin Garnett, or I’ve got to get Jason Kidd, or I’ve got to get Jermaine O’Neal,'” Fisher said. “I just felt he said and still is saying, ‘I need some winners. I want some winners.'”

The Lakers did make an unsuccessful bid to get Garnett and O’Neal this offseason and just didn’t pull the trigger on the Kidd trade last season.

They re-signed Chris Mihm and Luke Walton and brought back Fisher.

To Fisher, who has become a confidant to Bryant, Bryant hadn’t given up on his teammates, the same teammates he still has.

To Fisher, who played eight years with Bryant and won three NBA championships with him, Bryant wanted some more “warriors.”

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  • Tim-4-Show

    The night our season ended, I wrote a letter to Dr. Buss. The gist of the letter was that if we had a team full of winners, we could go all the way. By winner I mean someone who cares, someone who plays with passion, someone who constantly strives to become a better player. You could be the last guy off the pine and still be a winner, or you could be a huge all-star and not be a winner (ala Shaq in his last season with us).

    In my letter to Dr. Buss, I named three people as obvious “non-winners”. Those were, Smush, Cook, and Kwame. At the time I stated that I was unsure about Vlad & Bynum being winners, but that Farmar is a winner, Kobe is a winner, and Lamar is a winner. I specifically told Dr. Buss to give us a team full of Farmars and with Kobe they would take us to the promised land.

    I’m very, very thankful to have Javaris on our team now, as he’s an obvious winner.

    You can’t fault players for not having talent. You can fault players for not taking their job seriously, such as Kwame Brown or Brian Cook.

    When Derek Fisher says its more than just bringing in All-Star talent, it’s about surrounding him with “winners”, I totally get it.

    Do you? If so, drop the lakers an email so they know that we know!

  • MacBSlick

    Im not going to start this out by grading these guys because after all it was only a preschool game. That aside Kobe doesnt look comfortable as a facillitator. He started out to slow and I think that hurt the team as a whole. Nellies 1st team just whipped our butts big time. I think if Kobe can be aggressive like he was in the 3rd quarter to start the game We might have been able to keep up with GS first unit.
    Our rebounding against GS first unit was horrible and Mimhs play really hurt us in that first period. Hes to tenitive and cant jump at all.
    Ronnys rebounding was horrible too and for some reason he wasnt mixing it up or boxing anybody out. Maybe he was still hurting Im not sure.
    Vlad looked great in the 2nd half but he got lost in that first quarter. He hit his first shot then poof he was gone.
    As some of you already stated Bynum looked like Bynum of last year. He got some rebounds in the 2nd half but was no where to found in the 1st half.
    Brian Cook looked awful and I mean just awful. He obviously didnt work on a damn thing during the offseason. His defense was horrible. He looked slow and couldnt hit the broadside of the barn if he tried.

    Farmar needs to be regulated to the 3rd string behind Critt. His shot is way off and just looks uncomfortable out there.

    Sasha surprised me. He looked great the whole time he was on the floor. He was aggressive and looked like he finally understands what it takes to play in this offense.

    Evans played a horrible game and if Kobes going to get any rest at all during the regular season He needs to step his game up or were going to have a tough Year.

    Critt looked amazing for his first Pro Game and I think Phil will have to rethink his rotations. Critt needs to back Fish as the number 2 in Phils rotations. I really want to see how he and Kobe will play together. Hes a slasher and could really help this team on both sides of the floor. His defense on Hudson was great. And as previously stated by another blogger I would like to see how he would have handled Baron.

    Coby, Patterson and Brown looked like I thought they would…Lost. But this was thier first Progames too so Ill give them a pass.

    Well Phil now has something to work with (Game Film) which is his passion. So thursday lets see how we fair. I was surprised he brought in Patterson so early But maybe he knows something we dont.
    Luke, Kwame, Lamar will make a difference. How much since thier all coming off injurys who knows. But at least the First is out of the way.
    Thats my take.

  • BEC

    To me one of the biggest reasons Kobe doesnt seem comfortable being a facillitator is because he lacks trust in most of his players. Kobe usually seems hesistant in passing the ball to another player, mainly because hes worried they wont make plays and in turn mistakes are going to be made by Kobe. And for one its not really in his nature or in his game to be that type of player.
    I like the way he played the preseason game to a certain extent because Kobe playing a little passive (too much in the preseason game) in the first half and stepping on the gas in the second half has proven to be very successful. Thats one of the main reasons why we had such a nice start last season, until everyone got injured did he have to change his style of play.

  • TheLAunit

    He just wants the players on the team to step their game up, So what he said was just to wake them up…. hope it works!!!!!