Kobe Bryant had a talk with Pau Gasol on the importance of being aggressive, “It’s against his nature, he’s always very nice, very white swan, I need him to be black swan”

  • daboss1848

    lol thats awful!

  • http://facebook.com/jaimeq Jaime Quintanilla

    I LOVE IT!


    O dear God no!

  • http://www.richardsonshops.com RockitD

    That’s just wrong!!!

  • kobefinalmvp2011

    he got to be hard not soft

    • vader317

      That’s what she said!

  • dabοss1848

    where’s the black mamba

  • http://www.j-ri.com Jason Riley


  • MattlyZee

    This is Hilarious. Black Swan, I love it!

  • 151rummer

    this poster is just MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!! i can no longer be in love with Natalie Portman!!!!!!!!!!

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  • purple-n-gold

    LOL good job on the photosho . the pic fits him the way he been playing lately. every time he goes to the basket all i hear is his screams dont know if you guys noticed that. Man up gasol and play like last year or will trade you for your brother lol.

  • trippleoccho


  • imfasterthanur

    It’s actually a very accurate analogy.

    Pau Gasol is very fundamental, has excellent feetwork, and can do very nimble things that most bigs simply cannot do.

    But he lacks the nasty streak, the ability to just get lost in the moment and do the particular things necessary that aren’t “textbook”.

    (Note: Just to save face, I watched Blackswan with a fellow female friend – just to make things clear lol).

  • daboss1848

    this shit is so gay it makes me want to go down to west hollywood and beat ryan seacrest up

    • daboss1848

      tsk tsk tsk – violence bad!

      • dabοss1848

        says the person who participated in the Rodney King riots

        • daboss1848

          shameful comment

          • dabοss1848

            extreme and real boss seem to be hitting it off well, lol.

        • daboss1848

          lol – the mediator, i suppose.

  • LkrFn4Lf


  • edsel pinoy 2


    but I doubt I could do much better. lol

  • Los Lakers


  • L.A

    that’s just great.
    AWESOME photo!!!

  • NBAmazkingKB24

    omg… lol! that is kinda scary -___-;;

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  • Laker101

    Nightmares…thats what this picture will do to me, nothing but give me nightmares

  • david l.

    Would somebody PLEASE make this a Tee and let me know, I’ll be the first one to buy it!