Let the trade scenarios begin…

ESPN: Shawn Marion was bringing the good news. If you’re a Lakers fan.

“I’m definitely interested in the Lakers,” the Phoenix Suns forward said.

More than that, he said he talked to Kobe Bryant, and Bryant “embraced it.”

Said Marion: “He wants to make it happen.”

If Bryant cares about what trades the Lakers make and thinks adding Marion would help, at least it’s an indication that he’s thinking about the Lakers as “we” not “them.”

Still, it’s hard to miss the irony of Marion’s wanting to fulfill his desire to be traded by joining a guy who kicked off this summer’s stream of trade wishes. Bryant’s radiothon at the end of May started a trend followed by Jermaine O’Neal, Andrei Kirilenko and now Marion.

“My name has been mentioned in trades over and over,” Marion said. “I’m tired of hearing about it. It’s time for me to take the next step and leave.

“It’s like a bad marriage. It’s time to get up. I love my fans, I love the city, I love my teammates. I just think it’s time for me to leave.”

The simplest way for him to get to Los Angeles would be for the Lakers to send Lamar Odom to Phoenix. Their salaries are close enough (Marion is making $16 million this season, Odom $13 million) and the cost-conscious Suns would shave $3 million off their payroll.

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Shawn Marion asked about Lakers (VIDEO)
Marion: “I think it’s time for me to move on.”

  • as1084

    DONT DO IT!!! Marion’s game isn’t as good without Steve Nash plus he wants 20 mil per year!! this guy is crazy. odom dominated marion in head to head matchups. i have never seen marion create his own shot and odom does it on a nightly basis with a crappy PG in smush parker. DONT DO IT!!

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Marion isn’t as good without Nash?

    Marion was an All-Star before Nash, Amare and D’Antoni came to town. He’s an underrated player that doesn’t get his due.

    Do it.

    A Kobe/Marion combo will cause a mismatch every single night. It makes Kobe happy, which benefits us in the long run.

  • TonyStarks79

    [quote comment=”13766″]Marion isn’t as good without Nash?

    Marion was an All-Star before Nash, Amare and D’Antoni came to town. He’s an underrated player that doesn’t get his due.

    Do it.

    A Kobe/Marion combo will cause a mismatch every single night. It makes Kobe happy, which benefits us in the long run.[/quote]

    I agree..I don’t know the exact numbers but when Nash was injured he actually increased his ppg and rpg during that time. I actually would welcome this trade..We need something different..I hate to lose Odom but I think we can gain alot more..I’m kinda worried about the salary though and free agent next year???

  • http://theworldvoice.com LUUUUKE

    i’d like to see this happen, but i’m not going to get excited because of the whole jermaine oneal thing that went down. alos the part that mentioned mitch said we weren’t making any trades before camp isn’t encouraging either. and we all know that if anyone can mess up a great trade it’s mitch.

  • Michael_23

    If we need to get Marion or any other new and upcoming members in this Laker squad they would have to have a full month of getting familiar with the triangle offense. This is why we have pre-season. Remember when Phil Jackson first came aboard? Lakers pre-season was horrible. Players made mistakes and learned from them. So when the regular season came, they jelled and knew the offense.

    Another reason why Lakers did well in the start last season. They practiced together and were able to jell until injuries came about.

    This is one of the reasons I assumed we didn’t get Jason Kidd because the chemistry would change in the middle of the season. However I still thought that trade needed to happen because Lakers weren’t doing so well when February came. Please make the right trade/s at the right time.

  • foxxy

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • foxxy


  • http://www.myspace.com/regg66 rpouncy14

    I dunno wat’s gonna happen but it will.

  • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

    i unno. everytime news comes out about possible trades, it always seems to fail! we end up gettin unknown wannabe stars that just get signed for no apparent reason.

  • cooleo24

    do it, trust me.

    get marion and we keep kobe 4 a couple more years, simple. plus i like the idea of ronny starting…

  • Tim-4-Show

    Lakers announce a new signing… little known Don Marion. They hope that with Coby, Elton, & Larry that this will placate the other Kobe.

    j/k about the fake signing, but something like that wouldn’t surprise me.

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso

    mmm to be honest, Lamar is the better player, but lacks on two critical points while compared to Marion, health and attitude, plus, if Kobe likes Marion, i don’t care, bring him home :)

  • somelakerfan1

    well i like odom and what he has done this 3 seasons but lamar has to score marion plays d and scores too so bring him plzz

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    Marion’s Contract Extension Holds Talks?
    There’s still no official word on the Shawn Marion-for-Lamar Odom swap detailed on SportingNews.com Tuesday. Marion told me he wants the deal to go down, and he sounded genuinely excited about the possibility of changing scenery. Marion also said he spoke with Kobe Bryant over the weekend and was left with the impression that Bryant supported the trade.

    The Lakers, of course, need to appease Bryant. Bryant’s angry tirade in May about the Lakers’ inability to surround him with more talent became the story of the offseason. The Lakers haven’t done much to improve their roster this summer, and while it could be argued that swapping Marion for Odom wouldn’t lead to significant improvement, it would at least be a change. And the Lakers need a change. If the Lakers are convinced Bryant wants this trade to happen, they’d be foolish not to pursue it.

    So what’s the holdup? The deal was presented last week, giving the Lakers and Suns plenty of time to evaluate it.

    As I said, there has been no official word. But a source close to the Suns says the Lakers are grappling with the same misgiving Phoenix has expressed: They’re wary of giving Marion an extension, which could cost in the area of $65 million over three years. If L.A. traded for Marion without extending his contract, Marion could opt out next summer and hit the free-agent market. The Lakers still could re-sign him then, but the team might not want to run the risk of giving up Odom, its second most important asset, only to watch Marion leave after one season.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    Thelakersnation.com has just become interesting once again lol

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    [quote comment=”13785″]Thelakersnation.com has just become interesting once again lol[/quote]

    … Just wait until the season starts.

    Oh, it’ll be even more interesting. ;-)

  • foxxy


  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog Lakers2410

    Man Buss…I say do it! Because they may not (and most likely will not) get as great of an offer like this! I mean, Marion is way healthier than Odom, he’s quicker, he rebounds better, he’s more of a scorer, Kobe will need help on defense, which I belive that Marion could help with (atleast, way better than Odom did on defense!), he may not be as good of a facilitator as Odom but Odom nor Marion will have to be a passer because of guys like Fisher, Critt & Farmar being on the team! Sure Odom did outplay Marion in the playoffs, but I belive that Marion will be able to outplay Odom in the playoffs, with help from a great coach like PJ (for some of you who don’t know who that is, it’s Phil Jackson, just so ya know). Odom will not have to learn a really difficult play like the Triangle, and since Marion has better offensive awareness, I belive he’ll have less of a hard time as to how bad Odom did with the Triangle! So if you look at all of the upsides of this trade, compared to all of the downsides (p.s., I haven’t found one yet, so don’t get mad at me about saying what I’m about to say!) of this, all of those facts conclude that the Lakers should make this trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gstoneballer

    Ed where is the link for that???? i want it to get done really bad!

  • Mien

    does anybody wish Elton brown’s game could transform into nba…18.4ppg on 13fga 52% fg% great tenacious rebounder.. i’m really wishing we trade lamar for matrix (because we can’t have Lamar’s salary with matrix and kobe’s..too expensive.) If we were ever to get a Great pf, lamar would have had to slide to sf, but we would still get lit up at sf if lamar was to play at sf. I think like pippen used to guard the best player on the opposition team and let mj do his thing offensively, Marion who is actually better than pippen could do the same for kobe. I don’t know why you guys don’t see this. Marion is one less starter to worry about being injured and he’s the best player after kobe…whenever Lamar got injured, our season starts to take a downward turn. I really like the fact that Marion makes 83% of his free throws..something this team desperately needs. It’s always good when you two top scorers can shoot 80% of their free throws..If elton brown really has a back to the basket game, i hope we sign him to that 15th spot.

    Kobe/ evans/Sasha/ Coby???
    Turiaf/Mihm/Elton brown???
    Bynum/kwame/larry turner???
    coby, elton brown or turner..one of them is going to be cut..i got a feeling Turner will be cut.

  • as1084

    dont blame the front office for holding this trade up. I am actually siding with the FO. I read that the lakers want to do the trade but the lakers dont want to sign marion for 20 mil a year! blame marion not the lakers! giving marion 20 mil a year is INSANE….20 mil/year is for the elites of the league and marion is no where near that status. Marion is the one holding up the trade by demanding 20 mil a year and this is something the suns and lakers both agree on…HE ISNT WORTH THAT MUCH MONEY. odom is cheaper, doesnt complain and brings the same skill set!

  • kgmvp

    Do this trade kobe wants it to happen right. Trade odom for marion now. I don´t care about that extension. The lakers need to forget about money and taxes they should concentrate more on WINNING and getting better.

  • fatty

    Still not convinced this is the best deal for the Lakers. For the Suns yes.

    Who will be our power forward? Can we sign Weber?

    We are over loaded at the 3. After Marian plays his 38-41 minutes, who gets the 7-10 minutes? Luke and Vladimir combine for over 10 mil. A lot of money for bench warmers.

    Can we trade Vladimir and Kwame for a good PF?



    Juwan Howard is available. that might be the way to. put marion at the 3 and howard at the 4.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    wake up
    marion is better than pippen in NOTHING
    you should watch more bulls game before talking like this of one of the greatest players ever ( which is on of the real reason mj got 6 rings!, and he knew it, since he always said he would have never played without scottie!)

    Anyway i do not think that marion-odom is a great difference
    the only thing is that marion is healthier than lo
    but the way lo embarrassed marion in the playoff… it is not very promising for us.
    i hope i will not happen…
    let’s still hope for jo
    or kobe better leave!

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Right now the best trade we can make is a trade that appeases Kobe.

    This is one of those trades.

  • Mien

    kobe wan kenobi..i actually do hope the trade go through for 3 reasons really 1) marion will be there for battle all season 2) it could lure other big name guys like J.O around trade deadline. 3) It appeases kobe.

    I know it’s crazy to think of Marion as being better than one of the greatest players of all time but how would you explain this then..


    the stats are right there…marion seems to be more efficient and does a lot of things better than the other 3.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    i see the statistics
    he has better stats only in rebounds ( since points you cant really compare since marion plays in a team that scores around 10 points a game)
    but stats for a player of the type of da Pip dont really say it all
    Pippen used to dominate in defense everybody ( magic in the finals – the whole utah team on the finals… that actually was the most amazing defensive performance iv ever seen… and i was so pissed of course he did not get the mvp!!!!! damn mj)
    nobody that i remember has ever embarrassed pippen as lo did with marion this play offs…

    and pippen was the true play maker of the team… which is way far beyond marion talent…
    sorry i cannot agree about that for just stats
    by the way… i hated the bulls!!!!!!!!

    but i agree with you about being there the whole season… but does marion really deserve a 20 mil contract? no way
    so i would not do it unless he accepts a 12 mil… which is a great pay for someone who is not a super star but a great, great role player
    so i would wait for better situations or next year for jo free agent which wants to c

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    would you say that stockton because has more assist is a better play maker than magic?

    not even in a million years
    stats are just to dry

  • kb24mvp

    its time for a change with us getting marion,but if itdoesnt go through it wont matter.marion will give us that 2nd man we need and D at the 3/4 position,he boards just as good and shoots a better percentage.plus it will give us huge leverage in a JO trade,and will still have kwame and drew to send em cuz thats wat the price will be lowerd to,and even still bynum has improved drastically in the off season……Zarzana began the process by educating Bynum on nutrition, sleeping habits and overall wellness. He worked with something Zarzana calls core neuromuscular proprioceptive training, to “try to get the brain and body to function together.”

    Then there were the workouts. Zarzana designed a program that makes Bynum “more effective at his position.” They worked out four to six hours, six to seven days a week in Atlanta.

    Bynum ran a mile in 8 minutes, 49 seconds when they began. Zarzana said he’s shaved more than two minutes off that time.

    Bynum improved his bench press from 265 pounds to 305, and his squats from 265 pounds 10 times to 405 pounds 10 times. His body fat dropped from 12 percent to nine.

    He ran 50- and 100-meter sprints. He did sprints with a parachute on his back, 50 to 60 yards on straightaways, backpedals at 45-degree angles and zigzags.

    And of course there were basketball drills that former NBA star Gerald Wilkins put Bynum through.

    “The kid has worked extremely hard, and on his own accord,” Zarzana said by phone. “It didn’t take anybody to fire this kid up but himself. He realized going into his third year that he’s no longer a rookie and he’s expected to be a starter now. He came to me and said, ‘I want to be the best center in this game. Can you help me?’ ”

    Jackson said he would be happy with Bynum’s progress when he can average 15 points and 10 rebounds. However, Bynum has impressed his teammates in pickup games at the Lakers’ training facility.

    “He looks real good out here,” Luke Walton said by phone. “He looks stronger. He jumps better. He’s definitely improved since last year. I’m kind of excited to see if he keeps it up.”

    http://www.pe.com/sports/breakout/stori … e97c1.html
    Pick Up Games
    The pick up games continued today at the team training facility in El Segundo. 3rd-year Center Andrew Bynum has been the focus of many peoples attention this off-season with questions like:

    Is he bigger?
    What has he been working on?
    How’s his inside game?

    http://aol.nba.com/lakers/news/070926_a … ility.html

  • fatty


    Juwan 6.5

    Kwame 8

    That trade works under the CBA rules and would even help the Laker lux tax issues.

    I would also push Minnie for one of their picks. Could be quite valuable.

    Howard and Ronny could make a combo PF

    Any idea on how we could get rid of Vladimir?

  • fatty

    Appeasing Kobe?

    Have we heard from Kobe yet?

    Except for Marian saying Kobe has embraced the thought.

    And what thought is that? Marian to the Lakers, but for who?

    Odom is the rumored person. (per the AZ Republic)

    Some bloggers in AZ think Odom is not the guy because of his injury problems and inconsistency. Some are saying Kwame, Vladimir, and Mo.
    Not recommending one or the other, but we really don’t know who it is that would make Kobe “happy”.

    Just saying, let’s make a trade just to appease Kobe would not be using sound judgment. A trade should make the Lakers better and ultimately will make Kobe happier.

    By the way, Az Republic (paper that started this) today has said no trade will be happening.

  • fatty


    Thanks for the good stuff on Bynum.

  • foxxy

    still waiting for the fo to make a meaningful move!!!! we laker fans are tired of waiting for something to happen!!!! whats up mitch???? why cant you close a deal????

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    let’s hope this lazy s is going to have a break through season…
    other wise for the lakers is over, since kobe will leave

  • ab4sure

    Conversation between Marion and Kobe,

    Marion: Do you want me in LA??? Kobe:For sure man, I want to make it happen(silently Kobe is thinking but not if we have to give up LO) Marion: Great because I don’t get enough repect in PHX.

    My point is just because Marion says Kobe wants him in LA doesn’t mean Kobe wants to trade LO to make it happen.