See Cavs fans, us Laker fans aren’t the only ones that see it this way.

NBC Sports: Toying with the city of Cleveland’s fragile psyche, calling the NBA’s reigning MVP “LeGone” James would just be piling on, rubbing in salt. Besides, that would be predicated on LeBron first being somewhere.

For all the numbers, for all the surreal passes and forays above the rim, the most breathtaking young player in the game is still at base camp in the legacy game. LeBron is gazing longingly toward the top of the mountain, where Kobe Bryant is about to plant a flag.

After consecutive MVP awards, let’s look at the resume that matters: Rings? Zilch. NBA Finals wins? In his lone appearance three years ago, bupkis; four and out to the San Antonio Spurs.

And to put a bow on what might soon become a seven-year career of unfulfilled championship promise, LeBron’s Cavaliers, the best team in pro basketball this season, are one game from bowing out in the second round against essentially three old guys with knee braces who Rajon Rondo found at the Dorchester Y.

At 25, LeBron is in danger of becoming the NBA’s Alex Ovechkin — heavenly regular season, hellish playoff finale.

We’re all witnesses, all right — witnesses to Phil Knight’s Great American Hyperbole Machine, where we sop up commercials as reality.

Witness to 3 for 14 in front of your home crowd.

Witness to passivity, flat-out in-game apathy, unbecoming a player of LeBron’s Hall of Fame caliber.

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    Consider me the newest fan of the author of the article, Mike Wise! Finally, someone in the media refuses to drink the Kool Aide or in this case the LeBumade! He’s right on on every point. LeBron is no Kobe!

    The more we cut through the bull and the lie that they’re trying to feed us, the more we’ll realize that LeBron is exactly the guy in the Nike puppet commercials… HE’S NOTHING MORE THAN A PUPPET in Nike’s marketing machine! The sad thing is that he himself is believing that he’s the “king”, the one to succeed Kobe, the real king!

    If LeBaby is not careful, he’ll not be the next in line to the thrown… Kevin Durant will. Durant, even though not having a great shooting post season, has proven to be an unbelievable talent in scoring. And a better one than LeHype! This kid is inside, outside. He’s mid range, long range. He’s slashing in for a dunk or a fall away jumper. He rebounds, blocks and has great handles. He’s what Lamar Odom should be! Oh, and he’s also a great free throw shooter. Give him a few more years, this kid will be a scary man to play against!

    LieBron (yes Lie, because we’ve been fed the lie for the past 7 years) while a dominating physical specimen with freakish athletic abilities is nothing more than flash without substance. He has great handles (except in game 5), great driving abilitites (except in game 5), great passing, and great finishes at the rim (again, except in game 5). He’s not a good outside shooter, mid range or long. he’s not a clutch free throw shooter. He definitely doesn’t have the HEART!

    So, I think that Durant will actually be the one to accepts the torch that Kobe passes on and not LeBronze. Face it, that guy will always be nothing more than make up on an average girl. Once the make up comes off, you’ll wish you had a few more beers!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lakerman1

      The truth always risies to the surface and now we are all witness to that. The deal is now the Media’s golden idle is really only Bronze and in no way does Lebron have the killer instinct Kobe has. Kobe has amazing footwork i mean amazing. Kobe is determined to win at least a few more rings and by that time Lebron will be an overated hasbeen. And the way he is treating the Fans of Cleveland shows that he was always about himself. If he really loved Ohio then it would not even be an issue. Its only an issue because he wants to steal all of the thunder Kobe has.

      • mr.laker19

        I mite love this guy, took the words right outta my mouth

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      it was one game
      wait before cavs are out

      go celtics! (damn i never though i said something like that, i m about to puke)

      • WINLESS

        TM, all the nicknames you got for LeDouche just cracks me up dude. This is the testimony to the truth that LeBrick is not there yet in surpassing the Black Mamba, sss,ssss,ssss! I think KD will be better in the near future if you can surround him with a good mixture of veterans. He has a better potential in taking over the reigns as the best player. D-Wade is the same way. This guy does EVERYTHING for his team. Melo, over-rated!

        How do you think all those douchebags on ESPN and TNT look, now that LeCoq is feeling the pressure of living up to that stupid a$$ nickname he gave himself?


          Oh yeah I forgot to add one more nickname, after reading Mike Wise’s article (“And nothing about LeBron’s play in Game 5 bespoke of royalty on Tuesday night, not even close.”) I have to disagree with Mike a little on this, he did play like “royalty” to some extent… the ROYAL JESTER!

          After this series, LeCrap will really be known as LeJester… what a friggin JOKE this guy is. I mean, he’s enormously talented, can’t take that from him, but to try to front like he’s “king” and that he’s gonna snatch the royal scepter away from KOBE? Hell no! Shoulda gone to college fool! Cause right now, he don’t look like a player, after game 5, he looked more like a MASCOT!

          GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TeamMorrison

      Great Points man.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva



    about time someone finally gets off lebrons nutsack for once and tells it the way it is…. This guy has a great team behind him, who got him Antawn fuccking Jamison for free and still can’t capitalize. Even if they get past the celtics, they wont be able to get past Orlando or let alone the big bad Lake Show… Why on earth are people giving Lebron the title as King James? He has not accomplished anything!!


    Love it.

  • stucktrader

    why bother saying anything… wait until the season ends. If Kobe gets #5… no question, he is the greatest Laker.

    If Lebron gets booted by ‘old’ boston… (which doesn’t matter because Orlando can beat either the Cavs or C’s)…

    It is only then that this article becomes valid…

    The Lakers are the only team that can beat Orlando. The funny thing is, I think the Lakers could lose to a lesser team… But when they are focused, they obviously can beat anyone.

    So, we await what Lebron will do game 6… and go from there regarding Kobe vs Lebron.

  • stucktrader

    The Lakers will benefit most from the 7 day rest…

  • 242LakerFan

    Finally some respect from the lamestream sports media! Right on Mr. Wise, you have lived up to your name with this article!
    Now does anybody think Charles Blockhead might pick up on this and tone down, or might this spark another debate between him and Kenny, who is one of the few, along with Mark Jackson, who still recognises true greatness when they see it? That being, of course, one Kobe Bean Bryant!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    great article on lechoke
    i still would not consider the cavs and lbj done though
    if lbj plays great tonite and they win, celts wont win game 7

    and lbj will be king again…
    so calm down
    until cavs are definitely out

    • d

      another year another early exit.. kobe is the king!

      • kobe-wan kenobi

        now lets get 5 for kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 151 rummer

    Finally…….someone that understands that this guy is all hype. Hey i think that unfortunatley the Cavs will come back and win tonite in Boston, but even if they do win this series, they cant beat the Magic. Lebron has been so overhyped with Nike and all these stupid “We are all witnesses” signs…witnesses of what? A guy that has yet to win a title? A guy that can throw baby powder into the air before a game? I get so sick of hearing the commentators like Stuart Scott and some of the other guys an ESPN nad ABC STICKING THEIR NOSE SO FAR UP LEBRONS BUTT…IT MAKES ME SICK….when he starts winning rings…maybe then he can begin to enter the same conversation w/ kobe!!!!!!!!!

  • lakerfanatl

    I am so far away from even caring about Lebron and his Cavs vs Boston. I’m thinking about my Lakers and only my Lakers. It is nice that someone remembers that Kobe is still in this league and on a quest to win yet another ring. Go Lakers!

  • Scott Forrest

    KING KOBE is his name,being the BEST is his game.

    • Jack /

      Note Kobe wouldn’t want to be called “king”. It’s just a bad nickname all together. No one should be called “king” in modern day (especially not a basketball player).

      For those Cavs supporters out there, you should see by now that Lebron is a sore loser. This goes back to last year’s match against Orlando in the playoffs where Lebron did not congratulate the opposing winning team. He later explained that there is no reason to congratulate the team that just kicked his team’s butt.

      After his horrific Game 5 in the current series, he mentioned that he spoils the fans by playing so well all the time except for “three games”. He seems to suggests it is perfectly fine for a great player to not play well (or in his case NOT PLAY HARD).

      A day after Game 5, he tells the media the following…
      “Me? Personally?” he said. “Nah, I’m not disappointed. I’m never disappointed in my play. I feel like I could do more, but I’m not disappointed at all.”
      How could he NOT be disappointed? A true winner/great player would have been disappointed in himself, and suggests ways to improve himself the next game.

      Once again, I’m not suggesting that Lebron sucks. He’s good, but he’s NOT great. He’s not at MJ or Kobe’s level. His game revolves around brute strength/physical talent. His attitude/mentality is just terrible. He appears to be delusional; he seems to believe he has already became an all-time top 5 individual player.

  • B Holland

    Please, this is just about Lebron hate. Some laker fans need to get a life. All laker fans should just be thankful we have much more talent than the cavs. The cavs team is getting exposed. Lebron can’t carry that team to the nba title. That would take a miracle.

    • Hater

      B Holland, Stop being a sympathizer you F’n baby!

      • B Holland

        stop hiding your name you wimp.

  • KD

    Who cares abput these two? Kevin Durant is better than both of them!

    • 242LakerFan


      • lakeb


    • lakersno834

      Again.. if u read the article.. says LeBron is all that.. but no rings. Durant has the makings of the next LeBron. No defense, only scorer.

      See how he paired up in 1st round.. Artest just ran him over. So please shut your hole. Thanks.

      • Jack /

        Durant can play defense though. Were you even watching the OKC Thunder? I’m a big lakers fan, but I respect OKC a lot after their energy and defense in the first round.

    • Hater

      Shut the HELL UP KD get the hell out of here


      He’s so better than the both of them that he’s at Lake Mischiwaga (made up) fishing out lost dreams.

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    This is all knee jerk writing by Wise. I suspect LBJ is going to make him look not so wise tonight.
    I do agree that if you go down the list of NBA player attributes, Kobe is the best hands down. However, LBJ is all athletisism and quickness right now and since he IS the Cavs offense and ESPN/Nike are on his nut sack, he gets all the love.
    Look for the Cavs to take out Boston tonight, go back and win game 7 at home. LBJ will go off tonight. I’m still sticking with my start of playoffs Finals prediction: Cavs in 6 over LA.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      i tend to agree with you
      lbj probably will have a great game, and win
      and his stinker will be forgotten
      but not sure cavs can win against magic

    • Michael 93

      All I have to say is EAT YOUR WORDS UP. Lebron got knocked out.

    • http://TLN SHOWTIME4EVA



      I looked, but I never found it man! I tried looking for LeBowing Out to go off, but I didn’t find that either! And since I didn’t find the first 2 things, the 3rd will never happen! The Cavs over LA in 6? OMG! You’re even more delusional than LeHype thinking that he’s King!

      We all know that this is not your real tag and that you’re only writing under this pseudonym so that you wouldn’t look foolish making this ridiculous prediction under your real tag! And who can blame you? Because if you did write this under your real tag, we’d be raggin on your ass every time you posted anything!

      I think that LeBum is the most physically and athletically gifted basketball player the NBA has ever seen since Wilt Chamberlain! But G.O.A.T.? Stop making me laugh! All the critics so want to prop him up as the next poster boy of the NBA, but right about now his poster is not even up in any of the homes in Cleveland!

      It’s ludicrous how all the media and fans like you are in love with this guy. He’s a great player and will continue to do amazing things, but he’s NO KOBE BRYANT! I’m not even going to dignify any comparisons to Kobe because after tonight’s performance, he’s shown to the world that he’s no king. He’s not even a prince, he’s a pauper who’s just wearing a BURGER KING CROWN!

      LePierce, that’s right Pierce, because I believe his “INJURED” elbow to be nothing more than a lie like Pierce’s “INJURED” knee in the 2008 Finals. This guy supposedly has a phantom injury that he needed to shoot free throws with his left hand but yet, no one can remember how he hurt it. MRIs and X-rays are negative! He shoots like crap in game 2 then goes off for 48 points in game 3 then disappears in games 4 & 5 and has an average night in game 6.

      If you looked at the highlights closely you can see that he’s “TURNOVERS” look more like that he’s just giving the Celtics the ball. It really looks to me like that he’s pulling a Houdini! He’s orchestrating his exit out of Cleveland! He’s claiming an elbow injury so that he has the perfect excuse of saying see, I can’t win with this team and so that he can sign with another.

      He’s a great talent, but he’s just a straight up LeBum! If he’s all about winning then, he wouldn’t just not perform, he’d play his heart out! Instead, he’s worried about his Brand, his marketability, his entourage, his image, and hanging out with Jay Z and Warren Buffet! What a LeJoke! That’s both him and you!

      And seriously, with takes like yours, I can understand why Marwan deletes your comments!

      GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LAKESHOW420

        ummm LeGone James and the cavs are out of the playoffs once again with the BEST record in the league with home court advantage the whole way, Lechoke and his crew blew it in the 2nd round and Kobe and the Lakers are well on their way to a repeat.

      • Marwan Deletes My Comments

        If you must know, I changed my name from “Won A Ring For The King” to “Marwan Deletes My Comments” because I got tired of my comments being deleted. So, this is my “real tag name” now. Thanks Marwan!!!



  • mr.laker19

    At the end of the day, what fears me most is not how many championships kobe will get us. Im a Lakers fan first and formost. We will be winning championships for the next 100 years. But what concerns me about Kobe is will my son (Im 20 now and dont plan on having kids any time soon) Know how great Kobe was? He to me gets no where NEAR the respect he deserves. Because of the media, will my son look back in history and find out that LBJ was the better player??? The thought puts chills in my veins. The media has too much control over who gets respect and who doesnt. Lebron is the most talented player, ever, no doubt. Jordan is the greatest because what he accomplished will NEVER be matched. But Kobe is the most skilled player of all time and I fear that he wont get that respect. A guy who is not physically overbarring or dominating athletically who was UNSTOPPABLE in his prime. No other guard will do what he has done and the people that never get to see him, might not ever know how great he is… (I almost shed tears writing this)

    • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

      I worry what my son will think too man- just yesterday a 9 yr old told me that MJ was better than Kobe and than LBJ is the greatest ever….

      I wanted to slap the LBJ out of him lol

      • mr.laker19

        Thats the most disgusting story i ever heard…

      • kobe-wan kenobi

        you should have slapped

  • seankobe

    I am myself believe lebrog is a good athlete on his size, so as kobe when his younger days dunks and highlghts is way better than lebrogs only power dunk…so sad to say that kobe is no longer on his athlethic game playing above the rim but his killer instinct remains a suspect for every team he plays. time will come lebron will reach 30 for sure, but he will never be better than karl malone that has the shooting touch…

    • 242LakerFan

      You really touched on something there (once I figured out what you were actually saying). Kobe is a supremely skilled baller. LeBonbon is a power player. Kobe has another several years of effective play in him because of his skill set. When LeBonbon starts to slow down around Kobe’s age and can’t outmuscle or outspeed everybody, what does he have to fall back on?

      • daboss1848

        see roy jones jr. career . . .

      • daboss1848

        while reading, for some reason this comes to mind

        • lakershow2010

          you’re not clever

        • kobe-wan kenobi

          lol boss
          that is soooooo bad
          i never saw that before
          got chill of disgust

  • kivz

    Tell u 1thing… Queen James is not King! Only King wear Ring!!!!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    I was here thinking about the game tonight with the Cavs and Celts.

    Do you guys remember Carmelo saying “nobody could guard me 1 v 1″? And as soon as he got all self absorbed and full of himself his team started to fail.

    I’m sure you have all read the comments of LBJ saying that he “spoiled the fans with 3 bad games in 7 yrs” and that the Cavs should not worry because “they have me”…….

    Now i was just thinking about those comments and i realized something- these younger generation Basketball players are poor human beings. They are all about themselves and $$$.

    D Williams just declared himself the best point guard (i agree) but the nerve of these guys to just disrespect there fellow competitors.

    Tonight i hope that the Cavs go home- not because i hate LBJ or not because Shaq declared that he will get a ring for the KING- not for any of those reason…

    I want them to go home because they disrespect us fans, the game of basketball and themselves.

    I have to really agree with Kareem that maybe the age limit for entering the NBA should be raised to 21- these guys need to be educate, they lack class. Kobe has matured- because he too was immature-but he has grown up and that is why he will win it all.

  • Marwan Marzina

    Today was a BIG reason why Kobe is better than LeBron.

    • Betto

      You better believe it, Kobe = has a killer instinct and the best closer in the game.. Lebron = 1 man team that wants to do it all and fails in the playoffs..
      Did everyone saw that the Cavs were down by only 7 points and they just gave up, Lakers were almost in the same situation in Utah on game 3, Lakers never gave up..

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      Maybe true, but do you still remember what Boston did to Kobe in 08? Or what Detroit did to him in 04? Kobe looked worse in those two series than LBJ looked in this one.


        Please watch the games with your eyes open huh? Kobe may not have been dominant in those series, which is true. But he went down swinging! Your boy LeFlop was a LeNoShow! He showed up for 1 game and then he basically was sleep walking the rest of the time. Kobe never quit, but LeHype did in games 1, 2, 4, 5, &6!

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    I admit, I was wrong. I had the Cavs in 6 over LA but as Mke Brown said post game, “The regular season is very different than the playoffs…”
    This Cavs team has proven that bit of wisdom true the last two years.
    UPDATED PREDICTIONS: LA in 6 over Phoenix, Magic in 6 over Boston, Magic in 7 over LA.

    • LakerLand Nostradamus

      nope bro, my crystal ball predicts the Lakers all the way for #16.
      Wait and you will see.

    • http://TLN SHOWTIME4EVA



      Awesome! Seeing how your previous predictions have failed so miserably, I have full confidence that the Lakers will clean house with the Orlando Illusions in the Finals!

      • LakerLand Nostradamus

        Maybe you don’t follow this very well. So far my record has been 100% correct.
        Ask Touch Me. LMAO!!!!!!!!!



      • Marwan Deletes My Comments

        Lakers fans best hope is to have Boston take Orlando out. In the NBA, the team with home court in the Finals almost always wins + Orlando is much better this year and hungrier.
        If it’s Boston vs LA, I think the Lakers take it.


    Well, well, well…the golden child has failed again. I can’t believe I was rooting for the Pukes all game not because I hate LeChoke, but I just want him to be humbled once again that winning a championship is not as easy as it seems. Best record in the NBA two years in a row don’t mean squat in the playoffs. Now all those years Kobe was a one-man-team he didn’t even get a sniff of any first place votes for MVP. I don’t even need to list out his numbers but this proves to me that he’s nowhere near where Kobe has been the past couple of years. LeDouche gets it 2x and he’s the “chosen one”. Gimme a break! He is without a doubt, a freak of nature when it comes to talent and brute strength but in the playoffs, it’s what’s between the ears that matters and that killer instinct.

    Kobe is sitting at home right now saying to himself, “Hmm..people would love to hate me but I don’t give a sh*t, I got the rings to go with that swagger I walk around with”. and he’s also saying, “I told you so”.

    Enough about LeChump and let’s GO LAKE SHOW!!!!

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Dang right there’s no comparison. Lebron’s new nickname should be King Nothing because thats what he is.

    I’m sure he can afford the Metallica single.

    All that bestowing and dubbing him King and he’s won nothing. Kobe is King and he’s not giving it up!

    Roll on KB24 and tell them hatas to keep hating!

  • Heron

    here’s a better article from yesterday’s Yahoo

  • Robert

    LeBron/Cavs was not a good fit. Also, last year’s ‘Coach of the Year’ wasn’t very good last year, and isn’t very good this year.
    I’ve said this before (and I’m quoting ‘experts’): the playoffs are ‘coaches games’. That’s why the Lakers will win the Championship – we have the G.O.A.T. coach. Dr. Phil. That’s why the Cavs lost: no coaching. Just LeBron and the LeBrons. Doesn’t work. LeBron is no coach, and neither is Brown.
    I’ve also said the LeBron belongs in a ‘bigger place’ than Cleveland (sorry Cleveland – Joke-im Noah is right – Cleveland is a dreadful place to live, or even visit). LeBrick belongs in NY. But I agree with predictions that he will go to Chicago, with the ‘next great’ point guard (Derrick Rose). I have my own prediction, that if the Lakers win the Championship, LeGoof and DWade will try to make it to the same team. Well, that would be the only way they could handle the Lakers. Probably won’t happen, unless they talk and are both itching for Championship. LeBron needs another player (maybe not a top 50, but possibly top 100) to win a Championship.
    But more importantly, he needs a ‘big market town’. What would be exciting for the NBA is if LeBron comes to the Clips. That would make LA the Basketball capital of the UNIVERSE! That would also stick it to the ‘east coast based’ ESPN harpies. It would also raise basketball up a notch. Lakers/Clips would be the most exciting games around! Can you imagine, in the Staples Center?
    Anyway, I’ve been pissed off at the East Coast bias toward LeBrick (the most ‘talented’ player in the NBA??? really?? with no mid-range shot? no post-up? Just 3-pointer and slash/slam dunk?). So, I’m glad they’re eating their s**t. I predict they ‘still’ won’t give Kobe his props, until he wins the ring this year. Then they’ll ‘back pedal’ and say that Kobe was great ‘all along’.
    One last word. Snaq: “no ring for no king”. Snaq won’t get #5. Kobe won a title without Snaq last year. LeBrick can’t win one WITH Snaq. End of argument.

  • KOBE THA MVP 10′

    haha shaq “win a ring for the king” lmfao, he feels stupid, retire

    • Pac Div

      Fuk Shaq!

      • KOBE THA MVP 10′

        i bet artest will stick to his promise. “If we don’t win this year, blame me.”

  • UnstoppableKobe

    lol. remember when shaq asked kobe “how my ass taste?” after the refs hand miami the ring that yr by making wade unstoppable? lovin it. well, how does kobe’s d**k taste these past two years snaq?

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I felt like last night was the first time Celtic and Laker fans came together for one cause. It was odd. It’s almost like the lessor of two evils:
    The hate for the Celtics v. Hate for all of the Lebron Hype and Kobe comparisons.
    I still want revenge against the Celtics and they are playing great basketball right now. E. Conf Finals should be a good series. I think we’ll take the Suns in 5 or 6.


      I didn’t see it quite that way, but I know what you mean! I only knew that I wanted the Cavs to lose and not so much for the Celd!cks to win! Ha! Only if there’s a way for both teams to lose during the same series! Hahaha!

      GO KOBE!!!!!!!
      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!


      I just hope KB rests the ENTIRE summer after the parade to heal up all those nagging injuries he has. I know even after he’s healed up, he’s not gonna be jumping outta the gym anymore but a healty KB is a deadly KB. This vid just makes me realize how much we take him for granted. I dread the day the he will announce his retirement just like I did when Magic retired.

      This is how we can continue his legacy. Show the kids some highlights. Then after that some more highlights. Buy the championship DVD’s and show them that they, too, can achieve greatness if they’re dedicated and work hard at their craft. In the words of Adrian Paul of the Highlander series, “There can only be ONE”.


        I completely agree! But you and I both know that Kobe’s M.O. is to go hard all the time, so it’s a strong possibility that he will not rest and continue to play through the entire summer! That’s what’s scaring me about Kobe and his thick-head!

        Kobe doesn’t jump outta the gym anymore and that’s a fact, but it does seem, however, that if there’s an alley oop pass going to him, he’ll throw it down no matter where it’s put!

        Watching that video just pumps me up about our Lakers and shows me how unbelievably amazing this guy is and how badly he wants to compete and win!

        This guy’s gone through the gauntlet as far as competitors and was able to put everyone down. He was able to outshine Jordan (not quite fair because MJ was on his decline), supposedly all the A-listers VC, T-Mac, Artest, Stackhouse, Melo, Wade, Iverson, and LeBrick, Arenas and then the B-listers Michael Redd, Gay Allen, Pierced by d!ck, Josh Howard, Andre Igoudala, B-Roy (whose actually somewhere in the middle of A & B listers), Rudy Gay, Mayo, and Durant (whose actually got 1 foot into the A lister’s door)! Kobe’s taken on all comers and have put them all in their place, which is beneath him.

        He’s never backed away from competition and always met it head on and come out on top! I do agree with you that we’ve been taken him for granted. I’m just glad that videos like this exists as a reminder of how great he was and still is. And that it will also serve as a tool to educate our youngens on what he contributed to both the Lakers and NBA history!

        GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!
        GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • didnt win a ring for the king

    king james need to come to los angeles and play with kobe to win a ring.

    • http://TLN SHOWTIME4EVA


  • lakers2000

    I have to say that I am hoping for a Lakers / Boston series. The Magic are good but would not generate a lot of buzz. I would still love to see Kobe and the boys get revenge for the 2008 Finals! So long Labyebye and hello soon to be 2010 NBA champion Lakers!

  • mrnoluv

    LOL! Wow I swear NBA fans these days have horrible basketball IQ’s. Back in the 80’s we said you were great if you won multiple championships and you were the key player in those championships, Kobe has 2 (including this year) where he was the man, Lebron 0, Wade, Melo 0. None of these guys are in the same sentence of MJ, Magic, Bird, Kareem…Now Laker fans will say Kobe is but that is homerism, in a national Harris Poll most feel the top 3 players of all time are MJ, Magic, Bird. What’s the key, multiple rings where you are the focus. Kobe is reaching that, after this year he will be in that conversation, Lebron…man he doesn’t look like he will even win 1.

  • Marwan Marzina

    This video sums up this argument the best, Jim Rome said it best

  • Wilt

    I hope wherever legone james goes shaq follows him so we can kick both thier asses in the same night next year.

  • real deal

    Man, all of you, and i mean ALL OF YOU kobe nuthuggers are plain retarded. So you mean to tell me that kobe is better than lebron because he has rings? Is rasheed wallace better than barkley and malone? Is chauncey billups bettr than chris paul or deron williams? Is scottie pippen better than Bird because he has more rings? The answer to all these questions is NO! The only reason hobe cryant has anything is because of SHAQ, GASOL, ODOM, ARTEST. You have to surround this whiny lil ballhoggin fag with an all star team or one of the greatest big men ever for him to win a title, and he damn near fucked those titles up like he did in 04 when he felt he needed to show he was the man instead of shaq, on his way to shooting 38% in that finals. Lebron is a quitter? What do you call that game 6 against boston in 2008 when your lil punk ass hobe and the fakers got BLOWN OUY OF THE GYM BY ALMOST 40 FUCKIN POINTS? Kobe hasnt done shit without a TON of help, plain and simple. He’s NOWHERE near the player MJ was, and hes NOWHERE near the player lebron is. Never has been and never will be. This bum has been in the league for 15 years and hasnt made half of his field goal attempts IN ANY SEASON. He routinely hits 40% in the playoffs and finals, that fuckin sucks in my book. I love all the nicknames you idiots have given lebron, and you should add this one to the list….LeBetter than kobe. Fcae it, your idol is not anywhere near what you make him out to be, hes just a taller version of allen iverson, not even equal to t mac in his prime, or paul pierce, or vince carter or iverson or garnett, karl malone, barkley, olajuwon, bird, magic, drexler, tim duncan, or a lot of other players i wont even mention. Get off this guys nuts, because you look and sound ignorant comparing him to players he is not better than. Be a fan, not a complete idiot who overlooks ALL the facts to justify your idiotic opinions. Last but not least, i dont give a shit what MJ said bout kobe being better than lebron because when its all said and done LBJ has a chance to be bettr than MJ, Kobe has never had that chance, and he nevr will. Have a nice day idiots.

    • Richland25

      u stupid boy