So LeBron’s best friend (stats) are turning against him.

ESPN: Earlier in the month, Kobe Bryant raised eyebrows by predicting himself the obvious winner in a theoretical game of one-on-one with LeBron James. To some, the claim felt like Kobe simply exuding confidence and making a certainly believable case while recognizing Lebron’s all-around game. To others, it felt like an alpha male dog dismissive of the pup closest to assuming his dominance in the pack. (A pup who also happens to be ridiculously strong, huge and fast, by the way.)

To the stats folks, however, the claim like an excuse to bust out old game footage, some paper and a pencil. ESPN researcher Alok Pattani, through an assist from Synergy Sports Tech’s video tracking, examined every possession over the last six seasons where The Mamba and The King guarded each other on ball in “isolation” situations, the closest an NBA game offers to a “one-on-one” contest. There have been seven total meetings where this scenario has presented itself.

And here are the numbers: Kobe has scored 20 points (free throws included) on 27 isolation plays when guarded on-ball by LeBron, while LeBron has scored seven points on 13 isolation plays when guarded by Kobe. Bryant shot 9-for-28 from the field with two turnovers, while James was two-for-eight with just one gaffe. Finally, on a points-per-play basis, Kobe is ahead .74 to .54.

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  • MambasVenom81

    I agree, the mamba strikes again!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    all lebronze has to do is bump the pinkie , kobe will start screaming and crying then the man will destroy the boy.

    • 242LakerFan

      You’re assuming LeBron even plays that game. He’s the one sitting out pre-season games ’cause his ass is sore. Kobe’s still playing with 60% of a knee and nine good fingers. Your claim that Kobe is soft is so way off it belongs in a political campaign speech. It’s been refuted so many times by facts that your continuing to use it proves nothing except how completely lacking you are in anything resembling a normal functioning human mind.
      Kobe: “Oh my pinky. Oh my knee.” While he’s on he court collecting ring number 5.
      LeBron: “Oh my elbow. Oh my hamstrung ass.” While he’s out there selling out the city of Cleveland after yet another choke job.
      I’d rather you just came on here and said, “Hi, I’m laffs atu and I have a pathological dislike for Kobe Bryant based on nothing tangible. I am not a fan of any player or team, I just irrationally hate Kobe Bryant.”
      Repeat that once for every topic posted and we’ll all be happy. You’re just repeating illogical, irrational bullshit with every post anyway. This way, you don’t even need to waste time typing. just leave it in a note somewhere and copy and paste when you log in.
      Save us all a little time and effort.

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    • R.I.P laffs atu

      All talk and no action makes “laffs atu” a dull girl!!

    • Showtime4eva

      Kobe called out this punk, and Lebra can’t respond for the fact that he knows he’s an all talk spineless bitch. He can’t even handle the pressure of being near Kobes spot light.

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  • trippleoccho

    Why is this still a debate though? SERIOUSLY

  • sternsucks

    I thought it was universal fact that Kobe is way better than LeBail

    • Marwan Marzina

      Well you thought right :)

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    everyone knows lebroze is bigger, stronger, SMARTER, and people like him…………….eat that bitches.

    • Showtime4eva

      Big, STUPID and exposed! That’s Lebra. Kobes more popular! Your coward can’t answer the bell. Got called out in front of the world. To pussy to respond. Kobe would kick his ass!

  • keyundah jackson

    man lebron alrighty know what it is lebron even said hes better than lebron

  • Jusscocoa

    Kobe Will Always Be Better Than LeBron Now Im Not Saying I Hate LeBron But Its Just About That Time He Needs To Retire OLD Lmao But LeBron Is A Good Player But Kobe Is A Champion A Winner I LOVE KOBE !